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Product Specification Drilling Rig Kj311

1. Main features and Specification of Hydraulic surface drilling Jumbo,KJ311 ,Boomer 281boomer 282 similar model drilling rig for tunnel 

Dimension and Weight


Length                                      11300mm   
Width                                       1750mm 
Height                                      2000/3000 mm 
Weight                                     About 12000 kg 
Tramming speed, flat ground       10 km/h 
Tramming speed-14%=1:7=8º 5 km/h 
Gradability                                25% 



Noise level                               <100 dB(A) 
Adjustable safety canopy            POPS +ROPS


Drilling System


Drifter                                      1×HC50 
Percussion power                       13Kw 
Percussion pressure, max.           130bar 
Rotation pressure, max.              150 bar 
Frequency                                  62 Hz 
Rotation torque                         325Nm 
Hole size                                  45-64mm 
Rod size                                   R38-H35-R32 
Flushing volume                        25L/min 
Feed roll-over                            360° 
Feed extension                          1600mm 
Model                                       K 26F 
Type                                        Automatic parallelis
Boom zoom                              1200mm  



Control system  

Power cntl.                              Percussion & collaring 
                                             power adjustable 
Rotation cntl.                          Rotation speed adjustable
                                             Rotation direction cntl. 
Automatic features                   Collaring 
                         Feed force cntl. Percussion 
                         Flushing cntl. 


Power Pack 

Motor                                      45Kw,AC 
Percsn+feed+boom                    Variable piston pump 
Rotation                                  Gear pump 
Filtration                                 10μ 
Hydr. tank                               240L   
Hydr. oil cooler                         Counter flow 
Voltage*                                 380V 
Frequency*                              50Hz 
Start                                       Δ-Y 
Cable reel                                1× K440 
Cable length*                          100m   
Cable size*                             Φ28mm 
Cable type*                             3×35+3G6+2×1.5


Water and air System

Compressor                            1×JN5, Screw type 
Output                                   0.5m3/min 
Pressure                                 5-7bar 
Shank lub.                              Oil mist 
Air consumption                      0.3m3/min 
Shank lub. oil consumption       180-250g/h 
Flushing pump                        1× CR3 
Power                                     1.5Kw 
Output                                  3m3/h

Under Carriage 

Engine                                  BF4L2011,55Kw` 
Transmission                         4-wheel drive   
Oscillation                             Rear axle ±10°
Tyre                                     11.00×20 
Steering                                ±40°articulation 
Service brake                         Duo-circuit disc brakes 
Parking/emergency                 Multi-disc on trans. 
Fuel tank                              100L

2.Application of  Hydraulic surface drilling Jumbo,KJ311 ,Boomer 281boomer 282 similar model drilling rig for tunnel 
 KJ311 is a hydraulic drifting jumbo designed fo12-35 m2 cross section in underground mining operations. 


 Robust universal drilling boom creates ideal face drilling coverage. Automatic parallelism and 360o roll-over enable easy, fast and accurate positioning for face drilling, sideway drilling and bolt hole drilling. 


The layout of components provides excellent vision for the operator in drilling and travelling.Powerful and well balanced 4-wheel drive chassis allows the rig to move through limited space and tough terrain in the mines. Duo-circuit service brake and enclosed multi-disc parking/ emergency brake ensure safety in tramming and on ramp slope. 


Field proven high frequency hydraulic drifter delivers high performance. Trapezoid shaped percussion piston optimizes shock wave transfer efficiency, enhancing penetration and decrease drilling consumables costs. 

Comfortable operator station provides safe working condition. Many automatic features simplified the drilling control and helps the miners to concentrate on fast and accurate drilling. 
All service points are easily accessible, which simplifies daily routine maintenance.


3. Hydraulic face drilling Jumbo show of  Hydraulic surface drilling Jumbo,KJ311 ,Boomer 281boomer 282 similar model drilling rig for tunnel
4. Working show of Hydraulic surface drilling Jumbo,KJ311 ,Boomer 281boomer 282 similar model drilling rig for tunnel  
5.We also provide other Mining operations.

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