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Product Specification Fluke calibrator

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our Product: Fluke

The its-90 Temperature Standard:

Platinum Resistance Thermometers
5681, 5683, 5684 and 5685 Quartz Sheath-SPRTs
5686-B Glass Capsule SPRT
5698-25 Working Standard SPRT
5699 High-Temperature Metal Sheath-SPRT

Its-90 Fixed point cells
5901 the Triple Point of Water Cells
5960A Triple Point of Argon System
/> Its-90 Fixed Point Cells
Mini Fixed-Point Cells

Maintenance Apparatus
6331/7321/7341/7381 Deep-Well Compact Baths
7008/7040/7037/7012/7011 Refrigerated Temperature Calibration Baths
7312 the Triple Point of Water Bath Maintenance
9114, 9115A, 9116A Freeze-point furnaces
9117 Annealing Furnace
9210 the Triple Point of Water Maintenance Apparatus
9230 Gallium Cell Maintenance Apparatus
9260 Mini Fixed-Point Cell Furnace

Liquid Nitrogen Comparison Calibrator
7196 LN2 Comparison Calibrator

Resistance Bridges
1594A/Super-1595A Thermometers

Standard Resistors
5430 Standard AC/DC Resistors
742A Resistance Standards

Digital Thermometer Readout:

1502A/1504 Thermometer Readouts
1523/1524 Reference Thermometers
1529 Chub-E4 Thermometer Standards
1551A & Ex 1552A Ex "Stik" Thermometer Readout
1560 Black Stack Thermometer Readout
1586A Super-Precision DAQ Temperature Scanner
1594A/Super-1595A Thermometers
Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer 1620A

Calibration Bath:

Compact Calibration Baths
6330/7320/7146/7380 Compact Temperature Calibration Baths
6331/7321/7341/7381 Deep-Well Compact Baths
7312 the Triple Point of Water Bath Maintenance

Standard Calibration Baths
6020/6022/6024 High Temperature Calibration Oil Baths
6050H Extremely High Temperature Calibration Bath Salt
7008/7040/7037/7012/7011 Refrigerated Temperature Calibration Baths
7060/7080 Really Cold Temperature Calibration Baths

Special Application Baths
6054/6055/7007 Deep-Well Baths
7009/7108/7015 Resistor Baths

Bath Accessories

Probe Support Hardware

Bath Controllers
2100 and 2200 Benchtop Temperature Controllers
7900 Controller for Rosemount-Designed Baths

Bath Fluids
Calibration Bath Fluids

-Industrial Temperature Calibrators:

Field Metrology Wells
9142/9143/9144 Field Metrology Wells
9190A Ultra-Cool Field Metrology Well

Metrology Wells

9170 Series Metrology Well Calibrators

Handheld Calibrators
9100S/9102S Handheld Dry-Wells

Field Dry-Block Calibrators
3125 Surface Probe Calibrator
9009 Industrial Dual-Block Calibrator Thermometer
9103, 9140, 9141 Dry-Well Dry Block Calibrators & Calibrators

Micro Baths
6102/7102 7103/Micro-Bath Thermometer Calibrators

Infrared Calibrators
4180/4181 Precision Infrared Calibrators
9132 and 9133 Portable Infrared Calibrators

Thermocouple Furnaces
9112B Thermocouple Calibration Furnace
9118A Thermocouple Calibration Furnace
9150 Furnace Thermocouple

Dual Block Dry-Well
9011 High-Accuracy Dual-Well Calibrator

Zero-point Dry-Well

9101 Zero-Point Dry-Well

Multifunction Calibrators

525B Temperature/Pressure Calibrator
7526A Precision Process Calibrator


Standard Secondary PRTs
5609 Secondary PRTs/5608 with Calibration Options
5626/5628 Secondary SPRT, PRT, Temperature Sensors

Secondary Reference PRTs

5615 Secondary Reference Temperature Standards
5616 Secondary Reference PRT

Precision Industrial PRTs
5627A Precision Thermometer, RTD Temperature Probe

Fast Response PRTS
5622 Fast Response Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs)

Small Diameter Industrial PRTs

5618B Small Diameer Industrial RTD

Full Immersion PRTs
5606 Full Immersion PRT
5623B Precision RTD Probe Freezer

High Temperature PRT
5624 Platinum Resistance Thermometer to 1000 ° C

Thermistor Standards
5640 Series Thermistor Probes Standards

Thermistor Probes Secondary
5610/5611/5611T/5772 Temperature Probes, Reference Thermistor Probes

