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Product Specification Wooden Box

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Box Wood, also known as wood or wooden crates krate is a product made of hard wood and can also be mixed with the multiplex or MDF material.

Wooden crates also similar to wooden pallets that must be treated according to ISPM 15 regulations either fumigation or heat treatment.

The treatments used may berupan heat treatment or fumigation treatment.

Advantages of using wooden crate product:

Competitive price
In accordance with the ISPM 15 regulations and fumigation
Had been treated fumigation or heat treatment according to ISPM 15 regulations
Quality is guaranteed either for export or local use.
The size and specifications can be customized to customer demand.

Here are some of the size that we made:

1. The 1300 mm x 750 mm x 750 mm
2. 1100 mm x 700 mm x 680 mm
3. 1100 mm x 680 mm x 650 mm
4. 550 mm x 480 mm x 450 mm
5. 760 mm x 470 mm x 470 mm
6. 770 mm x 530 mm x 500 mm
7. 1590 mm x 930 mm x 900 mm
8 4000 mm x 1600 mm x 1500 mm
9. 1090 mm x 830 mm x 800 mm
10. 940 mm x 880 mm x 300 mm
11. 890 m x 830 mm x 450 mm
12. 690 mm x 630 mm x 250 mm
13. 740 mm x 480 mm x 450 mm
14. 640 mm x 470 mm x 450 mm
15. 1400 mmx 950 mm X1050 mm
16. 2000 mm x 1500 mm x 1400 mm.

Wooden crate suitable for Industry needs good transit time, transportation, warehousing or for export.

What are you waiting for,? ? Use the product immediately our wooden coffin.

We guarantee the quality and availability of our Wood Crafts Box

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Price Wooden Box

: Rp1.850.000
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