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Aluminum Phosphate MEPHOS contains 56% aluminum phosphide as an active substance that is exposed to moisture content in phosphin release gas (PH3) which is used to control eggs, larvae, pupae and pests on stored products MEPHOS is used to fumigate stored grains, cereals, beans, millet and propagation seeds, stock large quantities of food, ground products, deoiled cakes, rice flour bran, suji food and crushed wheat, packaged food items, fruit dry ingredients, nuts, spices, seed oil, tobacco, etc. Benefits of using MEPHOS: - Does not damage the quality / nutrition of the commodity. - Does not change the taste, aroma and color of the commodity. - The residue is very low and easily lost by aeration or aeration. - Safe for the environment and does not damage the ozone layer. - Effective, easy to use, economical, safe for the environment and commodities. MEPHOS can be applied to various storage places, such as Silos, Warehouses, Containers, Ships and others. Dosage Recommendations: - FUMIGATION TYPES: stock of wheat in silos, large bins and similar vertical storage. Dosage: 2-4 tablets (3g / ton). Exposure Period: for special periods ranging from 8 to 10 days / - FUMIGATION TYPE: a stock of raw grain commodities in flat warehouses. Dosage: 3-5 tablets (3 g / ton). Exposure Period: min. 120-168 hours at 10-15OC, 98-120 hours at 16-20OC, 72-96 hours above 20OC - FUMIGATION TYPE: fumigation room for packaged food, non-food items Stucked With a tight gas covering the enclosure. Dosage: 1 to 1.5 tablets per cubic meter. Exposure Period: min 120-168 hours at 10-15OC, 98-120 hours at 16-20OC, 72-96 hours above 20OC - FUMIGATION TYPE: fumigation of empty enclosures. Dosage: 0.5-1 tablets per cubic meter. Exposure Period: min 120-168 hours at 10-15 OC, 98-120 hours at 16 -20OC, 72-96 hours above 20oC. every 3 gram tablet produces 1 gram of gas NOTE: SPECIAL SALES OF MEDICAL EMERGENCY AND ITS SURROUNDINGS

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PT. Pir Jaya Perkasa was established in 2017. PT. Pir Jaya Perkasa was established to oversee all areas of work that have been operated by CV. Wahana and CV. Alfa Primadani Anugrah is engaged in termite control, Pest Control, Fumigation and Cleaning Service, to assist communities or consumers who have problems with the presence of pests in their environment or residence.PT. Pir Jaya Perkasa in its implementation applies the latest control methods as well as the latest technology equipment that meets the standards of operating the work. In addition, PT. Pir Jaya Perkasa has a skilled, competent and professional Human Resources (HR) in the field of work. By having experts and applying the latest technology, the quality of the work becomes the guarantee of our company in serving the consumer either in termite control, pest control, fumigation and cleaning service.CV. A.P.A has a pest control concept to create an area or area free from pest infestation using minimal pesticides and supported by complete documentation / report to be able to support pest control activities. In addition, the service we provide refers to IPM (Integrated pest management) that is comprehensive and integrated pest control, so as to give a sense of security for humans, animals, property and the environment and will not disturb, injure or kill non-targeted pests.CV. APA has a range of services covering the following areas: Residential, Ruko, Villa, Hotel, Apartment, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Resturant, Food / Goods Storage Warehouse and Factories throughout North Sumatra and other Indonesian cities such as Jakarta, Aceh , Padang, Palembang and Bengkulu.

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