5649/5650 Type R and Type S Thermocouple Standards

RF Calibration:

RF Reference Sources
96040A Low Phase Noise Reference Source
96270A 27 GHz Low Phase Noise Reference Source

RF Calibration Accessories
9600FLT 1 GHz Wide Offset Phase Noise Filter

Electrical Calibration-Standard:

5790A AIR CONDITIONING Measurement Standard
720A Kelvin-Varley Divider
732B Direct Voltage Standard
734A Voltage Reference Voltage DC & Standard
742A Resistance Standards
752A Reference Divider
792A AC/DC Transfer Standard
910/910R GPS Controlled Frequency Standards
A40/A40A Current Shunts
A40B Series Precision DC and AC Current Shunts

Electrical Calibrator:

5080A High Multi-Product Compliance Calibrator
5080A Megohm Meter Calibration Optionr/> 52120A Transconductance Amplifier
525B Temperature/Pressure Calibrator
5320A Multifunctional Electrical Tester Calibrator
5502A Multi-Product Calibrator
5522A Multi-Product Calibrator
5720A Multifunction Calibrators
5725A Amplifier
5730A High Performance Multifunction Calibrator
6105A/the Calibrator 6100B Electrical Power Quality
6135A/Phasor Measurement Unit PMUCAL Calibration System
7526A Precision Process CalibraTor
9500B Oscilloscope Calibrator

Bench Multimeters:

8508A Reference Multimeter Digits 8.5
8808A 5.5 Digit Digital Multimeter
8845A/8846A 6.5 Digit Precision Multimeters

Asset Management Software:

5080/CAL Software
Manual MET/CAL ® Calibration Management Software
The MET/CAL ® Plus (with the MET/MET/TRACK and BASE ® Software) v 8.1
The MET/CAL ® Plus (with MET/TEAM ™ Software) v 8.1
The MET/CAL ® Warranted Calibration Procedures

Pressure Calibration-Piston Gauges:

NMI Piston Gauges
PG7000 Automated – AMH-Mass. PG7000 Piston Gauges for Handlers
PG9602 Piston Gauge
PG9607 Piston Gauge

Absolute Piston Gauges

2465A Gas Piston Gauge
2468A-Pitot/Static Primary Standard
FPG8601 Automated Calibration System
PG7000 Automated – AMH-Mass. PG7000 Piston Gauges for Handlers
PG7601 Piston Gauge

High Pressure Pneumatic Piston Gauges

2470 Gas Piston Gauge/High Pressure
PG7000 Automated – AMH-Mass. PG7000 Piston Gauges for Handlers
PG7102 Piston Gauge
PG7202 High Pressure Gas Piston Gauge

Hydraulic Piston Gauges

PG7000 Automated – AMH-Mass. PG7000 Piston Gauges for Handlers
PG7302 Piston Gauge

Differential Piston Gauges

2482 Differential Piston Gauge
FPG8601 Automated Calibration System

Piston Gauge Accessories

2413 DPI Cell
2456 Piston Gauge Monitors
2456-LEM Laboratory Environment Monitor
MPG2-H Manually Operated Pressure Generator Controller for Hydraulic Pressure
PG7000 Automated – AMH-Mass. PG7000 Piston Gauges for Handlers

Industrial Deadweight Testers

Automated Pressure Controller/Calibrators:

Low Pressure Calibrators/Controllers
7250LP Low Pressure Controller/Calibrator

Pneumatic Pressure Calibrators/Controllers
6241/6242 PPC4E Gas Pressure Controller Kits
7250 Series Pressure Controller/Calibrators
7250Sys Multi-Range Pressure Calibration System
7252, 7252i Dual Digital Output Pressure Controllers
PPC4 Pressure Controller/Calibrator
PPC4E Pressure Controller/Calibrator

High Pressure PneumatIC Controller/Calibrators

4322 Automated Pressure Calibration System
7350 Pneumatic High Pressure Controller
PPCH-G Automated Gas Pressure Controller/Calibrator

Hydraulic Controller/Calibrators
7615 Hydraulic Pressure Controller
PPCH Automated Pressure Controller/Calibrator

