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STAR INSTRUMENTS HP. Email: ============================================== DEHUMIDIFIER Type: DH902B BRAND: CHKAWAI Capacity: 90 Litres/day: Function: tools to absorb air humidity/tool to dry air.   Specification:industrial dehumidifierLed Digital Intelligent Dynamic Micro-computer controlWith four castersDefrost automatically Industrial dehumidifier Specification: Voltage/Cycle: 220V-240V/50 HzInput power (W): 1700wDehumidifying capacity: 90L/dayN/W (Kg): 60Cryogen: R22/R407CManeuverability: 4 castersRotary compressor:Color: White gray &Body dimension (mm): 410 * 480 * 905Applied Area: 2.6-3 m Height 90-100 sq.m. Descirption: * LED Digital Intelligent Dynamic Micro-computer control* Left side water outlet, front air inlet * Defrost automatically * Drain consecutively * Four casters, move freely . . . ======================================== STAR INSTRUMENTS HP: Email: ========================================= Laboratory Tools DEHUMIDIFIER. Indonesian. Type: DH-504B. (READY STOCK). CAP: 40-50 litres/day. Hub: -021 26071174. v = yXXz5wHoP7A v = htCEZVPX43Y function: LOWERING the HUMIDITY in the room. Brand: Series CHKAWAI Commercial. Certificate CE, CCC. Product original China Voltage 220V/50 Hz Cycle/Power input (W) 920 Bucket capacity (Kg) 8 Dehumidifying capacity 40-40R/day (30, 80% RH) Net Weight (Kg) 32 ManeuverabiliTy 4 casters Cryogen R22/R407 Applied area (2.6-3 m height) 50-70 sq. m. Digital type, Computer control, programmable Humidity Sensor sensor Status indicator Bucket full light signal Compressor Rotary Safety Bucket full alarm, 3 minutes delay protection Color White gray Body dimension (mm) 330 * 445 * 620 Sell Indonesian Dehumidifier, dehumidifier, air dryer, busting the humidity, dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers, dehumidifier machine home, factory, industry, hospital, laboratory, dll Dehumidifier is a household tool that serves to absorb or reduce the level of humidity (RH) in the air, usually because of health reasons or convenience and can be used to eliminate odor. The air is too humid can cause mold to grow, so can badly effect conferring on the health and environmental quality. The process of dehumidifying basis using a moisture-absorbing material called special dryers, that is exposed to air that will be conditioned. Kelembaban-saturated material is then moved to a different location, where it is "filled" to repel moisture, usually by heating. This dryer is usually mounted on a belt or other means of transport during the operating cycle. Dehumidifiers that works according to the principle of adsorption is specially suitable for high humidity levels at low temperature. They are often used in various industrial sectors because of the level of humidity below 35% can be achieved. In a room closed, the heating has a relative humidity that can quickly fall below the optimum value of 45 to 55 per cent. Especially in winter, when all the Windows are closed and the heating goes all day making the air becomes dry. Can be found with his nose and lips dry. Rather than open the door and let the cold air in, when the weather outside is cold, we want the warmth inside. We always want warm air but where can It puts warmth in the air dry. UNDERSTANDING DEHUMIDIFIER, DEHUMIDIFIER MOISTURE ABSORBER, the tool is in the air, the APPLIANCE SUCK UP MOISTURE in the air, REMOVE AIR KELMBABAN TOOL/LOWERING KELMBABAN in the ROOM Dehumidifier capacity (litres/day). 