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Product Specification Accessories Pump Grease

Accessories Pump Grease

- To drum 50-60kg

- Ratio: 50: 1 (1500 g / min)

- Heavy goods: 21kg

- Nipple 1/4 "

Composition Oil Greases

In accordance with the definition of Oli Grease above, there are three major components that make up the oil lubricant greases. This is the first component of oil, thickener and additive or matrix. Base oil (mineral or synthetic) and additive materials are the most widely mixed composition in the manufacture of Fat Oil. Thickener shaped like a mix of soap, clay or any other synthetic materials

base oil

Most products in the present lubricating greases containing mineral oil use as a component fluidnya. Lubricating greases, mineral-based oils can usually be run according to the standard factory machine from the machine. But in extreme environments, such as very cold or very hot, Oil Greases typically uses base oil made from a material SINTESI as this will make the machine more stable.

Thickener or Matrix

Thickener is a combination of several lubricating material other options, which will produce a solid structure but semifluid. Material main ingredients contained in the thickener is a metallic soap (lithium, clay, polyuera, sodium and calcium. Lately Oil Greases level thickener complex particularly highlighted. They searched for Oil Greases are having dropping point is high and has an ability to carry materials unwanted properly. Thickeners nonsoap used on a machine that has a high-temperature environments. Examples of thickener is strong and not memeleh at elevated temperatures is Bentonite and Silica airgel


Additive has some role in lubricating oils greases. Material contained in the additive typically is a material containing anti-rust, which has oxidants, strong material of high pressure, and materials that reduce friction between engine parts with part one machine to another

Function Of Oil Greases

The main function of the Fat Oil is to teteap kept sticking and lubricate the two parts engine parts. Oil greases and lubricating oil are the two can not replace each other. Oil greases typically used on machines that often turned on and turned off. Machine in accordance with the use of oil Grease is

Machines running in a short time.

Machine parts not covered with oil. The task of Oli grease seal or seals are long periods of time such as the gearbox

Machines working in extreme conditions such as high temperature, pressure tow, high shock and engine running in slow speed with large loads

The second function of greas is as a sealant for meminimalizir leakage and to keep the machine from unwanted contaminants. Due to the consistency of properties of Oil Grease, Grease Oil also prevents the entry of corrosive contaminants and foreign objects.

The function of the three was Oli lubricating grease is easier to use than oil. Lubricating oil system usually requires costly removal and installation.

Fourth benefits dengang using Oli Fat adallah we do not need to control and monitor outcomes fluid level. Oil prices Fat synthesis industry today is quite expensive because oil is destined to grease machinery in the field of industry. Oil Greases also have some Characteristic own. As pumpability, water resistantce, consistent and stable in oxidizing system, but Oli Grease can not work at temperatures too high or too low temperatures.


Price Accessories Pump Grease

: Rp1
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