Water Electrolysis Test Equipment

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Product Specification Water Electrolysis Test Equipment

Water Electrolysis

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Product Specifications :
In Theory Electrolysis Of Water Is The Decomposition Of The Compound Event Of Water ( H2o ) Into Oxygen ( O2 ) And Hydrogen Gas ( H2 ) By Using Electric Current Through The Water . At The Cathode , Two Water Molecules React With The Capture Of Two Electrons , Is Reduced To H2 Gas And Hidrokida Ions ( Oh - ) . Meanwhile, On The Anode , Two Other Water Molecules Break Down Into Oxygen Gas ( O2 ) , Release 4 H + Ions And Electrons Flow To The Cathode . Ions H + And Oh - Experienced Neutralization To Form Again A Few Water Molecules . The Overall Reaction Is Similar Electrolysis Of Water Can Be Written As Follows . Hydrogen And Oxygen Gas Produced From The Reaction Of Bubbles Formed On The Electrode And Can Be Collected . This Principle Is Then Used To Produce Hydrogen And Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2o2 ) Which Can Be Used As Fuel For Hydrogen Vehicles . We Sell Water Electrolysis Apparatus Is A Tool To Bring The Metal Content Of Particles ( Solute Elements ) Are Carried Away By Water And Not Visible To The Eye .
With The Help Of These Positive And Negative Electrodes Of Drinking Water Is Broken Down Into Positive Ions And Negative Ions So That The Oxygen Ions Will React ( Clicking - Oxidation ) Of Dissolved Metal Content In The Water So It Turns Into A Blob ( Coagulan ) And Give Rise To Specific Colors . The Assortment Of Colors Generated By The Electrolysis Process , Full Color Table Electrolysis Results As Listed Below . Indeed, The Elements That Are Dissolved In The Water May Be Minerals That Are Beneficial To The Body , Can Also Be A Content Of Metallic Elements That Can Cause Disease . The User Is Prompted For Electrolysis To Be Wary Of The Fact The Results Of Electrolysis . Still Need To Be Investigated Further In The Laboratory For Detailed Examination Of The Content Of Metallic Elements Dissolved Or Dissolved Mineral Content In The Water . Which Implies Greater ? If Mineral More Grateful , If The Metal Content Of More Careful And More Detailed Are Advised To Check The Laboratory . This Is Due To There Are Rules Regarding The Threshold Concentrations Of Metals Dissolved In The Drinking Water , If It Exceeds This Threshold Then The Risk To Health . Against This Mineral Matter We Are Advised To Utilize The Minerals That Come From Fruits And Vegetables Or Plants Or Of Different Types Of Foods That We Eat Everyday . Because Minerals From Fruits And Vegetables Or Foods Is More Easily Absorbed By The Human Body . This Is Because The Minerals Derived From Plants Have Undergone A Process Of Photosynthesis By Plants By Relying On Sunlight Energy ( In Layman's Language Has Been Cooked Up By Plants ) . While Mineral Water Is Derived From Organic And Inorganic Minerals From The Soil Are Dissolved By The Water Current In The Ground . Remember The Fact That Water Is A Universal Solvent That Perfect Where He Would Dissolve All In Its Path . If He Passes Chalky Soil ( Caco3 ) Then He Will Contain A Lot Of Calcium ( Ca ) . It Is True That Our Bodies Need Calcium For Bone Growth , But If We Want Our Bodies To Absorb Calcium From Limestone ? Of Course Not , Because The Lime Is Calcium From Inorganic Calcium That Is Not Ready To Be Absorbed By The Cells Of Our Body . Calcium Still Requires The Process Of Photosynthesis By Plants And Solar Energy As A Natural Process Carried Out By Plants . Plants Will Give Gift To Man Is The Result Of Photosynthesis In The Form Of Fruits And Vegetables Are Sweet And Delicious To Be Consumed By Us . This Is The Gift Of God Which Is Assigned To The Plant And The Results Of This Task Is Dedicated To Human , We Bersyukurkah ? ? Likewise, If The Water Flow In Soil That Contains A Lot Of Iron , Aluminum , Magnesium , Arsenic About Anything Dissolved In The Water ? ?

