Digital Refractometer 0-85% MA871 Digital Refractometer For Fructose MA872 Digital Refractometer For Sodium Chlorine MA886 Digital MA887 Digital Refractometer For Seawater Refractometer For Ethylene Glycol MA888 MISCO REFRACTO METERS

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Product Specification Digital Refractometer 0-85% MA871 Digital Refractometer For Fructose MA872 Digital Refractometer For Sodium Chlorine MA886 Digital MA887 Digital Refractometer For Seawater Refractometer For Ethylene Glycol MA888 MISCO REFRACTO METERS

Description1) Digital Brix RefractometerType: MA871Brand: Milwauke-Hungary Specifications:Range: 0 to 85%Resolution: 1% O.Accuracy: ± 0.2%Large LCD displayTemperature compensation: Automatic 10 ° C to 40 ° CEnclosure rating: IP 65Power source: 1 x 9 V Battery AABattery life: 5000 readingWeight: 420 g Dimensions: 192 x 102 x 67 mm....2) Digital Refractometer for Fructose MeasurementsType: MA872Brand: Milwauke Specifications:Range 0 to 85%0 to 80 ° C/32 to 176 ° FResolution 0.1%0.1 ° C/0.1 ° FAccuracy ± 0.2%± 0.3 ° C/± 0.5 ° FThe Yellow LED Light SourceMeasurements of Time Approximately 0.9 secondsMinimum Sample Volume 100 µ L (totally prism cover)Sample Cell SS ring and flint glass prismAutomatic Compensation temperature between 10 and 40 ° C/50 to 104 ° FCase Material ABSEnclosure Rating IP 65Battery Type 1 x AA 9V (included)5000 Battery Life readingAuto-shut off after 3 minutes of non-useDimensions 192 x 102 x 67 mmWeight 420 g....Digital Refractometer for 3)Sodium Chloride MeasurementsType: MA886Brand: Milwauke Specifications:Range 0 to 28 g/100 g0 to 34 g/100 ml1,000 to 1,216 Specific Gravity0 to 26 ° Baumé0 to 80 ° C/32 to 176 ° FResolution 0.1 g/100 g0.1 g/100 mlSpecific Gravity 0.0010.1 ° Baumé0.1 ° C/0.1 ° F Accuracy ± 0.2 g/100 g± 0.2 g/100 ml± 0.002 Specific Gravity± 0.2 ° Baumé± 0.3 ° C/± 0.5 ° FThe Yellow LED Light SourceMeasurements of Time Approximately 0.9 secondsMinimum Sample Volume 100 µ L (totally prism cover)Sample Cell SS ring and flint glass prismAutomatic Compensation temperature between 10 and 40 ° C/50 to 104 ° FCase Material ABSEnclosure Rating IP 65Battery Type 1 x AA 9V (incluDED)5000 Battery Life readingAuto-shut off after 3 minutes of non-useDimensions 192 x 102 x 67 mmWeight 420 g........4) Digital Refractometer for Seawater MeasurementsType: MA887Brand: Milwauke Specifications:Range 0 to 50 PSU0 to 150 ppt1.000 to 1,114 S.G. (20/20)0 to 80 ° C/32 to 176 ° FResolution 1 PSU1 ppt0.001 S.G. (20/20)0.1 ° C/0.1 ° FAccuracy ± 2 PSU± 2 ppt± 0.002 S.G. (20/20)± 0.3 ° C/± 0.5 ° FThe yellow LED light SourceMeasurement Time approximately 0.9 secondsMinimum Sample Volume 100 µ L (totally prism cover)Sample Cell SS ring and flint glass prismAutomatic Compensation temperature between 10 and 40 ° C (50 to 104 ° F)Case Material ABSEnclosure Rating IP 65 Battery Type 1 x AA 9V (included)5000 Battery Life readingAuto-shut off after 3 minutes of non-useDimensions 192 x 102 x 67 mmWeight 420 g......5) Digital Refractometer for Ethylene Glycol MeasurementsType: MA888Brand: Milwauke Specifications:Range 0 to 100% Volume0 to-50 ° C/32 a-58 ° FFreezing Point0 to 80 ° C/32 to 176 ° FResolution 0.1% of the Volume0.1 ° C/0.1 ° F Freezing Point0.1 ° C/0.1 ° FAccuracy of ± 0.1% of the Volume± 0.3 ° C/± 1.0 ° F Freezing Point± 0.3 ° C/± 0.5 ° FThe Yellow LED Light SourceMeasurements of Time Approximately 0.9 secondsMinimum Sample Volume 100 µ L (totally prism cover)Sample Cell SS ring and flint glass prismTemperatureAutomatic compensation between 10 and 40 ° C/50 to 104 ° FCase Material ABSEnclosure Rating IP 65Battery Type 1 x AA 9V (included)5000 Battery Life readingAuto-shut off after 3 minutes of non-useDimensions 192 x 102 x 67 mmWeight 420 gREADY STOCK: == == For Info Contact: Mr. JONATHAN'S Email: b @, Phone/Fax: 021-30012552........ STAR INSTRUMENTSHP: Email: b @ yahoo.comWeb: www.bintanginstrument.comSell A Product: AR 131B UltrasonicAR 150 Fly KillerAR 190 Mice KillerAR 330 INFRARED THERMOMETERAR 330 + Infrared ThermometerAR 4105B Grounding EarthAR 5750A Refrigerant Leak DetectorA63A r + VIBRATION METERAR 63B VIBRATION METERAR 807 Humidity/Temp./Clock ThermohygrometerAR 813a Lux MeterAR Digital Sound Level Meter 814AR 816 Anemo meterAR 819 Car Park Video/Audio IndicatorAR Digital Lux Meter 823AR 824 Sound Level MetersAR Digital Anemo meter 826Combustible Gas Detector 828 ARAR 853 Digital AnemometerAR 853 + Digital AnemometerAR 842A NON-CONTACT INFRARED THERMOMETERAR 861 Digital Sound Level MeterAR 847 HUMUDITY & TEMPERATUREUltrasonic Thickness Gauge AR 850AR 851 Ultrasonic Range FinderAR 852B NON-CONTACT INFRARED THERMOMETERAR Digital Sound Level Meter 854AR 856 A Flow Anemometer and ThermometerULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAUGE 860 ARAR 861 lase the Distance meterAR 862 with Infrared thermo-meterAR 867 DUAL TEMPERATURE/HUMUDITY/CLOCKAR 8700A CARBON MONOXIDE METERAR 872 Infrared ThermometerAR 872D NON-CONTACT INFRARED THERMOMETERAR A + 8800 Combustible Gas DetectorCombustible Gas Detector 8800A ARAR 882 Infrared ThermometerAR 914 Electronic Metal DetectorAR 289 Underground Metal DetectorAR Coating Film Thickness Dry 930 Gauge with MemoryAR FILM COATING THICKNESS/931 GAUGEAR DIGITAL MOISTURE METER 971AR818/8700A Carbon Monoxide MeterLutron Anemometer (vane type, hot wire type)Barometer.Bench meters (ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA, pH).Cable checker/Cable identifier Calibrator, Simulator, Checker, Black bodyCaliper decade Capacitance boxCapacitance meters Car testers, Automotive testersCarrying case & holsters Chlorine meterClamp meters (DCA, ACA) Clamp meters (Power clamp)Co (carbon Monooxide) metres of CO2 (carbon dioxide) metersColor Conductivity analyzermeters, TDS metersControllers (Alarm/Monitor), a full line of Data loggersDMM, Mulitimeter Earth testerEducation products generate Electromagnetic fields EMF testers, testers (Radio frequency)EMF electromagnetic field testers, testers (Low frequency) Force gauges, Force gauge test standFork current (AC/DC) tester Frequency counters (handheld type, Bench type)Frequency monitors (Line frequency) Function generatorHumidity/Temp/Dew pointmeters (Hygrometers) Humidity TransmittersGSM Control System decade Inductance boxInductive sensors pick up Insulation testersLAN cable testers LCR metersLight meters (Lux meters) Magnetic metersManometers MicrometerMicro wave leakage detector Milliohm metersMoisture meters (wood, concrete, timber, paper, gypsum ...) 