16-20-25-26-58-80-100-140-250 Dehumidifier, dehumidify it is to reduce the humidity. Moisture generally occur in a hot room. This can occur because the supply of fresh air and an air circulation in the room. Thus dibutuhkanlah tools in the form of machinery such as AIR CONDITIONING (Air Conditioner = air) to create the air remains fresh, though not as fresh as the air dilua r. Opponents he said are moisturizing. So is the air that is too cold not well made man, then created machines to moisten the air. Yes, the dehumidifier function to reduce humidity levels. The workings of these machines is to transform the humid air molecules into water droplets using pen coilcold and a small fan. This happens due to the high air pressure due to a decrease in temperature. Moisture content in the air thickens and becomes water droplets falling in a container called a collecting bucket (container). Many manufacturers can play price dehumidifier only by enlarging the size of the collecting container only. In fact not absolute because of its size, because each container has a sensor that determines whether or not the contents of the container full. This machine is sucking the heat and humid then transformed it into a cool Eve or at least quite comfortable inhaled by way of creating a grain-grain water. When the air flow is being processed, the second air flow created by the machine. This cycle continues to rotate endlessly, unless at the time the machine is turned off. The process takes place when the first flow decreases, the air flow both increased. This process requires heat energy. This machine has 4 main components: components that support/withholding of savingedot, which has several types. A fan to move the air to be processed through the air vacuum buffer. The fan moves the air humidity through the buffer and then vacuum dried. The heater function to heat the air. This heater used to dry vacuum. Usually called the turn or air circulation. Now the question is, do we have to use it? The answer doesn't have to be. But otherwise if you want to berpengap-pengapan in the basement? If your answer is no, then you need to use this tool. Humid spaces can cause a lot of harm health and cause disease. Anti humidity machine is very useful when the air or Eve in the room quite humid, around 45% rate of kelembabannya or it could be higher if cold weather Application Dehumidifier damp machine has a number of advantages when we use it. Especially when we use it in temPat-places that need it, such as: a. the usage in the home can be used for plasma TV, home theater, photographs and family videos, paintings, furniture, clothing-your clothes in the closet and the wall of the House. The benefits you gain peace of mind, reduce maintenance and extend your stuff. B. the use on pharmacy can be used to protect the stock of drugs, protecting equipment in hospitals are sensitive, and monitor the level of kelembAban in the area of production. The benefits you provide protection against a stock of drugs and extend the age of machines in the hospital. C. Usage in hospitals usually to protect and maintain the machines laser-sensitive. The benefits can reduce the interference on the machine and increase the productivity of the machine. D. the use of food to protect raw food or raw materials before being processed for storage and manufacture. The benefits can add flavor pThere are products and increase the age of protection. E. Whereas the use in the Office usually for protecting documents and important files in the archive and protect prints on receipts-receipts. Keuntugannya extend the quality of documents and files. F. usage on the field to protect the printing plates and printing press. The upside is to maintain the quality of the plate and keep the consistency of the quality of the mold. G. Usually art galleries also use this tool for melindungi his paintings. The upside is to increase the age and the appearance of the paintings. H. This tool is also used in the hospitality business to keep guest rooms so that remain dry and comfortable. The advantage is to improve service to guests and keep the treatment remain low and affordable rooms for guests who will stay. Caring tips for keeping the stability of working Dehumidifier machine moist you, make sure you do some perawatan as follows: for the first few days of use, turn on humidi stat-extra settings to dry to remove moisture. Run the unit only when the room temperature above 70 f. Cold Air could cause freezing on the coil when the temperature is less than 65 f. lumps of ice on coil will result in damage to