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Origin: Malaysia, Indonesia
Acetic acid (acetic acid) is a weak organic acid acid which is probably best known for being the main composition of vinegar. However, acetic acid is not only useful as a flavoring dishes, but is also produced in large quantities for various other uses. This organic acid can be produced in various concentrations. In pure form, known as acid acetic acid aseTAT glacial because it solidified in the cold temperatures.
The form of the acid is highly corrosive and can be dangerous if on skin so people who work using these compounds should use protective tools. Vinegar, on the other hand, is a mixture of concentration with acetic acid is around five percent.
There are several ways of making acetic acid. One method is the bacterial fermentation, a technique used to make vinegar, in which acetic acid is produced as a product sampingabacterial decomposition of n. Another technique involves a chemical reaction that produces acid, as done in the making for the use of the industry. When used for food purposes, usually acetic acid is produced biologically as it requires security label food. Clear coloured compound features a distinctive sour taste, although the sample directly is not recommended except when explicitly destined for human consumption.
Acetic acid is also having a kuat and sharp. In addition to flavoring foods, acid is also used as a preservative. Acid will inhibit the growth of bacteria, keeping food safe from contamination. In the industry, acetic acid is used in various processes. These compounds are also used in the production of chemicals and research, where it takes a weak acid. Like other acid, acetic acid are corrosive to many substances and can engage in a variety of chemical reactions.
Packaging: 30 Litres/Jerrycan

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