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Product Specification Sahinler bending plate machine MRM H 2050

Sahinler bending plate machine MRM H 2050

The bending machine is used for work by applying pressure to certain parts so that plastic deformation occurs at the pressure. While the bending process is a process of bending or bending using a manual bending tool or using a bending machine. Bending work is usually done on low carbon steel sheet material to produce plate material.

Without Pre-Bending, flat plate ends may remain depending on diameter.
Top and bottom
roll dia.
Back rolls
Min. roll dia.Motor
Machine Dimensions
 mmmmmmmmmmmm (x1,5/x5)kWm/min.(dk.)mmkg
MRM-H 650x806502,5/33/3,58080120/4001,1+0,7551950x750x960800
MRM-H 1050x8010501,5/22/2,58080120/4001,1+0,7552350x750x960920
MRM-H 1050x10010502/2,52,5/310090150/5001,1+0,7552350x750x9601120
MRM-H 1050x13010502,5/33/5130130195/6502,2+1,152350x950x11101720
MRM-H 1270x8012701/1,51,5/28080120/4001,1+0,7552570x750x960950
MRM-H 1270x10012701,5/22/310090150/4501,1+0,756,52570x750x9601150
MRM-H 1270x13012703/44/5130130195/6502,2+1,153020x950x11101750
MRM-H 1270x15012704/55/7150130225/7502,2+1,163020x950x11101825
MRM-H 1270x18012705,5/7,57,5/10180150270/9004,0+1,153070x1150x12902100
MRM-H 1270x20012708/1010/12200180300/10004,0+1,563070x1150x12902200
MRM-H 1550x8015500,5/11/1,58080120/4001,1+07552850x750x9601100
MRM-H 1550x10015501/1,51,5/210090150/4501,1+0,756,52850x750x9601200
MRM-H 1550x13015502,5/3,53,5/4,5130130195/6502,2+1,153300x950x11101850
MRM-H 1550x15015503,5/4,54,5/6,5150130225/7502,2+1,163300x950x11102000
MRM-H 1550x18015505/77/9180150270/9004,0+1,153350x1100x12902310
MRM-H 1550x20015507/99/11200180300/10004,0+1,563350x1100x12902450
MRM-H 1550x22015508/1010/12220180330/11005,5+1,553500x1200x13703250
MRM-H 1550x250155010/1212/15250200375/12507,5+1,553500x1200x13703600
MRM-H 2050x13020502/33/4130130195/6502,2+1,153800x950x11102050
MRM-H 2050x15020503/44/6150130225/7502,2+1,163800x950x11102250
MRM-H 2050x18020504/66/8180150270/9004,0+1,153850x1100x12902690
MRM-H 2050x20020506/88/10200180300/10004,0+1,563850x1100x12902950
MRM-H 2050x22020507/99/11220180330/11005,5+1,554000x1200x13703750
MRM-H 2050x25020508/1010/12250200375/12507,5+1,554000x1200x13704200
MRM-H 2550x15025502/33/4150130225/7502,2+1,164300x950x11102500
MRM-H 2550x18025503/44/6180150270/9004,0+1,154350x1100x12903070
MRM-H 2550x20025504/66/8200180300/10004,0+1,564350x1100x12903450
MRM-H 2550x22025505/77/9220180330/11005,5+1,554500x1200x13704250
MRM-H 2550x25025506/88/10250200375/12507,5+1,554500x1200x13704800
MRM-H 3100x18031002/33/4180150270/9004,0+1,154850x1100x12903450
MRM-H 3100x20031003/44/6200180300/10004,0+1,564850x1100x12903950
MRM-H 3100x22031004/66/8220180330/11005,5+1,555000x1200x13704750
MRM-H 3100x25031005/77/9250200375/12507,5+1,555000x1200x13705400
MRM-H 4050x25040/503/44/6250200375/12507,5+1,556000x1200x13706600
Minimum diameter top roll Ø x 1,5 times / * Plate bending capacities are given for 260 N/mm² plate yielding strength.

Price Sahinler bending plate machine MRM H 2050

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