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CAPACITANCE BOXLUTRON CC-424 Volatge/Current CalibratorLUTRON CC-422 Current CalibratorLUTRON Conductiv CD-4303nature of MeterLUTRON-CM-9930 Digital AC/DCA Clamp MetersLUTRON-CM-9940 Digital AC/DC Clamp Meter.LUTRON DA-103 DC CURRENT BENCH TYPE METERLUTRON in DIGITAL INSULATION TESTER-6200LUTRON DC Digital Vernier Caliper-515LUTRON DL-9601 DATA LOGGERLUTRON DO-5509 Dissolved Oxygen MeterLUTRON DO-5510 Digital Oxygen MetersLUTRON DO-5511 OXYGEN METERSLUTRON DT-1236L LASER TACHOMETERLUTRON DT-2230 COMPACT LASER/CONTACT TACHOMETERLUTRON DT-2234BL LASER NON CONTACT TACHOMETERLUTRON DT-1599 Digital Photo/Contact TachometerLUTRON DT-2239 Digital Stroboscope-TachometerLUTRON DT-2318 Digital StroboscopeLUTRON TACHOMETER DT-1742LUTRON 2289 STROBOSCOPE DT-AC/BATTERY OPERATEDLUTRON DW-6060 Digital Watt MetersLUTRON DW-6090 Power AnalyzerLUTRON DW-6091 POWER METERSLUTRON DV-101 DIGITAL VOLTAGE METER BENCHLUTRON EMF-827 Tester EMF (Electromagnetic Field Tester)LUTRON EM-9000 ENVIRONMENT METERLUTRON FREQUENCY COUNTER FC-2500LUTRON FG-20 kg FORCE GAUGELUTRON FG-5100 FORCE GAUGE (100 kg)LUTRON HV-40 HIGH VOLTAGE PROBELUTRON HT-305 THERMOHYGROMETERLUTRON HT-3015 DATALOGGING THERMOHYGROMETER + DEW POINTLUTRON HT-3004 Humidity/Temperature MeterLUTRON LCR Meter 9073LUTRON LX-101A Digital Lux MeterLUTRON LX-101 DigitalLight MetersLUTRON LX-1102 LUX METERLUTRON LX-1108 LUX METERLUTRON LM-81AM ANEMOMETERLUTRON LM-81LX LUX METERLUTRON LM-8000 4 IN 1 METER.LUTRON MO-2001 MilliOhm meters.LUTRON MO-2002 an OHM METER.LUTRON MS-7000HA MOISTURE METERLUTRON MS-7003 MOISTURE METERSLUTRON PH-207 Digital PH Meter with PE-03 sensorLUTRON PE-01 PH PROBESLUTRON PE-03 PH PROBESLUTRON PE-11 PH PROBESLUTRONPM-9100 MANOMETERSLUTRON PS-8961 PRESSURE METERSLUTRON RBOX-408 RESISTANCE DECADE BOXESLUTRON SC-941 Sound Level Meter CalibratorLUTRON SC-942 SOUND LEVEL CALIBRATORLUTRON SL-4010 Low Cost Sound Level MetersLUTRON SL-4020 SOUND LEVEL METERSLUTRON SL-4022 TYPE 1 SOUND LEVEL METERLUTRON TC-920 Calibrator ThermometerLUTRON TM-2000 3 in 1 Digital Thermometer (Pt100 + IR + Type K)LUTRON TM-914C Pocket Size Dual ThermomeTERLUTRON TM-920 Dual ThermometerLUTRON TM-917 PRECISION THERMOMETERLUTRON TP-01 Type K temperature probeLUTRON TP-02 K Type Temperature ProbeLUTRON TP-04 "K" Type Surface Temperature ProbeLUTRON TP-07 ATC Temperature ProbeLUTRON TQ-8800 TORGUE METERSLUTRON UV-UV LIGHT 350 METERSLUTRON UVC UV LIGHT METERS-254LUTRON UVA UVA LIGHT METERS-365LUTRON VB-8201HA VIBRATION METERLUTRON VB-8212 VIBRATION METERSLUTRON VB-8200 Vibration MeterLUTRON VB-8220 VIBRATION METERS WITH DISPLACEMENTVC-9200 is VACUUM DRAWN LUTRON METERSLUTRON YK-34UV UV LIGHT METERSLUTRON YK-2004AH HOT WIRE ANEMOMETER, CFM.LUTRON YK-2005AH HOT WIRE ANEMOMETER.LUTRON YK-80AM METAL VANE ANEMOMETER.Mastech* MS2008B, Mastech Clamp Meters* MS2101 Ac/dc Digital Clamp Meter* MS2101, Mastech Clamp Meters* Earth Clamp MS2301 ResistaNCE Tester* MS2302 Earth Tester* MS2306/2307/2301 Advanced Earth Resistance Tester.* Digital Insulation Tester MS5201* MS5202 Digital Insulation Tester* MS5203 Digital Insulation Tester* MS5209 Digital Earth Resistance Tester* MS5215 High Voltage Digital Insulation Tester* MS5900, Mastech Phase Rotation Tester* MS5902 Circuit Break Tester* MS5910, Mastech RCD/Loop Tester* MS6300 6IN1 Multi-Functional Enviroment Meters* MS6450 (15 m) Laser Distance Meters* Digital Temperature Humidity & MS6503 Meters* Digital Temperature Humidity & MS6505 Meters* MS6506 Digital Thermometers* MS6520B, Mastech Thermometer Infrared Thermometer-20 c ~ 500C* MS6530 Infrared Thermometer* MS6530 Infrared Thermometer (-20-537oC)* MS6530A Infrared Thermometer* MS6540A Infrared Thermometer* MS6550A (-32 to 1200 o C) Digital Infrared Thermometer* MS6550B (-32 to 1,650 o C) Digital Infrared Thermometer* MS6550B Infrared Thermometer* MS6700 Digital Sound Level Meters* MS6701 With Data Loggers Sound Level Meters* MS6702 (3 in 1 Sound Level + Temperature + Humidity)* MS6906 Scanner And Tester* MS7207 Digital LOOP Calibrator* MS7212 Multi-Function Process Calibrator* MS7212 Multifuntional Process Calibrator* Thermocouple MS7220 CalibraTor* MS8040 2.8 Digital Bench Multimeter Top* MS8051 5.5 Digital Precision Multimeter* MS8216 Digital Pocket Multimeter* MS8228 Digital Multimeter with infrared thermometer* MS8229 5 in 1 Auto Range Multimeter with Alarm* MS8910, SMD Digital TesterDekko 1) DIGITAL MULTI METER94. MULTI PURPOSE MULTI METER95. PROFESSIONAL MULTIMETER99CF AUTO RANGE MULTI METER86D GENERAL MULTI METERDM-230 EVERYDAY MULTI METER2) ANALAQUE MULTI METERAm-22 GENERAL MULTI METER3) INSULATION TESTERJT-30-5 INSULATION TESTERJT-2500 INSULATION TESTERJT-1000 INSULATION TESTERJT-568B HANDHELD DIGITAL MEGA OHM METERS4) CLAMP METERJT 200B 200A AC/DC CLAMP METERDT 1000A AC/DC CLAMP METER 1000A656F AC/DC CLAMP METER 1000ACLAMP METER 600A AC 3337 AC/DC CLAMP METER 1000A5) THERMOMETER, HUMIDITY & MOISTURE METERS642 THERMOHYGROMETER (IN/OUT DOOR)637 THERMOHYGROMETER (INDOOR)JT-2 g DIGITAL MOISTURE METERMC-7825G GRAIN MOISTURE METER6) THERMOMETER301 DUAL OUT PUT DIGITAL THERMOMETER TYPE K300 SINGLE OUT PUT DIGITAL THERMOMETER TYPE K7) THERMOMETERDT-520 DIGITAL INFRARED THERMOMETERJT-204L WATERPROOF PEN TYPE THERMOMETERJT-206 WATERPROOF PEN TYPE THERMOMETER8) AUTOMOTIVE TESTERJT-AUTOMOTIVE MULTIMETER9) INSTRUMENTSL-130 DIGITAL SOUND LEVEL METERLX-1010BS DIGITAL LUX METERAm-4836V PROFESSIONAL ANEMOMETERJT-02A is DIGITAL ANEMOMETERAn-16 MINI DIGITAL ANEMOMETER22LCR-DIGITAL LCR METERC20KF CAPACITANCE METERVD-60 ULTRASONIC DISTANCE METERDT-2234L LASER TACHO METERCOATING THICKNESS GAUGE 10)JT-2133 COATING THICKNESS GAUGEJT-2300 ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAUGESHANNA INSTRUMENTS: * Ammonia* Checker HC* Chemical Test Kits* pH Meters* pH/ORP Meters* Ion Selective* pH/ORP/ISE/Meters* Conductivity/TDS* Digital Refractometers* Dissolved Oxygen* Multiparameter* Fertigation Systems* Titration Systems* Chemical Oxygen Demand* Photometers* Turbidity* Temperature* Relative Humidity * Magnetic Stirrers* Mini Panel Controllers* Process Instrumentation* Dosing Pumps* Lux Meters* Reagents* SolutionsHoriba * Multi-parameter Water QualityMeter (U-50)* Water Quality Monitoring System (U-20 XD)* Oil Content Analyzer (OCMA-series)* Gloss Checker (IG-series)* Infrared Thermometers (IT-550)* Water Quality Meters (D, F, OM, ES, DS)* Compact Nitrate* CompaCT pH Meter (B-211 B-212 &)* Compact Conductivity Meters* Compact Ion Meters* Compact Salt Meter (C-119)* Centrifuges (SIGMA)* Vacuum Desiccator (VLH Series)* Digital & Stirrer Hot Plate (RSH-DR)* Ultrasonic Cleaner (U.s. Series)* Water Still (WS-6)Palintest SK-300. Manual Soil Test KitSK-400. Digital Soil Test KitSK-500. Digital Soil Test KitIMD-Coli Bacteriological Water Test Kit> WTB-2010 Water Test Kit and BakteriologicalWTB-2011 Portable Water Quality TestWT-IMD7 Water Test KitILP-25 Swimming Pool Water Test KitPT-140 Portable pH/Conductivity/TDS MeterPT-140 pH MeterPT-150 Water DO MeterPT-141 Conductivity metersPT-390 Turbidity MetersPT-142 TDS MeterPTH-045D Chlorine Meter/ChlorometerPTH-040 Ammonia MeterPT-981 Portable Digital Arsenic SystemPTH-043 Ozone MetersPT-430 Lead and Copper Scanning AnalyzerCOD-7500 COD Laboratory SetPT-225 Comparator and DiscMacro 900 Portable Water Quality SystemPT-1420 Portable Water Quality SystemPT-1421 Portable Water Quality SystemPT-1420 Portable Water Quality SystemPT-1423 Portable Water Quality SystemPT-1424 Portable Water Quality SystemThe PT-2100 Portable Water Quality SystemPT-1426 Portable Water Quality SystemPT-1427 Portable Water Quality SystemPT-1428 Portable Water Quality SystemPT-1427 Portable Water Quality Systemenvironment/Lab Fosante-01 Food Security KitFosante-02 Microbiology of Food Sanitation KitFosante-04-Food Chemical and Bacteriological Test KitSanitech-01 Sanitarian Field KitSanitech-02 Sanitarian Field Kit-manualSanitech-02/D Sanitarian Field Kit-digitalSanitech-03 Sanitarian Inspection Test KitIMDY-1000 Pesticide Residue DetectionTK-150E Thermometer Special Food IndustryTN-152 Thermometer Special Food IndustryTN-151S Thermometer Special Food IndustryTR-150 Thermometer Special Food IndustryFosante-01 Refill Reagent Food Security KitFosante-02 Refil Reagent Microbiology of Food Sanitation kitAnd-10000 Portable Heavy Metal Analyzer078-513 Survey MetersS-10S Survey MetersC-10 Survey MetERCSDF Survey Meters720 Sound Level Meter and CalibratorLXT 2-Sound Level Meter and Calibrator824 