With This Knowing Whether We Still Want To Consume Water Directly Like This ? ? ? Of Course We Are Afraid Of It . But Again, God Is Not That Cruel To Man , He Gave Gifts To Men Again Form A Perfect Pair Of Kidneys In Filtering Drinking Water That Goes Into Our Bodies . The Kidneys Filter The Automatic Working Of Metals Is Useless And Discarded In The Form Of Urine Or Faeces . Then We Who Know The Process Inside And Outside The Body Will Allow The Kidneys To Continually Refine The Metal Impurities Are Not Useful Until Many Years ? Until When We Are Capable Of Filtering Kidneys Continue ? Then Why Are There People Who Are Sick Kidney Failure , Kidney Stones , Blockage Of Lime , Blood Vessel Blockage , Etc. ? What If Our Kidneys Are Already Sick , Can Not Filter Anymore ? Help Our Kidneys Task , Relieving The Filtering By The Kidneys , Reducing The Burden To Him, If We Want To Live Long . Arrange The Intake Of Drinking Water And The Food We Eat Everyday , Control That Goes Into Our Bodies . Recognizing The Importance Of Drinking Water Intake Is The Moh Ri Gives The Normal Threshold Content Of Each Metal May Be Dissolved In The Drinking Water . Summary Of The Regulation Of Ministry Of Health Can Be Seen Below . With The Help Of This Tool , Which Initially Seemed Clear Water Can Change Color
Be Orange , Black , Green Etc. Depending On The Level Of Dissolved Metal Content In The Water .
The Workings Of This Tool Is To Take 2 Glasses Of Different Water Source.
For Example 1 Cup Of Water From The Ro Water And One Cup Of Water And More Water Wells / Taps .
It Is Only Intended To Distinguish Between Two Different Water Sources
Dip 2 Electrode ( Iron And Aluminum ) Into 1 Cup Of Water Ro ( Approximately 5Cm Depth ) ,
And The Other Two Electrodes Into A Glass Of Water Well / Taps
Insert The Plug Into A Power Outlet , And Switch-On So That It Will Automatically Work Process Tools
At First Dipped In Water Has Not Changed , Wait Approximately 2 To 3 Minutes Until The Water Changes Color
Compare The Color Differences That Arise Between The Two Glasses , The Higher The Color Deepened Tds
Compare Also The Temperature Of Water After Going Through The Process Of Electrolysis Between The Two Glasses , The Higher The Temperature Hotter Tds
Prohibition Of Use :
Electrolysis Of Water Should Not Be Used To Measure The Fluid As Follows :
1 . Brackish Water Or Sea Water Or Salt Water Because It Will Cause Short Circuit
2 . Accu Water , Alcohol Or Methylated Spirit
3 . Type Of Water Or Other Liquids That Are Not Included In The Measurement Range Of The Instrument Specifications

Price Water Electrolysis Test Equipment

We Design And Assemble Equipment And Water Treatment Machine , Include : - Processing Of Raw Water ( Ground Water , Artesian Well ) Into Clean Water And Potable Water . - Rework Sea Water , Salt Water , Brackish Water Into Fresh Water Clean Or The Ready To Drink . - Design And Manufacture Assemble Demin Water From My Mark Materials Seawater , Brackish Water , Fresh Water Etc. . - Water Treatment Technology Industry ( Tpai ) , Covering The Manufacture Of Water Softeners , Demin Water , Process Water , Boiler Water , Etc. . - Wastewater Treatment Technology ( Tpab ) , Include Waste Water Treatment ( Waste Water Treatment ) For Industry , Hotels , Restaurants Etc. . - Designing And Assembling Raw Water Treatment Into Healthy Drinking Water With Certain Qualifications , Such As Alkaline Water ( Ph 8 ) , Anti- Oxidant Water , Purified Water ( Tds

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