Pressure Calibration-Pressure Monitor:

Low Pressure Monitors
7050LP Low Pressure Indicator

DigitalPressure Gauges

2700G Series Reference Pressure Gauges

Reference Pressure Monitors
7050 Digital Pressure Indicators
RPM4 Reference Pressure Monitor

Pressure Calibration-Deadweight Testers:

Pneumatic Deadweight Testers
P3000 Pneumatic Deadweight Testers

Oil Deadweight Testers
P3100 Hydraulic Deadweight Testers

Water Deadweight Testers
P3200 HydraulicDeadweight Tester

High Pressure Hydraulic Deadweight Testers
P3800 Hydraulic Deadweight Testers

Deadweight Tester Accessories

P5521 and P5522 Liquid-to-Liquid Separators
P5523 Liquid-to-Gas Separator Media
P5531 Dirt/Moisture Trap
P5532 Dirt/Moisture Trap
P5540, P5541, and P5542 Adapter Sets
P5543 Angle Adapter
P5544 Two Gauge Stand
P5551 Pointer Remover/Punch

/> Pressure Calibration-Manual Pressure:

Pressure Calibrators
3130 Portable Pressure Calibrator
6531 and 6532 E-DWT Electronic Deadweight Tester Kits
E-DWT-H Electronic Deadweight Tester
PGC-10000-AF Pneumatic Gauge Calibrator

Pneumatic Pressure Control
3990 Manual Pressure Control Packs
GPC1-16000/GPC1-10000 High Gas Pressure Controller
P5510 Pneumatic Comparison Test Pump
P5513 Pneumatic Comparison Test Pump

Hydraulic Pressure Comparators/Pumps

MPG2-H Manually Operated Pressure Generator Controller for Hydraulic Pressure
OPG1 Hydraulic Pressure Generator/Controller
P5514 Comparison Test Pumps
P5515 Comparison Test Pumps

Air Data Calibration

2468A-Pitot/Static Primary Standard
7750i Air Data Test Set
ADCS-601 Air Data Calibration Standard
RPM4 Reference Pressure AD-Mon

Price Fluke calibrator

: Rp15.090.000
1. Synthetic Rubber
2. Local Rubber (Natural)
3. Rubber German
4. Rubber Memrance
5. Silicone Rubber
6. Red Rubber
7. Green Rubber Flooring Untk
8. Rubber Anti Static / For Electric Retarder

Make All Kinds of Goods Mechanical Rubber Materials Made Of With Various Forms, Material, Size, Fit kebutuhaan Dam Specification, Material Ordinary On the Create: Nbr, Sbr, Silicones, Linatex, Neoprime, Etc.

Sundry O-Ring, Oil Seal, Teflon Material, Etc.

 packing with brand Tombo, Klinger, TBA, sold by the sheet or already in the form of pacing to suit your needs.

1 Rubber Conveyor Belt Brand Roha, Star, Bando, Continental
2 Special Glue For Rubber "Rema Tip Top ''
3 Rubber Pulley Lagging
4 steel cord conveyor
5. cleated Conveyor Belt
6. Rubber Sidewall Range
7. Rubber Skirting
8. roller conveyor

F. Material Plastic Industry / Plastic Engineering
1. Pertinax Sheet And Rod
2. Novotex
3. Pvc Grey Sheet And Rod
4. Clear Pvc Strip Curtain
5. Pvc Strip Curtain Yellow
6. Pvc Bone
7. Pvc Strip Curtain Blue Clear
8. Teplon (Ptfe) Sheet And Rod
9. Fabric Teflon
10. And Rod Mc Nylon Sheet
11. Nylon (Polyamide) Ang Sheet Rod
12. Cast Nylon Sheet And Rote
13. Pu (polyurethane) Sheet And Rod
14. Pu Belt
15. Pom (Polycetal) Sheet And Rod
16. Pp (Poly Propylene Sheet)
17. Pe (Polyethylene Sheet)
18. Aclyric Sheet, Rote, Pipe, Squere
19. Calcium Silicate Board
20. Yellow Fible
21. Impra Board Sheet And Box
22. Polycarbonete
23. Mika Product And Sheet

we also made a Flange with engineering plastic material

We Sell
  • Conveyor
  • Plastic Engineering
  • Karet Lembaran
  • Styrofoam
  • Packing Gasket
  • Insulation

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