Sound Level Meter and Calibrator type-1DB-100 Sound Level Meters and Automatic CheckDB-200 Sound Level Meters and Automatic CheckSP-20 Sound Level Meters706 Personal Noise DosimeterHVM-100 Human Vibration MeterLV-110E Vane Thermo-Anemometer ProbesLV-101E Vane Thermo-Anemometer ProbesFA-320 Fan AnemometerVT-100 Hotwire Thermo-AnemometerAR-823 Portable Digital Lux MeterLX-100 Portable Digital Lux MeterLX-200 Portable Digital Lux MeterSL-200 SolarimeterSL-100 SolarimeterKiray-300 Infrared ThermometerKiray-200 Infrared ThermometerKiray-100 Infrared ThermometerIR Temp 210 Infrared-TemperaturesIR IR Hygrotemp 24HD-100E ThermohygrometersRF-220 Relative Humidity Temperature Meter/> HM-100 Moisture MeterCT-100EO TachometerCT-100EC TachometerMp-200 Thermo-Anemometer-Manom etherMP200P Thermo-Anemometer-ManometersMP200M Thermo-Anemometer-ManometersM P200G Thermo-Anemometer-ManometersMP200H Thermo-Anemometer-ManometersMP200HP Thermo-Anemometer-ManometersYes Plus LGA 15 Channel Water Quality MonitorsYes the water Pump 8 Channel Water Quality MonitorsAQ-200 Indoor Air Quality Monitors AQ-100 Indoor Air Quality MonitorsParticleScan Handheld Laser Particle CounterMB1 Microbio SamplerMB2 Microbio SamplerM3-OGA Method 3 Orsat AnalyzerBasic Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling SystemProfessional Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling SystemMaster Method 5 Isokinetik Sampling SystemMST stack Mini Stack SamplerIMD-5IMP Gas Ambient SamplerA-600 Portable Flue Gas AnalysisA-500 Portable Flue Gas AnalysisBr/> A-400 Portable Flue Gas AnalysisGS-220 Detection of Combustion GassesTelescope-2 Ringgelman Smoke Opacity MetersTelescope-1 Ringgelman Smoke Opacity MetersTelescope-3 Digital Smoke Opacity MetersRP-72 Smoke Soot Test PumpCDL-210 CO2, Air Temperature, RH DatalogerHD-1004 Personal eal Time Particulate Air MonitorsHD-1100 am-10 Personal Particulate MonitorsEPAM-5000 Real Time Particulate Air MonitorsAA-3500 Airborne Particulate MonitorsDF-PM10E PM-10 Air Sampler System Monitor DigitalDF-PM2, 5E am-2, 5 Digital Sampler System Monitors WaterDF-60810E TSP-Digital High Volume Air SamplersDFHV-1SE Portable High Volume Air SamplersHV-1TE Portable High Volume Air Samplers (automatic)HV-1SE Portable High Volume Air SamplersDF-1E Portable low Volume Air SamplersDF-14ME Mobile Low Volume Air SamplersL-5 p Portable Personal Air Sampler PumpL-12 p Portable Personal Air Sampler PumpL-15P Portable Personal Air Sampler PumpM-5 CalibratorM-30 CalibratorMicro Portable Single Gas Detectors IVG-450 Portable Multigas Detectors(gas can be replaced with other sensors andSLC-OP Handheld Odor catchSLC-OH Portable Odor CatchSLC-OH Portable Odor CatchSLC-ON Real Time Ambient ODOR MonitoringDX Series-7 7 Digital channel Blasting MonitorsDX Series-4 4 channel Digital Blasting MonitorsZSA-80 Analytical BalanceZSA-120 Analytical BalanceZSA-210 Analytical BalanceZSA-210D Analytical BalanceZSP-150 Precision BalanceZSP-250 Precision BalanceZSP-350 Precision BalanceZSP-550 Precision BalanceZSL-400 Laboratory BalanceZSL-600 Lab BalanceSL-400 Laboratory BalanceSL-600 Lab BalanceSL-1000Lab BalanceSL-2000 Lab BalanceSP-150 Precision Balance SeriesThe SP-250 Precision Balance SeriesSP-350 Precision Balance SeriesSP-550 Precision Balance SeriesSA801W Analytical Balance SeriesSA1201W Analytical Balance SeriesSA2101W Analytical Balance SeriesSA3101W Analytical Balance SeriesSHC-12 High Capacity BalancesSHC-16 High Capacity BalancesSHC-20 High Capacity Balances/> SHC30 High Capacity BalancesColinmed Digital Cholinesterase Analysis System2500-OTO-P Audiometer with Printer Auto-Check1000 + Package Affordable Audiometer with Printer6MWT Spirometer-Hand HeldFX Desktop SpirometerCleanroom100 Water Cleaning And ProtectionThe GC Multigas Air Cleaning ProtectionSK-300 Manual Soil Test KitSK-400 Digital Soil Test KitSK-500 Digital Soil Test KitDust Sampler Equipment Package TSPGER-2600 Portable Spectroradiometer SystemUF-35 Fogging MachineThe US-2000 Multi Sensor Weather Station5002-5 Portable Exhaust Gas AnalyzerAuto-600 Opacity Smoke-MeterOliver-6502 Diesel Smoke Opacity MetersNew Product AD 32 EC, TDS, TEMPAd-11 pH MeterAd-110 Multi ParameterHIGHGEAR ALTIMETERBC-8237 Gasoline Engine TachometerAPPA 55 series II Digital MultimeterAPPA 25 Automotive MultimeTERAPPA-51 Digital ThermometerAPPA-55 II Digital Multi Meter/ThermometerAZ-8909 Anemo, Humidity, Temp, BaroD75 DehumidifierPT 370 Meat pH MeterType The Name Of The ProductSpeed Gun 1019112000 Anemometer Kestrel1 Gas Detector Gases BW4 Gases Gas Detector BW4 Gases (Pump) Gas Detector BW5 Gases Gas Detector BW Micro PID8500 COLONI COUNTERMeat Meat's Moisture Moisture Meters JT 148 Outomotive Multi Meter656F Infrared Thermometer-50 to 550 oCSPD 202 EX Combustibel gas detectorSPD 201 Digital Oxigen metres (D.O. meters)642 ThermohygrometerMC. 7825G Grain Moisture meters (moisture content on seed grains) PingliuAm-4836 ANEMOMETERDT-10 Tools SettWQC22A Multi parameterWQC24 Multi parameterHM-17MX Portable pH Meter for Food ApplicationsHDH026 Dehumidifier (26 L/DAY) HDH058 Dehumidifier (58 L/DAY)HDH908 Dehumidifier (90 L/DAY)EZ-40 Combustibel gas detectorFG-100 LPG gas detectorGLO Combustibel gas detectorFiles 480823 stengh meters (2 Axis)480836 stengh Meter Files (3 Axis)MO210 Moisture MeterMO280 Moisture Meters260 Moisture MetersDO 700 pH, MV, Temp, Cond, TDS, d.o.400 EC EC metersEC 500 EC metersEC 600 pH, TDS, Cond, Salt, Resistivity,,MV and Temp407355 Personal Noise Dosi MeterFLIR i7 Infrared Camera725 Multifunction Calibrator115 Digital multimeter179 Digital Multi Meter179 Digital Multi Meter376 Clamp Meters810 Vibration testerTI 32 Therma Imager572 Infrared Thermometer572 Infrared Thermometer574 Infrared Thermometer376 AC/DC CLAM METERS337 Clam Meters705 Loop Calibration725 Multi Function calibrator725EX Multi-functioned calibrator1621 Earh Grounding Tester789 ProcessMeterFB-CTW-7000 Fujibin Humidifier 99% RHGPS 76csxDPI 615PC Pneumatic CalibratorDPI 615 IS PC Pneumatic CalibratorUPS UPS Calibrator Lop II IILop III Calibrator UPS UPS III30 PC 610S Pressure CalibratorGA 5000 PORTABLE GAS ANALIZERGEM 5000 GAS EXTRACTION MONITORBIOGAS 5000 PORTABLE GAS ANALIZERBr/> HACH TSS METERS2005-HS-V-N Rotary Evaporator (Ready)2005-HS-S-N Rotary Evaporator (Ready)HS-2005-N-S is a rotary Evaporator (Indent)DSR 77 Battery tester2500 Anemometer Kestrel2000 Anemometer KestrelAnemometer Kestrel 4000Anemometer Kestrel 40004100 Anemometer KestrelAnemometer Kestrel 45001000 Anemometer KestrelAnemo-Meter Kestrel 4500PM 400 Multi Grain Moisture Meterr/> HX 120 Copra Molisture MetersFD-610 Grain Moistrume MetersEPI608D-1 Dehumidifier (0.7 L/day)MFD10-5100MR Dehumidifier (10 L/day)PD20E 20 Dehumidifier (20 L/day)6162 VANTAGE PRO2 Weather station UK ™6250UK Davis Vantage Vue6510 USB Software and datalogger Davis for Type 6250UK7200 TripotCabled Vantage Pro2 6152CUK "™DXT Laser Digital meters (70 meters)D3A Laser Digital meters (100 Meters)D5 Digital Laser Metres (200 metres)At Osiloscope 7328 (28 Mhz)At 7146 Osiloscope (40 Mhz)TFC-3000U Universal Counter (1Hz-3000MHz)Klimamesser Analog (Analog)E200IR Thermometer (TH, IR, DP, CFG)Vibration Meters VT-8204LM 8000 Anemometer, Humidity meter, Light meter, ThermometerTC 920 Thermo CoupleDigital DW6091 watt metersDigital DW6060 watt meters212/ground meat pHDT-2269 Digital Stroboscope LampGC-2028 Co2 MetersGCH-2018 Co2 MetersTM-946 4 Channel ThermometerCo-5510 Oxygen Meter (air)Do-5509 DO meterMs-8910 Smart TesterMs-6300 Multi Sound Meter, Lux, Anemo, Temp, HumidityMs-2205 Power MetersMs-8228 Autorange Digital Multimeter With Infrared ThermometerMs-8229 5 in 1 Digital-MultimeterMs-6700 Sound Level MetersMB-25 Moisture BalancePT. 