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Product Specification test card kir

The Technical Specifications of Testbook and Test Platform shall be prepared in accordance with the Regulation of the Director General of Land Transportation Number: SK.2889 / AJ.402 / DRJD / 2007 dated July 25, 2007 on Amendment to Regulation of the Director General of Land Transportation Number: SK.2752 / DRJD / 2006 Technical Guidelines for Test Books, Regular Testing Signs and Motor Vehicle Signs and Notification Letter from the Director General of Land Transportation. UM.202 / 39/13 / DJPD / 2012 dated 8 October 2012 on changes in the periodic test book of motor vehicles.
Book Specifications (Card) Test:
1. Book (card) The test used must have the following provisions:
a. Size:
Has a length: 125 mm, and 88 mm wide. It consists of a cover section and an inner sheet.
b. Test Card Design:
• The inner sheet consists of 4 (four) sheets with 8 (eight) pages that are numbered consecutively from number 1 to number 8, which is listed on each page in the upper right corner.
• The outer side of the test card cover section has a dark blue base color on the front page containing the words "TEST CARD OF MOTORCYCLE VEHICLES" on the front page of the upper left corner containing the connecting logo with gold and dark blue foli and the top right contains a circle sticker with a diameter (Ø) 20 mm in which there is a symbol of City logo silver hologram.
• Each test card page has a light blue base color which is serial numbered and the serial number of the periodic test book with 7 digit digits (perporasi numbering) number which is the test card identification number, consisting of alphabet and numeric set by Director of Traffic and Road Transport.
• The inner side of the front cover contains a wavy relief strip mold forming several pieces of intact and partially cut off symbolic images, and centered on a single image of a relational logo printed in invisible ink. The insides on the inside of the front cover are written in embossed form Exit.
• The inner side of the front cover is a page of validation of the periodic test card containing printed in clear and clear ink and has a security element that reads: THIS MOTORCYCLE TEST CARD VIA ACKNOWLEDGES ALLOWED THE INDONESIAN TERRITORY (pursuant to Article 152 of Government Regulation No. 55 / 2012); Issued on: Jakarta On: February 16, 2017 THE NAME OF DIRECTOR GENERAL OF LAND CONNECTIONS, DIRECTOR OF TRADE LINKS OFFER, REPRESENTATIVE, CAP DINAS; NAMAJELAS AND NIP shaped mold. The signatories are officials who are still active as the Director of Land Transportation Facilities.
• The side of the front cover under the name of the Director of the Land Transportation Facility has a security element in the form of a hologram numberator 7 (seven) alphabetic and numerical digits, whose number of digits and numbers is the same as the serial number and serial number of the test card periodically.
The back side of the cover contains "7 (seven) alphabet and numerical digits, whose number of digits and numbers is the same as the serial number and serial number of the periodic test cards that can only be seen with special tools. The writing on the back cover is written in embossed form.
• page 1, containing information on the place and date of the publication of the test book, the authorized official issuing the motor vehicle test card, and a place to write a periodic test card number which can be viewed from the front cover hole;
• page 2, containing vehicle and owner identification information.
• pages 3.4 and 5 contain description of technical data and descriptions.
• pages 6 and 7 contain periodic test results columns, validation of test results and Testers authorized to certify test results.
• page 8 of the place contains special notes that can be used by a Road Testers and / or Motor Vehicle Inspector and / or Civil Servant Investigator. Special notes may be used, among other things, to write down the results of retesting as a follow up of motor vehicle inspections on the road and / or investigations or records in the form of instructions or instructions from testers to be followed up by the owner of the vehicle.
• Periodic Test Card as referred to in the Regulation of the Director General of Land Transportation Number: SK.2889 / AJ.402 / DRJD / 2007, each page has a printed and characteristic of a light blue corrugated relief forming several logo of the Department of Transportation intact and printed spread.
• Periodic test card for each page printed amid the logo of DEPARTMENT OF CONNECTION, when under ultraviolet light the green logo will appear and inside the DEPARTEMEN OF CONNECTION logo there are many DEPHUB logos and many LLAJ texts.
• All prints are printed offset, except serial numbers consisting of letters and numbers printed with holes (perforation numbering) on ​​every page in the test card and back cover
c. Security elements:
Security elements are:
a. ink; or
b. hologram.
The ink can be:
a. ink anglio (anglio ink)
b. black ink glowing green.
d. Language:
in 2 (two) languages, namely Indonesian and English.
e. Material / Composition Book (Card) Test:
• type: watermarked paper with the logo of the test book printing company;
• base weight: 80 grams / m2;
• base color: outer shell has a dark blue base color, with the entire contents page having a light blue base color;
• a common feature: under ultraviolet light the color does not fade;
• special features
1. has a watermark logo of the Printing CompanyTest Cards on each section of the inside of the cover;
2. sensitive / sensitive to some solvent chemical / solvent, among others:
a) NaOH 5%, the color becomes light brown;
b) H2SO4 2%, the color becomes pink;
c) base mold can be removed with commonly used rubber eraser
to remove ink writing.
• another feature
1. Each of the pages has a printout of the heading of the corrugated relief branches forming several logos. Department of Printing is printed spreads5
2. Each page is printed amid a logo DEPARTMENT OF CONNECTIONS, when under ultra violet light will appear green logo in the logo DEPARTMENT OF CONNECTION there are many logos DEPHUB and many LLAJ text
3. Prints are printed offset, except serial numbers consisting of letters and numbers printed with holes (perforation numbering) on ​​each page in the Test card and back cover
4. The test card is printed and signed by the Director General of Land Transport Director of Land Transportation Facilities.




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