Garsina Extract Of Mangosteen Rind

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Product Specification Garsina Extract Of Mangosteen Rind

Garsina Extract Of Mangosteen Rind

Contains Xanthona which has efficacy as an anti oxidant, which can help regenerate damaged cells and serves as a immunomudulator so that immunity and stamina of the body increases. These antioxidants can also help healthy cells are not rapidly rudak. Xanthone compounds on the skin alfamangostin namely, the mangosteen betamangostine, mangostine and garcinone E alfamngastine have the highest activity plays a role in inhibiting pertumbuhan of cancer cells and cytotoxic properties have garcinone against cancer cells so that it is able to kill cancer cells of the skin.

The mangosteen rind can kill cancer cells but does not harm other cells healthy. Alfamangostine and betamangostine are also scientifically proven able to inhibit the growth of bacteria causes diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid. Bakter causes TB (Tuberculosis), mycobacterium tuberculosis can also be suppressed its growth by alfmangostine, betamangostine and garcinone-B.

In addition, according to the research of the mangosteen beneficial skin cure various kinds of diseases, among others:

The Benefits Of The Mangosteen Rind Extract Garsina

Strengthens the immune system
Overcoming food poisoning
Reducing insulin resistance
Overcome the shortness of breath
Helps prevent kidney stones
Lowering high blood pressure
Slow the aging process
Heal inflammation
Clear sistemgetah tools
Help stop diarrhea
Reduce toothache
Improve communication between cells
Balancing the endocrine system
Healing the damage nerves
Maintain optimal function of the thyroid gland
Foil kerusakanDNA
Decreases swelling time of menstruation
Help relieve asthma
Help mencgah dysentery
prevent cancer
Memberatas TB
Prevent heart disease
Menrunkan kolesterol LDL
Strengthens the blood vessels
Healing a throat lika
Help prevent disease Sharh
Helps healing diseases thrush
As a gentle laxative
Prevent symptoms berhubugan with the disease lupus
Meradakan inflammatory disease of the joints

Each capsule contains Mangosteen Rind Extract Garsina extract of garcinia mangostana pericarpium 250 mg

The contents of the @ 250 mg 60 capsules

Adult sharing rules 2 x 1capsules per day


Production: Cv. Toga Nusantara
POM TR: 133 370 411
Halal LPPOM MUI: No: 0013005647101


* 5 Bottle 10 Bottle s/d = 20%
* 11 Bottles 20 bottles of sld = 30%
* 21 Bottle 30 Bottle s/d = 35%
* 31 bottles of s/d 50 Bottles = 40%
* 51 a bottle up Nego

** DISCLAIMER: looking at the fact that there are several diseases that can not be disembuhka/difficultn according to modern medical treatment (e.g. parkinson's, alzheimer's, leukemia, asthma, autism, stroke, and other heavy diseases), THERE is NO GUARANTEE that you will be cured after consuming herbal remedies (Garsina Mangosteen Rind Extract) sold our herbal shop. Although there was testimony, not necessarily carry the same effect against you, because the response of each person's body is different. Absolute healing from God. All only sought in finding intermediaries/alternative healing. TER

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