146 PH/CONDUCTIVITY/TDS METERPT. 149 Dissolved Oxygen Meter WaterproofPreg-Renco Preg-Pro Alert Alert Pro1010bs Lux MeterYX360TRF Multi TesterSE 100 Tachometer200 SE TachometerTh-300 ThermohygrometerSM-6 AnemometerSM-19 AnemometerDHC 747 Battery tester2900 ET Weather Station C/n. 3350WD22700 Weather Station C/n. 3340WD22550 Weather Station C/n. 3320WD22800 Weather Station C/N. 3345WD22900 ET Weather Station Sfoft ware Pro Model & USBWile 55 Grain Moisture MeterWile 26 Grain Moisture MeterGrain Moisture Meter-Wile CoffeSN-50 FOGGINGStainless Thank Thermometer (-20 to 240 F)Brash Thank Thermometer (-10 to 110 F)Crom Thank Thermometer (-10 to 110 F)CID CI 2002 Portable Laser Leaf Area MeterCCM-200 Opti ScienceGX-2003 Gas Detector 4 GASE (LLEL, O2, H2S, CO)/> Model 7210120 Safety Container Type 1Model 7220120 Safety Can Type 2 Model 7220120Coloni star Funke GerberYK-2001pH DO, pH, TDS, ORP, CondYK-2005 WA Multi parameter LutronPh-O1 PHO-1 pH/ORP/Temperature MeterHM-1000 METALYZER PORTABLEHM-3000 METALYZER PORTABLE1100 IR Turbidity MetersPharo-300 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Pharo 300 Spectroquant ®, MERCKNOVA 60 MerckHy-LITE2 MerckRoker600 Vacump Pump950 My Boom (25 m/Section) Hedged Oil SpillBTM-400 Check Line BTM-400:600FN Coating Thickness Gauge MiniTest650FN Coating Thickness Gauge MiniTestHM3000 HEAVY METAL ANALYSERHM1000 HEAVY METAL ANALYSERSigma II Thermohygrograph Model NS-II Q (7210.00 Quart Type)Bante Magnetic StirrerHL-5000 sets of 5000 HL-Hidrolux ProsetHL-5000 set with gas Hidrolux HL-5000 Proset (With gas sensor)HV-1000F High volume Air Sampler15 Channel Water Quality Monitors22LCR-DIGITAL LCR METER3 Phase Power Digital Clampmeter with Power Factor300 SINGLE OUT PUT DIGITAL THERMOMETER TYPE K301 DUAL OUT PUT DIGITAL THERMOMETER TYPE KCLAMP METER 600A AC 33330 SW/RF POWER meters (1.8520 MHz)37 AC/DC CLAMP METER 1000A3 m 31010013 m 32003 m 6000 series, 5000 series, a respirator and filter3 m 60033 m 81203 m 88223 m PERSONAL HEAT STRESS3 m N95 Respirator, P953M11003M7501637 THERMOHYGROMETER (INDOOR)642 THERMOHYGROMETER (IN/OUT DOOR)656F AC/DC CLAMP METER 1000A7 channel Blasting Digital Monitors8 Channel Water Quality Monitors8017 SINGLE OUTPUT DC POWER SUPPLY (CV = 030VDC/CC = 010A)8112 SINGLE OUTPUT DC POWER SUPPLY (CV = 060VDC/CC = 05A)850 AC/DC POWER SUPPLY86D GENERAL MULTI METER94. MULTI PURPOSE MULTI METER95. PROFESSIONAL MULTIMETER99CF AUTO RANGE MULTI METERAA104 ACA Bench MetersABH4224 Cup Anemometer/Barometer/Temp/HumidityVane Anemometer ABH4225/Barometer/Temp/HumidityAC Current Line SplitterAC/DC Mini Clamp On Meters for Current Process Control Signal OutputAffordable Audiometer with PrinterAG2601A (10 HZ1MHz)AG2603AD. Digital AuDIO Generators/counters (10 Hz1MHz)Vane Anemometer AH4223/Humidity/TemperatureWater Cleaning And ProtectionWater FilterAirborne Particulate MonitorsAL03SAL04 Heavy Duty AlligatorsAL05 Heavy Duty AlligatorsTool SafetyModern Fire ExtinguishersTool to cut the current fastest ironTool SafetyRegional test of Soil Shear toolKkerasan Test tool Sliding SoilALCOHOWK ABIALKOHOL TESTERAltaris Orion, MSA auer Multipro Visa, BW, Solaris Multi Gas Detector, Drager,ALTI-METER (MEASURING ELEVATION FROM SEA LEVEL)AM22 GENERAL MULTI METERAM402 Anemometer AdapterAM4100G Anemometer + hybrid powerAM4200 AnemometerAM4201 AnemometerAM4202 AnemometerAM4203 AnemometerAM4203HA AnemometerAM4204 Hot Wire AnemometerAM4204HA Hot Wire AnemometerAM4205A replacedAM4205 Humidity/Anemometer MetreAM4206 AnemometerAM4206M AnemometerAM4207SDAM4210 AnemometerAM4213 vane Anemometer, miniAM4214 Hot Wire AnemometerAM4216 vane Anemometer, miniAM4220 Cup AnemometerAM4221 Cup AnemometerAM4222 Van AnemometerAM4836V PROFESSIONAL ANEMOMETERReal Time Ambient ODOR MonitoringAmmonia MeterAN16 MINI DIGITAL ANEMOMETERAnaerobicjarAnALAQUE MULTI METERAnalogue Earth Resistance TesterAnalytical BalanceAnalytical Balance Series 1200AnemometerANEMOMETER KESTREL 1000ANEMOMETER KESTREL 2000ANEMOMETER KESTREL 2500ANEMOMETER KESTREL 4000ANEMOMETER KESTREL 4100ANEMOMETERKESTREL 4500Anti seizeAntirust agentAP9VA (round 2.5 mm dia. plug) Power AdapterAP9VB (battery snap plug) Power AdapterAPGTE Plug ConVenterApparelAprronAsbestos MatAT20 Frequency Counter (optional) accessoryAudiometer with Auto-Check PrinterAuerAuto level (WATER PASS)Automatic Emergency LightAUTOMOTIVE TESTERAutorange Digital MultimeterAV102 ACV Bench MetersBACH220 for DT2289Back PackBack SupportBacteriological Water Test KitBaffin BalaclavaFireman outfitFireman Outfit Area Keb JakIt is predominantlyHeat-resistant suit of fireBar CutterBase FittingsBattery tester Type DSR 77-JAPANBattery tester Type DHC 747-TAIWANBAUM1 x 4pcs for DT2289BB22 Frequency Counter (optional) accessoryBB400 Black BodyBead Wire ProbeBearing AnalyserBilson EarmuffsBinocularBoot Cleaner (Shoe Shine)Boot CoverBoot Dryer (Dryer Shoe)Boot Rack (Rack Shoes)Boot ShoesBOR Land Belgy type 1 mPeat BorerDrill the ground to a depth of 10 m (civil engineering)Bouton Fog Free GooggleMedicine BoxFirst Aid BoxBrake LinningBranch PipeBreating apparatusBTM4208SD (END DEC)Metal Halide Lamp Lamp BulbBullard Safety Helmet, S51, 3000 classicBWC20KF CAPACITANCE METERCA03 (soft carrying case) Soft Carrying CaseCA04 (very small soft case) Soft Carrying CaseCA05A (Big soft case w/Sash) Soft Carrying CaseCA06 (Hard Carrying Case) Soft Carrying CaseCA08 (Big Hard Carrying Case) Soft Carrying CaseCA201 Aca Mini Current MeterCA203 DCA/ACA Current AdaptersCA501 DCA/ACA Current AdaptersCA502 DCA/ACA Current AdaptersCA52A (Small soft case w/Sash) Soft Carrying CaseCartridge filterCasual WorkwearCB933 Cable Tester/cable their own identitiesFIERCBM mini portableCBM sprayCBOX406 Decade Capacitance BoxCC420 Current CalibratorCC421 Voltage/Current CalibratorCC422 Current CalibratorCCMA SimulatorCCPH PH Calibration CheckerCCTEMPJCCTEMPK Type K Temp Calibration CheckerCD14 Conductivity SolutionCD4301 Conductivity MetersCD4302 Conductivity MetersCD4303 Conductivity MetersCD4303HA Conductivity Meters CD4306 Conductivity metersCD4312 Conductivity MetersCD4322 Conductivity MetersCDPB03Chain BlockThe Saw's Chain GlovesChapsCharger for CalibatorCHEETAH SAFETY WEARChemicals & aerosolChlorine Meter/ChlorometerCL2006 Chlorine MeterCLAMP METERSClampon Digital Earth Resistance TesterCleanerCM9930 (4000 count) 2000 A DCA/ACA Clamp Meter + DmmCM9940 (4000 count) MinI DCA/ACA Clamp MetersCM9941 Smart Clamp MetersCM9942G Clamp MeterCO gas detectorCO210M CO ControllerCoating agentCoating Thickness GaugeCOATING THICKNESS GAUGECoatingsCOD Laboratory SetCombination Combination nozzlesComparator and DiscCompoundsConcrete Test Hammer (NJ80)Conductivity MetersConductivity TesterConductivity/TDS/Salt/TemperatureConstaNT instrumentCosta Del Mar GlassesCover allCPG 1367A (PAL/B CALOR BAR PATTERN GENERATORCPVCCPVC Pipe "VIKING" UL/FM ex: USACT2002MACT2012 Controller/Alarm/IndicatorCurrent testerCutting ToolsCutting TorchCyaume lightstickDA103 DCA Bench MetersDangerous Toxic GasData Collector Vibration Meters with 99 MemoriesDIGITAL THERMOHYGROMETER DATA LOGGER EBI 20 DC515 Digital CaliperDC516 Digital MicrometerDEKKODesktop SpirometerDetection of Combustion GassesDH802CDI6200 Insulation TesterDI6300 Insulation TesterDI6300A Insulation TesterDI6400 Insulation TesterDiamond toolsDiesel Smoke Opacity