the machine. Try to buy a unit that has an indicator light that indicates water or waste bin is full or not. Replace filter machine periodically, at least every year, so keep working optimally and Nice. Be sure also to clean the dust from the coil every 3 months by using a fine brush. Remind yourself to clean the water container of the shelter so as not to waste the proceeds arise, MOSS and mushrooms. Before you empty the bin container, make sure to unplug it first in order to avoid electrocution. Don't like the turn on and off the machine in close proximity. If you are doing This, the machine will be damaged quickly, because the machine is not allowed to rest and so the pressure on the system of the machine. Do not set up or regulate humidity levels are too high than you should. Always put your device in a hard so that in case of damage to a small puddle. Don't be under the carpet or fabric, because the machine works by turning the air circulation. Keep the tool from easy kids. So do not use an extension cord. Place the unit with the a distance of at least 6 inches away from the wall so that air can flow freely and close all Windows and doors around the unit. STAR INSTRUMENTS Email: b NAE Phone/Fax: 021 26071174. Att: Mr. Jonathan Mr = === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === DEHUMIDIFIER INDONESIA PD. STAR INSTRUMENT Hub: (Mr. Jonathan) Email: b NAE AIR HUMIDITY-ABSORBING MACHINE, DRYER UDARA HUMIDIFYING machine, DEHUMIDIFIER, DEHUMIDIFIER DISTRIBUTORS, PRICE LISTS DEHUMIDIFIER, DEHUMIDIFIER READY STOCK, SELLING DEHUMIDIFIER DH902B Cap 90 ltr/hariFUNGSI DEHUMIDIFIER, DEHUMIDIFIER, DEHUMIDIFIER PDF BROCHURE, PDF, DEHUMIDIFIER SPECIFICATION types of DEHUMIDIFIER, DEHUMIDIFIER, AIR DRYER is a MACHINE SPECIFICATION STANDARD PENGADAAAN DEHUMIDIFIER, PROCUREMENT OF GOODS INDUSTRIAL DEHUMIDIFIER, DEHUMIDIFIER, DEHUMIDIFIER, CHEAPEST DEHUMIDIThe MOST COMPLETE In FIER, The DISTRIBUTOR, The DISTRIBUTOR Of DEHUMIDIFIER DEHUMIDIFIER OUTSIDE JAKARTA, Sumatra, Java, BALI, LOMBOK, SUMBAWA, SUMBA, TIMOR, ALOR, SOLOR, Borneo, SULAWESI, Laboratories, INDUSTRIAL DEHUMIDIFIER DEHUMIDIFIER, DEHUMIDIFIER For Warehouses, HOW To USE DEHUMIDIFIER, DEHUMIDIFIER, MANUAL BOOK PRICE DEHUMIDIFIER Idr. Brand and Type Dehumidifier: * BRAND: CKHAWAI-Type: DH252 (Capacity 20Lt/Day)-Type: DH252B (Capacity 25 Lt/Day)-Type: DH504 (Capacity 40-40R/Day)-Type: DH902 BC (Capacity 90 L/Day) = === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === * BRAND: Gea * Dehumidifier Gea FDH 290 BC (90 liters/Day) Dehumidifier * Gea FDH 2168 BC (168 Litres/Day) Dehumidifier * Gea FDH 2400 BC (240 Litres/Day) Dehumidifier * Gea FDH 3600 BC (360 Litres/Day) = === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === * BRAND: ETECH-Type : HDH-026 (Capacity = 26 L/Day)-Type: HDH-058 (Capacity = 58 L/Day)-Type: HDH-908 (Capacity = 90 L/Day) = === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ** ** ROTOR-Type: RDH-180P-Type: RDH-200P-Type: 550P-Type: RDH RDH 1500P = === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === * Brand: KRIS-Type: EPI608D-1 (Capcity = 0.4 L/Day)-Type: MFD10-5100MR (Capacity 10 L/Day)-Type: PD20E 20 (Capacity 20 L/Day). = === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === * Brand: BEST WATER-Type: D75-Type: Type: V2-D150 D250 D500-Type: V2 V1 = === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === * BRAND: TATUNG-Type: TCD-2ELS (Capacity 100 L/Day)-Type: TCD-3EL (Capacity 142 L/Day)-Type: TCD-5EL (Capacity 246 L/Day) === = === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === * Dehumidifier FDH290BC (90 Litres/Day) Dehumidifier * FDH2168BC (168 Litres/Day) Dehumidifier * FDH2400BC (240 Litres/Day) Dehumidifier * FDH3600BC (360 Litres/Day) = === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === DEHUMIDIFIER BRAND: OASIS * Dehumidifier Model: 125 D LXI Capacity: 12, 5 Liter/day * Dehumidifier models: 165 D LXI Capacity : 16, 5 Liter/ day = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


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