MetersDigital AC Clamp Meter 1000A with Temperature FunctionDigital AC Clamp Meter 600A with Temperature FunctionDigital Ac/dc Clamp Nutsr 1000ADigital AC/DC Clamp Meter 600ADigital Cholinesterase Analysis SystemDigital Depth GaugeDigital Insulation Tester 1000VDigital Insulation Tester 5000VDIGITAL MULTI METERDigital Multimeter Cat IV 600VAuto Range Digital MultimeterDigital Multimeter One Switch Auto SelectDigital Multimeter with LCR FunctionDigital Portable Arsenic SystemDigital Smoke Opacity MetersDigital SoilTest KitDigital Thickness GaugeDigital Tyre GaugeDJ laser LEVELS AND LINEARDJ laser LEVELS AND LINEARDL6054DL9601A replaced DL9601 real time Data Logger, less paper recorderDL9602SDAca DL9954 Leakage TesterDM1000 Mini 1000A DC/AC Clamp MeterDM230 EVERY DAY MULTI METERDM4061 GRID DIP METER (1.5 MHz to 250 MHz IN 6 bandsDM6007 ACA Clamp MetersDM6046 Clamp MeterDM6052 Mini Dca/Aca Clamp MetersDM6053 Mini Aca Clamp MetersDM6055C Clamp MeterDM6056 Dca/Aca Clamp MetersDM6058 Dca/Aca Clamp MetersDM9020 Pocket DMMDM9023 (Capacitance Meter) Capacitance MeterCA03 DM9027T + 4 1/2 digits DMM, true rmsDM9030 + IP07 Automotive TesterDM9031 + IP07DM9033 (replaced DM9023 bt)DM9080 MultiFunctionsDM9090 MultiFunctionsDM9092 Auto range DMMDM9093DM9680MultimeterDM9680KITS MultimeterDM9960 Cat lll1000V Auto range DmmDM9961 Paint lll1000V True rms DMMDM9981G Green Power MultimeterSmart DM9982G MultimeterSmart DM9983G MultimeterDO 300 L (ISTEK)DO TesterDO5509 Dissolved Oxygen MeterOxigen-Meter DO5510Oxigen-Meter DO5510HADO5511DO5519 Dissolved Oxigen MetersDormer tools Drill Auger, Sand AugerDosimeter 3007DOSIMETER TYPE 3007Dot GlovesDouble Ring InfiltrationDouble Ring InfiltrationDP30 Volt meter ModuleDP40 Volt MetersDR99420 Panel MeterDR99ACA Panel MeterDR99ACV Panel MeterDR99DCA Panel MeterDR99DCV Panel MeterDR99TEMPDrill Bit Drill EyesDry PackDS121 (Accessories f/GSM120/121 Wire less Detect SwitchDT 1000A AC/DC CLAMP METER 1000ADT1236L Laser Photo/ContaTachometer CTDT2199 StroboscopeDT2230 Photo/Contact TachometerDT2234B (Photo) Photo TachometerDT2234BL Laser Photo TachometerDT2234L LASER TACHO METERDT2235B (Contact) Contact TachometerDT2236 (Photo/Contact) Contact/Photo TachometerDT2237 Gasoline TachometerDT2238 (Photo/Contact) Contact/Photo TachometerDT22392 (240VAC)DT2240D + PX01 Panel TachometerDT2244 (Photo)DT2245(Contact) Contact TachometerDT2258 Photo/Contact TachometerDT2259 Tachometer/StroboscopeDT2268 Photo/Contact TachometerDT2269220V Digital StroboscopeDT2289 Stroboscope, XenonDT2299 Stroboscope Led arrayDT2336G Photo/Contact TachometerDT2339 Stroboscope, xenonDT2349 StroboscopeDT520 DIGITAL INFRARED THERMOMETERDT602 Tach/MDust Sampler, Dust MonitorDV101 DVC Bench meters> DW6060 Watt MetersDW6090 Power AnalyzerDW6091 Power AnalyzerDW6092 (Aro. Feb ' 09) 3 Phase Power AnalyzerDW6160 (END DEC) Watt MeterEA100Peltor Earmuff, elvexEarth testerEC TesterEC TesterEco winter LinerEH20 Electrode HolderElvex GlassesElvex GoogleEM9000 Environment MeterEM900PEM9100 Environment MeterEM9200 Intelligent MeterEM9300The SD Environment MeterEMF810 Micro Wave Leakage DetectorEMF819 # Axis RF Electromagnetic Field MetersEMF822A EMF testerEMF823 EMF TesterEMF EMF824 AdapterEMF825 EMF Tester + type K ThermometerEMF826SGEMF827 EMF Tester, Separate probeEMF828 3D EMF TesterEMF839 + EP03H + EP04L Electromagnetic Field MetersEnmet Gas DetectorEPAM 5000 HAZ DUSTESS Strike XTO GoggleET3000 Earth resistance TesterEvaporation Pan, Pancu EvaporationExplosion Proof Floodlight,«Extech,Fendall Eyewash, eyesaline, wash bottleEzdo,Face guardFan AnemometerFC2500A + AT20 + PB21 Frequency CounterFC2700 Frequency Counter, bench typeFC422D Panel MeterFG2003220V Function GeneratorFG20KG Force GaugeFG20KGRS232FG5000A Force GaugeFG5000ARS232FG5005 Force GaugeFG5020 Force GaugeFG5100 Forge GaugeFiberglass clothFiberglass fabricFiberglass MeshFiberglass TapeFibre GlassFilter bagPocket FiltersFilter PressAerosol fire "FIREWALL", ex: KoreaFire Alarm "HOOSEKI", ex: TaiwanFire ArestorFire BlanketFire ExtinguisherFire Extinguishers "HOOSEKI", ex: ChinaFire Extinguishers Fire Fighter's suitFire Fighting SuitFire HoseFire Hose, Hose ExtinguisherFire SuitFire WallFirefighting GlovesFireman GlovesFireman out fitFirst Aid KitFist Of Water Box K3Fitter GlovesFlame Raterdant wearFlashlightFloodlightFlow Meter solar 2 "& 3"Fluke 1555 and 1550C insulation resistance testersFluke 233 True rms Remote Display-Digital MultimeterFluke 2620T Recording ThermometerFluke 2635T Recording ThermometerFluke 27-II and 28 II Digital MultimetersFluke 421D Laser Distance MeterFluke 5000A-RH/T Precision Humidity and Temperature Data LoggerFluke 525B Temperature/Pressure CalibratorFluke 5320A Multifunctional Electrical Tester CalibratorFluke 54100/54200 TV Signal GeneratorFluke 5500A Multi-Product CalibratorFluke 5500A Multi Calibrator Workstation-ProductFluke 5520A High PerMulti-formance Product CalibratorsFluke 5520A Multi Calibrator Workstation-ProductFluke 5700A/5720A Multifunction CalibratorsFluke 5790A AC Measurement StandardFluke 5820A Oscilloscope CalibratorFluke 6105A/6100B Electrical Power StandardsFluke 7000/7001 10-Volt solid-state DC Voltage referenceFluke 8508A Reference MultimeterFluke 8808A 5.5 Digit Digital MultimetersFluke 9100 Universal Calibration System Fluke 9500B Oscilloscope CalibratorFluke 9640A RF Reference SourceFluke PM 6685 Universal Frequency CounterFluke Ti32 Industrial Thermal Imager-CommercialFluke TiR32 Building Diagnostic Thermal ImagerFluke 115 Multimeter UtilityFluke 114 Electrical MultimeterFluke 115 Field Service Technicians MultimeterFluke 116 HVAC Multimeter with Temperature and MicroampsFluke 116 HVAC Technician/62 ' s Combo KitFluke 117 Electrician's Multimeter with Non-Contact voltageFluke 117/322 Electrician's Combo KitFluke 1507/1503 Insulation Resistance TestersFluke 1587/1577 Insulation MultimetersFluke 170 Series Digital MultimetersFluke 1735 Power Logger AnalyserFluke 1750 Power RecorderFluke 1760 Power Quality RecorderFLUKE 179Fluke 179 Multimeter Combo Kit & ToolPak ™Fluke 179/1AC2 Combo Kit – Includes Meters and Non-Contact Voltage DetectorFluke 179/61 Industrial Infrared Thermometer and Multimeter Combo KitFluke 179/EDA CK Electronic ' s Combo KitFluke 233 True rms Remote Display Multimeter-Fluke 27-II/28 II Industrial MultimetersFluke 287 FlukeView Forms Combo KitFluke 289 True-rms Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture ElectronicsFluke 287 FlukeView Forms Combo KitFluke 289 True-rms Industrial Logging Multimeter with TrendCaptureFLUKE 337FLUKE 376Fluke 430 Series Three-Phase Power Quality AnalyzerFluke 43B Power Quality AnalyzerFLUKE 572FLUKE 705FLUKE 725FLUKE 725exFluke 77 IV Digital Multimeter SeriesFluke 77 Automotive MultimeterFluke 80 Series V Digital MultimetersFLUKE 810Fluke 810 Vibration Tester HandheldFluke 87V/AEK Advanced Electronic KitFluke 88 Deluxe Automotive Multimeter Series V> FLUKE Ti 32Fluke Ti27-Commercial Industrial Thermal ImagerFluke Ti29-Commercial Industrial Thermal ImagerFluke VR1710 Voltage Quality RecorderFluorescent Lamp,Fogging MachineFogging MachineFOGGING SN 50Food Chemical and Bacteriological Test KitFood Security KitFree Chlorine Total & TesterFree Chlorine TesterFreezerFS1001 + WG01 Test StandFT9950 A Fork/DC Current TesterGarrett Metal Detecor, Hand Held and WalkthroughtGAS 3300 (ALUMINIUM 3 m STAFF)GAS 3300 (ALUMINUM 5 m STAFF including nivo and carring case)GAS 3300 (ALUMINUM 5 STAFF)Gas Alarm SystemGAS ALARMSGasClam-Continuous Ground Gas MonitorGas DetectorGastec Gas Detector, BW, MSA, Draeger's, Biosystem, Riken, ISC, Bacharach,GB100KG Bench ScaleGB150KG Bench CsaleGB4501CO2 GC2028 CashewrGCH2108 CO METER Co MetersGCO2008 CO metersGerson Dust MaskGlass wool blanket ORIENTAL KOSHINGlass Wool BoardGlass Wool Felt (Blanket)Glass wool plateGlass wool tubeGM1500P Digital BalanceGM2000RGM225GGM300P Digital BalanceGM3KG 3 kg Digital ScaleGM500 Digital ScaleDigital Scale GM5000GM5001 Digital ScaleGM501 Digital ScaleDigita GM600Gl ScaleGM600P Digital BalanceGMCB89 Interface CableGreaseGS400 Ultrasonic TransmitterUltrasonic Leakage Detector GS5800GS5800 + + EA100 GS400GSM120 GSM Home Security SystemGSM840 GSM Control SystemGSM888 GSM Control SystemGSM889 GSM ControllerGU3001 Magnetic MetersH2S gas detectorHA701HA702Hand Cuff BorgorHandheld Laser Particle CounterHandheld Measuring Instrument E200 IR "LUFFT" For Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point And Surface TemperatureHand counters, checkers – hand toolsHandheld Multi-PID Gas DetectionHandheld Odor catchHand-Held SpirometerHandle RemoteThe handy Talky, HT, Motorolla, Icom, etc.Hanna InstrumentsHatHD200PAL Anemometer ProbeHD200PLX Light ProbeHD200PRH Humidity Meter ProbeHD3008Heavy-duty Industrial Ladder/> MSA HELMET FULLBRIM (ORANGE, RED)MSA HELMET GARD V USA (WHITE, BLUE, ORANGE, YELLOW, RED, GREEN)High Capacity BalancesHigh Capacity BalancesHigh Capacity BalancesHigh Capacity BalancesHigh Precision Integrated Testing & Measuring UnitHigh Quality Performance Safety Shoes Safety JoggerHigh VisibilityHip bootHip Strap Easy SoftcaseHoriba.HoseHose RackHotwire Thermo-AnemomeTERHPIT,HPLN,HS01 HolsterHS02 HolsterHT3006A replaced HT3006HT3006HA Humidity meterHT3007SD (END DEC)HT3009 Precission Humidity + Temp + Dew PointHT3015 replaced 3005A/3005HBHT3015HA Humidity MeterHT305 Pocket Humidity MeterHT306 Humidity/Temp MeterHT315 replaced HT319 Pocket Humidity MeterHT4006G Humidity/Temp Meter + K/J type TempHuman Vibration Meter/> HV40 High Voltage ProbeHydran BoxHydran PillarHydran ValveHydrant "HOOSEKI", Lisenced Japan ex: ChinaHydrant Two WayHydrants BoxPillar HydrantsHydrostaticIndoor Air Quality MonitorsINFRARED THERMOMETER REEDInfrared TemperaturesInfrared ThermometerINSTRUMENTInsulation Fire ServiceINSULATION TESTERInsulation/continuityIntelligent ProtectionAnalog Multimeter with HardcaseInternational Shore ConnectionIP07 Inductive Pick Up SensorIP09 Inductive Pick Up SensorIR HygrotempIR961JT 200B 200A AC/DC CLAMP METERJT02A DIGITAL ANEMOMETERJT1000 INSULATION TESTERJT148 AUTOMOTIVE MULTIMETERJT204L WATERPROOF PEN TYPE THERMOMETERJT206 WATERPROOF PEN TYPE THERMOMETERJT2133 COATING THICKNESS GAUGEJT2300 ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAUGE/> JT2500 INSULATION TESTERJT2G DIGITAL MOISTURE METERJT305 INSULATION TESTERJT568B HANDHELD DIGITAL MEGA OHM METERSKampak Fire DepartmentSac A Dead Body,Axe Axe KampakKENTKevlar GlovesKIMO PORTABLE THERMO HIGRO METERSKIMO PORTABLE THERMO METERKIMO PORTABLE WATER QUALITY METERSKIMO SOUND LEVEL METERSKIMO TACHO METERKimo,First Aid KitKnife, Pocket KnifeKoLor kut oil pastaKolorkut Oil Finding PastaKomatsu Brush CutterThe combination of nozzlesFirst Aid BoxKupluk, Backpacks,KV05KyoritsuLab BalanceLab BalanceLab Balance series 1200Lab Balance series 1201Lab Balance series 1202Lab Balance series 1203Light BuoyThe Lights Of Emergency GeneratorLifeJacket LightsLamps NavigasILAN922 Lan cable atesterNon Contact Digital Laser TachometerLaser Distance Meters 50 metersLatex GlovesDecade Inductance Box LBOX405Pocket LCR9063 LCR MeterLCR9073 LCR MeterLCR9083 LCR MeterLCR9183 LCR Meter, bench typeLead and Copper Scanning AnalyzerLeather ShoesLF423 Line Frequency MonitorLG09Ligh Meter, Lux MeterLM8000 Anemometer, Humidity Meters, Light Metersr/> LM8010LM8012Green LM8020G 4 in 1 MeterLM8100 4 in 1 MeterLM8102 5 in 1 MeterLM81AM Anemometer, Humidity Meters, Light MetersLM81AT AnemometerLM81HT Humidity meterLM81LX Light MeterLODESTAR ELECTRONICS INDONESIA.Loop CalibratorLoop/Lupi/MAGNIFIER/MAGNIFYING GLASSESLow Cost Digital MultimeterLS DIGITAL TRIPLE OUTPUT DC 1330 POWER SUPPLYLS 1530 TRIPLE DIGITAL OUTPUT THE DC POWER SUPPLYS 3002 FUNCTION GENERATOR (2 MHz)S 3005 FUNCTION GENERATOR (5 MHz)LS04 200 AMP Current ShuntLubricantLubricantLutron, Anemometer, Sound Level Meter, Tachometer, Vibration meters, ph meters, conductivity meters, Turbidity meters, Meters DO, Torque MetersLux MetersLX02 Light AdapterLX100 Light MetersLX101 Light MetersLX1010BS DIGITAL LUX METERLX101A Light MeterLX102 Light AdapterLX103 Light MeterLX104G Light MeterLX105 Light MeterLX107 Light MeterLX107HA Light MeterLX108 Light MetersLX110 Light MetersLX1102 Light MeterLX1108 Light MeterLX1118 Light MeterMachino CouplingMagnetic StirrerMALE YELLOW JACKMan Over BoardManila RopeManual Soil Test KitMAPa, Aces, Survivar, Bilsom, Koken, Wayne, Uvex, North, Protector,Miller, Uvex, MSA, SPC, Willson, Crews, Haws, Woward, Gas Detection, CrowcornMarking SignMasada jackMastesc,The eyes of drillEye pieceMattress,MatrassMC 7825G GRAIN MOISTURE METERMeasuring TapeMeasuring WheelMeat moisture meterMeggerMercury Lamp,Mercury Vapour IndictorMercury,Merlin GerinMetal surface coating agentMeter IronMeter BESI RollMethod 3 Orsat AnalyzerMethod 5 Isokinetik Sampling SystemMethod 5 Isokinetik Sampling SystemMethod 5 Isokinetik Sampling SystemMFG2110 DDS FUNCTION GENERATOR (up to 10 MHz)MFG2120 DDS FUNCTION GENERATOR (up to 20 MHz)MFG8219A SWEEP FUNCTION GENERATOR (0 MHz3MHz)MFG8255A SWEEP FUNCTION GENERATOR (0.5 MHz5MHz)MHB382SD (END DEC)MHT381SD (END DEC)Microbio SamplerMicrobiology FOOD Sanitation KitMini Stack SamplerBar RowsMO20012 (240V)MO2002230V Milliohm MeterMO2013230V Milliohm Meter Of High PrecisionMobile Low Volume Air SamplersConcrete MoistureMoisture MetersMoisture Balance MB-25Moisture Balance MB-35Mold release agentMolycoteMP31 probe f/MS7000HA/7003MS 6300 SOUND MULTY FUNCTIONMS SOUND LEVEL METER 6700MS 6701 SOUND LEVEL METERSMS7000 Moisture MetersMS7000HA Moisture MeterMS7001 Moisture meterMS7002 Moisture meterMS7003 Moisture MeterMS7011MS71P (must cal. with meter) Humidity Content of the ProbeMSAMSA RespiratorMSA Safety HelmetMTM380SD (END DEC)Multi gas detectorsMulti Sensor Weather StationMultifunctional CalibratorMultimeterMY81AP AnemometerMY91HTMy Boom950/Oil Boom.NABAKEM Welding ChemicalNB24 Frequency CounterNeprene Stearn GlovesNI214 Negative Ion Water TesterNitrile GlovesNN23 Frequency CounterNoise DosimeterNozzleNPK TesterNylon MeshO2 gas detectorOil Absorbent Boom, Pillow, SPC, Pig, 3 m, etc.Oil sounding tapesOnguard BootSmoke Opacity MetersOptional for TRTMK1A4ORP TesterORP14 replaced OPR04 ORP ElectrodeORP203 ORP MetersORP213 + ORP14 ORP MetersORP400 Cal. SolutionAn oscilloscope AT 7328.An oscilloscope AT 7146.OXDP02OXEL03 ProbeFilling ElectrolyteOXHD04 Spare probe Head with DiaphragmaOXPB01C (PROBE f/DO5510)OXPB01C (4meter) replaced 01BOXPB09 F/DO5509OXPB11 F/DO5511/5510Ozone MetersDust Sampler TSP Appliances PackagePan Evaporation (Epavoration the Pan only)Pan Evaporation (Pan Epavoration)Parachute SignalParr Instrument,PastePB21 Frequency CounterPC6009 Power Clamp MetersPC6010 Power Clamp metersPCD431 Conductivity MetersPCD432 Conductivity MetersPCO350 CO meters, pen typePDO519 Dissolved Oxigen MetersPDO520 Dissolved Oxigen MetersPDT2250 Controller/MonitorPE01 pH electrodePE02 Heavy Duty PH Electrode/> PE03 for TRPHT1A4PE03 pH ElectrodaPE03K7 PH electrode + Temp probePE04HD Spear Tip pH ElectrodePE05T pH ElectrodaPE06HD Spear Tip pH ElectrodePE08 Plane PH ElectrodePE11 pH ElectrodaPE21 ph ElectrodaBuoy Work Vest, lifevestLubricantsA Mini Fire ExtinguisherFire DepartmentThe Power PlantPenakar Plastic RainPenakar Stainless Steel RainRain PenakarSteel (blemished)Truncheon, BatonHydrant EquipmentBASARNAS, SuppliesHydrant EquipmentCooking Equipment,PermeameterPersonal eal Time Particulate Air MonitorsPersonal Noise DosimeterFirst Aid KitPesticide Residue DetectionMap Of The SeaPetrol Engine PumpsDigital pH SoilPh MeterpH meters, Conductivity meters, Turbidity meters, Meters DO, BOD, TOC etc./> Ph TesterPh/Conductivity/Temperature TesterPH04 pH 4 Buffer SolutionPH04A Buffer Solution pHPH07 pH 7 Buffer SolutionPH07A pH 7 Buffer SolutionPH109G pH MeterPH201 pH meterPH202 pH Bench MeterPH206 Temp MeterPH207 pH meterPH207HA pH meterPH208 pH meterPH209G Green pH MeterPH211 Ph MeterPH212 Soil Ph MeterPH214 pH bench MeterPH220 pH PenMeterPH220S Soil PH meterPH221 pH MeterPH222 Pen PH MeterPH223 Pen PH MeterPH321M PH MonitorPh Meter PT 370 BoecoPHB318 Humidity/Barometer/Temp MeterPHT3109 Humidity/Temp Meter PanelPHT316 Humidity/Temp MeterPI06 Photo SensorPilot LadderPipe MarkersPL03Plastic BagPLX111 Light MeterPM-10 Air Sampler System Monitor DigitalPM-10 Personal Particulate MonitorsAm-2, 5 Digital Sampler System Monitors WaterPM9100 ManometerPM9100HA ManometerPM9102 ManometerPM9107 ManometerPMS713 Moisture MetersPMS714 Soil Moisture MeterPO2250Pocket Digital Multimeter (Hard Case & Soft Case)Pocket Soil PenetrometerPolari MetersPumice Floating Pump PumpPoncho,Portable Digital Lux MeterPortable Exhaust Gas AnalyzerPortableFlue Gas AnalysisPortable Genset generatorPortable Heavy Metal AnalyzerPortable High Volume Air SamplersPortable High Volume Air Samplers (automatic)Portable Corrosion IdentificationPortable Light, Flashlight, SpotlightPortable low Volume Air SamplersPortable Multi-parameters of Water QualityPortable Odor CatchPortable Personal Air Sampler PumpPortable pH/Conductivity/TDS MeterPortable Photometer Water AnalysisPortable Spectroradiometer SystemPortable Total Suspended Solid (TSS)Portable Vibration MeterPortable Water Quality SystemPortable Water Quality TestPower meter recordersPower SprayerPower Supply for CalibatorPP97 S 2 m (Prism Pole)PP97 S 5 m (Prism Pole)PPH2108 pH Controller/MonitorPPS9312 Pressure Controller/MonitorPrecision BalancePreciSion Balance Series 1200Precision Balances Series 1201Precision Balances Series 1202Precision Balances Series 1203Precission True RMS Digital MultimeterPrisma SokkiaPrisma TopconProguard helmetProtective WearPROVA 100 4 TO 20mA LOOP CALIBRATORPROVA 11 AC/DC CLAMP METER TRMS mAPROVA 123 MULTIFUNCTIONAL CALIBRATORPROVA 125 TEMPERATURE CALIBRATORPROVA 15 mA AC/DC CURRENT PROBEPROVA 2009 WATT TRMS AC/DC CLAMPPROVA 400 WATT AC/DC CLAMPPROVA 5600/61/37 CLAMPON GROUND TESTERPROVA 6600 3 p/1 p POWER CLAMPPROVA 66013P/1 p PF POWER CLAMPPROVA 6800 POWER QUALITY ANALYZERPROVA 69 TEMPERATURE LOGGERPROVA AVM03 ANEMOMETERPROVA AVM05/07 FLOW ANEMOMETERPROVA CM01 Ac/dc CLAMP METERPROVA CM02/03 AC/DC CLAMP METERS AUTOMOTIVEPROVA CM03 LEAKAGE CLAMPPROVA CM05 Ac/dc CURRENT PROBEPROVA CM07 TRMS Ac/dc CLAMP METERPRS2321 Controller/MonitorPS1002BARPS100400BARPS100xxBAR Pressure SensorsPS2243 DC POWER SUPPLY (3A Continuously)PS2245 DC POWER SUPPLY (5A Continuously)PS305 SINGLE OUTPUT DC POWER SUPPLY (CV = 030VDC/CC = 05A)PS403 Pressure AdapterPS9302 Pressure MeterPS9302 + PS100xxBAR + CA06PS93DV100BARPS93DV10BARPS93DV20BAR Pressure TransducerPS93DV2BARPS93DV400BARPS93DV50BARPS93DV5BARPS93MAxxBAR Pressure TransducerPSA311 Salt MeterPTM806 ThermometerPTM816 ThermometerPunching Tools (Cutting)PUV360 UV Pen Light MetersPVB820 Pen Vibration MeterPWA301 Pure Water MetersPX01 Proximity SensorPX02 Proximity SensorRadiation Meters MonitorRain Coat Stearn, Onguard, frogg toggsRain GauGE, rain shower, monitor RainfallRaincoat,Razor wireRBOX408 Resistance Decade BoxesRCB110V RCCB CheckerRCB220V RCCB CheckerReagent Test 57 parametersReal-time Particulate Air MonitorsRechargeable LampRed Hand FlaresRegulatory MarkingRelative Humidity Temperature MeterRenco Preg-Preg-Pro Alert Alert ProRESPIRATOR Model SG-4160B (100 KHz-150 MHz)RF SIGNAL GENERATOR/COUNTER Model SG 4162AD (100 KHz-150 MHz)RF SIGNAL GENERATORRGB1001RGB1002 Color AnalyzerRHA33 Humidity CalibratorRHA75 Humidity CalibratorRichterRinggelman Smoke Opacity MetersRock wool (heating insulation)Rock wool plateRock wool tubeRock wools elbowRopeConventer RSC801RT606 3 Phase Rotation TesterRT608 3 phase Motor Rotation tester &RT616 3 Phase RotationTesterRTD Thermometer with ProbeRubber ShoesRugged WorkwearSabre CouplingSAFETY BOOT BRIGGS STYLE 311 SHOESAFETY BOOT ELASTIC SIDED BOOTSAFETY SLIP ON BOOTSafety equitments Halogen,Safety ExtinguishersSafety Fire FightingSafety GlovesSAFETY OF JOGERSafety ShoesSafety SignsSafety wearSafety,SAFETYBOOT 9 "RIGGER BOOTSanitarian Field Kit/> Sanitarian Field Kit-digitalSanitarian Field Kit-manualSanitarian Inspection Test KitGloves,SB01 Wind Shield BallSC941 (94dB) Sound CalibratorSC942 (94dB/114dB) Sound CalibratorSCALEU002SCBAScreen MeshSE6100 SIGNAL TRACER/INJECTORSeason OuterwearSekurSekur DPISelf Contained Spill KitBlanket Fireproof Fire BlanketFilter Separator anti uniforms fireSextantsSG4160B (RF SIGNAL GENERATOR (100KHz150MHz)SG4162AD (100KHz150MHz)ShacklesShigh Shield GoogleShockSiamese ConnectionSieve (Sieve) O33Sight Grid Signal MirrorSignal KitsSignal Lamp,SiliconesSimbat,Simple Water Heavy Metal AnalysisSingle gas detectorsSirenFire alarm systemsCCTV security systemsSL130 DIGITAL SOUND LEVEL METERSL3113G Sound Level MetersSL4001 Sound level metersSL4010 Sound Level MetersSL4011 Sound level metersSL4012 Sound level metersSL4013 Sound level metersSL4022 Sound level metersSL4023SD (END DEC)SL4030 Sound level metersSL406 Sound AdapterSL407 Sound level metersSL4112 Sound Level MetersSL4113G Green Power MultimeterSleeping Bag,Sleeping Bag, TENT Cot,Smart Digital Sensors Anemo meterSmart Sensor Digital lux MeterSmart Sensor Digital sound Level MeterSmart Sensor Digital Sound Level meterSmart Electronic Sensor AnemometerSmart Infrared thermo Sensor meterSmart sensors,Smoke Soot Test PumpSO2 gas detectorSOIL TESTER/SOIL TEST KIT/SOIL TESTMunsell soil Colour Book new version USAMunsell soil Colour Book new version USASOIl Colour Book Munsell old version USAMunsell soil Colour Book version USASoil soil sample Divider/DeviderSoil soil sample Divider/DeviderSoil Moisture MeterSoil ph meters, Temperature, Moisture, Lux Meter (Digital)Soil pH TesterSoil Salinity TesterSoil Sample TubeSoil Sieve (Sieve)Soil Sieve TestSoil Sieve TestSoil Tester KitSolar PanelSolarimeterSolar Power MetersSolo SprayerSON OF HSon,Sound Level MetersSound Level Meter AI 320Sound Level Meters and Automatic CheckSound Level Meter and CalibratorSound Level Meter and Calibrator type-1Sound Level Meter BG 325Sound Level Meter Brand RIONSounding tapeSPAGESPAUKSPAUSSport BootsSporting LampSpotcheck PenetrantSpray NozzleSprinkers &Valves, "VIKING", UL/FM ex: USASprinklerST50 ShuntStailess sanitary flow Equipment (Pipes, Fittings, unions, ValveAuxilariesSTAPLEX,Stater,StempetStrobe LighSurvey MetersSW808 8 meters Data Acquisition SoftwareSW9960SWD003WINCDSWDL2005Swimming Pool Water Test KitSWU801WIN Software for intelligent InstrumentSY AL 26SY AL 32T/C Of Thermometer Type K with Bead ProbeTA35 Tachometer AdapterTA601 Tachometer AdapterOxygen tubes + contents of the capacity (capacity 0.5 m3, 1 m 3 capacity, capacity 1, 5 m 3, capacity 2m3)Fireman tubesTachometerDistress SignalSafety SignMark PeringataanStretcher Aluminum/Steel,Rope LadderStairs, LadderBag The BagFirst Aid BagFirst aid backpackThe sling bag first aidTC920 Thermometer CalibratorTds MeterTemperature Humidity Meter with & ClockTemperature CalibratorThe Hood Cafe,Tent Camping,The Hood Canopy,The Kitchen Tent,Emergency Tents,The Tent Of Doom,Tent Garage,Tents Gazebo,Tent Octopus,Canteen Tent,Garden Tent,Family Tent/Awning Outbound,Tent Cone,Folding Tent,The Exhibition Tent,Tent StageTents Parasol,Parking Tent,Umbrellas, TentsThe Platoon Tents,Refugee Tents,Party Tent,Tent Posko,The Scout Tent,Promotional Tent,Civil/Field Tent,Toilet Tent,Test LeadFiberglass TexturizedTFC 3000U UNIVERSAL COUNTERS (1 Hz 3000MHz)TheodoliteThermo-Anemometer ManometersThermo HygrometerThermo hygrometer AnalogThermo hygrometer (Digital in door, out door, Time, Alarm calendar)ThermohygrometersTHERMOMETER, 4 channels (LUTRON TM-903A)THERMOMETERThermometer Special Food IndustryTHERMOMETER, HUMIDITY MOISTURE METER &TL01STL02AS Alligator Test LeadTL03 for DM9023TL09STL88 Heavy Duty Test LeadsTLSM15 SMD Test ClipsTM2000 ThermometerTM903A ThermometerTM906A Dual ThermometerTM907A Preccision degree ThermometerTM909AL replaced TM900 Infrared ThermometerTM9126 Thermometer type K/J/T/E/RTM914C replaced TM902C Dual Channel ThermometerTM916 Dual ThermometerTM916HATM917 Precision degree ThermometerTM917HATM919AL replaced TM900 Infrared ThermometerTM924C Two Channel ThermometerTM925 Two Channel ThermometerTM926TM928G Dual Channel ThermometerTM936 ThermometerTM939 IR Thermometer TM946 (to offer TM947SD better) ThermometerTM947SDTM949TM956 Infrared ThermometerTM958 Infrared ThermometerTM959 Infrared ThermometerTM966 (forehead IR thermometer)TM969 Infrared ThermometerTOESAVERSTOTAL STATION LASER & TOTAL STATION (INCLUDE PRISMA, * JALAON, TREEPOT)TP01 Type K Temperature ProbeTP01 Type K Temperature ProbeTP02A Type K Temperature ProbeTP02A Type K Temperature ProbeTP03 Type K Temperature ProbeTP04 Type K Temperature ProbeTP06 Optional Temp, Probe for pH MeterTP07 Optional Temp, Probe for pH MeterTP100 for TRTMP1A4TP100 PT 100 ohm Temp Probe.TP101 f/TM946TP11TQ8800 Torque MeterTQ8801 Torque Wrench, 100 kgcmTQ8803 Torque Wrench, 100 kgcmACA TRACA1A41A transmitterTRACA1A45ATRACV1A4150V ACV TransmitterTRACV1A4300V/> Tradesman LadderTraffic ConeTRAMT1A4TRCDT1A4 Conductivity TransmitterTRCLP1A4TRCLP1A4 (N.A.N) Clamp TransmitterTRDCA1A4200UA DCA TransmitterTRDCA1A420MATRDCA1A42ATRDCA1A42MATRDCA1A45ATRDCV1A4200MVTRD CV1A4200VDCV TRDCV1A420V TransmitterTRDCV1A42VTRDOT1A4 Dissolved Oxygen TransmitterTRHUM1A4TRHZT1A4 Frequency TransmitterTriangle Segitiga SaverTripod ELT 50 (Laser)TRIPOD GJATFO (ORANGE)TRLDT1A4 Load Cell TransmitterTRLXT1A4TRPHT1A4 pH TransmitterTRPS2W100BARTRPS2W10BARTRPS2W20BAR 2 wires a Pressure TransmitterTRPS2W2BARTRPS2W400BARTRPS2W50BARTRPS2W5BARTRPST1A4 Clamp TransmitterTRPTT1A4 Potential TransmitterTRRH2W Wires Humidity TransmitterTRRPM1A4 RPM transmitterTRSLT1A4 Sound TransmitterTRTMK1A4 Temp TransmitterTRTMP1A4 Temp TransmitterTRVBT1A4 Vibration TransmitterTSS METERS PARTECH 704TSS METERS ROYCE 711TSS METERS HACHTsp-Digital High Volume Air SamplersTU2016 Turbidity MetersTurbidity MetersTyvek Dupont Tychem CoverallsUnder AmourUnder Vechicle MirrorUniformsUnifersal Counter Model TFC-3000AU (1Hz-3000MHz)UPCB01 USB Cable/> UPCB02 Rs 232 Cable for intelligent InstrumentUPCB03 (20 m) f/PRS2321UPCB04UPCB06 for DM9960USB01 USB01UV340A UV340UVA365 UV0A Light MeterUVC254 UVA Light MetersUvex GoogleUv-VIS Spectrophotometer HACH DR5000UV-VIS spectro photometer 9100UV – VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER MODEL SP 3000 NANOUV – VIS SPECTROPHOTOMETER OPTIMA MODEL SP-300Vacum pump roker roker roker 400 300 600Valve & CouplingValves "WEILONG" UL/FM ex: ChinaVane Thermo-Anemometer ProbesVB8200 Vibration MeterVB8201HA Vibration meterVB8202 Vibration MeterVB8203 Vibration meterVB8210 Vibration MeterVB8212 Vibration MeterVB8213 Vibration MeterVB8220 Vibration MeterVC9200 Vacuum MetersVD60 ULTRASONIC DISTANCE METERVelbed Aluminum/Steel,VT8204 Vibration/TachometerWA2015 pH/orp, DO, CD/TDS MeterWA2017SD pH/ORP, DO, TDS, CD/Salt MeterWA300 Pure Water TesterWaderWater Meters DOWater PackWater TanksWater Test KitWater Test Kit and BakteriologicalWearpackAsbestos Mat Weldingwelding blanketChemical WeldingWelding GloveWelding supplies (SPAZERO)Western Hard HatWG01 Wedge GripWH08 Case holder f/HT306WillsonEyewearWire MeshWire RopeWood Moisture TeterWT200YK10LX Light Meter,YK2000PKYK2001PH Intelligent PH MeterYK2001TM Intelligent ThermometerYK2004AH Hot Wire AnemometerYK2004CD Conductivity MetersYK2005AH Hot Wire AnemometerYK2005AM AnemometerYK2005CD conductivity metersYK2005LX Light Meter, real time data loggerYK2005RH Humidity Meter real time data loggerYThermometer Multifunctional K2005TMYK2005WA pH/orp, DO, CD/TDS MeterYK200PAL Anemometer probeYK200PAM Metal Anemometer probeYK200PAS Mini Vane Anemometer probeYK200PATC ATC probesYK200PCD conductivity ProbeYK200PCT Conductivity/TDS probeYK200PDO Dissolved OxygenYK200PIR Infrared Temperature probeYK200PLX Light ProbeYK200PRH Humidity probeYK2014CD Conductivity MetersYK21PH pH meterBr/> YK22CT Conductivity/TDS MeterYK22DO Disolved Oxygen MetersYK23RP ORP MetersYK30WA Pure Water testerYK31SA Salt MeterYK35UV UV Light MetersYK36UV UV Light MetersYK43CD Conductivity metersYK80AM AnemometerYK80AP AnemometerYK80AS Anemometer80ASYK90HT + CA065021 Conductivity Tester6021 Conductivity Tester7021 Conductivity/TDS/Salt/Temperature7031 DO Tester/O2/TEMP5210 EC Tester6061 EC Tester6742 Free & Total Chlorine Tester (not a Box)6741 Free Chlorine TesterDL204 Lux MeterDayuan Meat Moisture meter5041 ORP Tester6041 ORP Tester4899 pH Tester5011A pH Tester6011A pH Tester7011 pH Tester/MV/TEMP7200 pH/Conductivity/Temperature Tester/SALTDS102 Sound Level Meters5032 TDS Tester6031 TDS TesterHT380 Thermo-Hygrometer"Alcohol Breath Alcohol Mouthpiece AlcoHawk ABI Meter Tester AL 3500 Alert Water Impinger Sampling J5 RC5 AP20 Aspirating Pump MSA Orion Crowcon Sperian Biosystem Anaerobic Jar Test Acidity Alcohol Brix Sugar/Honey Refractometer Salinity Coolant, Analytical Balance, Actinograph, Vane Anemometer/Hot Wire, AAS Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Atomic Force Microscope Autoclave AutoTitrator Analyzer; Moisture, Water, Fat, Protein, Total Hydrocarbon, Ozone MeterGas, Automatic Water Sampler Vertical Horizontal Amino Acid Analyzer Balance; Analytical Balance, Precision, Triple Beam, Top Loading, Moisture, Industrial, Counting, Scale, Bath; Circulator Refrigerating, Being, Fluidised, Oil, Refrigerated, Sand, Shakers, Ultrasonic, Viscometer, Water, Immersion Cooler A2 Biosafety Cabinet Class I II III Biological Oxygen Demand BOD Meter Bag Closer/Bomb Calorimeter Ika, Kayuan, Leco, Parr, UTherm, Toshniwal Buffer Solution Acidity Salt Coolant Re Brix

Price Digital Refractometer 0-85% MA871 Digital Refractometer For Fructose MA872 Digital Refractometer For Sodium Chlorine MA886 Digital MA887 Digital Refractometer For Seawater Refractometer For Ethylene Glycol MA888 MISCO REFRACTO METERS

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Digital Refractometer 0-85% MA871 Digital Refractometer For Fructose MA872 Digital Refractometer For Sodium Chlorine MA886 Digital MA887 Digital Refractometer For Seawater Refractometer For Ethylene Glycol MA888 MISCO REFRACTO METERS !

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