Microbilologi water samppler MAS 100 Eco Airsampler for food industry Merck AWEL BC 100 MAS BC 100 AWEL Brand Microbial Air Sampler Particle measuring system indonesia Indonesia Distributor


Product Specification Microbilologi water samppler MAS 100 Eco Airsampler for food industry Merck AWEL BC 100 MAS BC 100 AWEL Brand Microbial Air Sampler Particle measuring system indonesia Indonesia Distributor

Description Airsampler for food industry Type: MAS-100 Eco Brand: Merck Specification: * Height (without handles): 14 cm Diameter x 11 cm Height (with handle) x 18 cm Size: 14 x 11 x 18 cm * Weight: 1.4 kg * Material: Anodized aluminum * Diameter of the Sampling head: 10 cm * Nominal Airflow: 100 liters/min + 2.5% * Standard Sampling Volumes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 & 500 liters * Freely Definable Sampling Volumes: 0-1, 000 liters * Rechargeable Batteries: 2 rechargeable batteries, NiMH 1.2 V * Motor: 6 V * Display Characters: Alphanumeric liquid crystal display, 2 x 8 * RTC Battery Lifetime: RTC (Real Time Clock) battery; good for about 10 years * CE Approval: EN 50081-1:1992 + EN 50082-1:1997 EN 50081-2:1993 + EN 50082-2:1995 + prEN 50082-2:1996 * Power the Unit/Battery Charger: 110-240V, 50-60 KHz * Out Put: DC 5V/500mA   . . .. STAR INSTRUMENTS HP: Email: b @ yahoo.com. Sell A Product: Microbial air monitoring systems -MAS-100 NT ® -MAS-100 NT ® Ex -MAS-100 CG Ex ®   https://www.youtube.com/wa tch? v = Gh_rWDr3-TI   . . . . . = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = STAR INSTRUMENTS HP: email: b @ yahoo.com = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Sell A Product: FOOD DETECTION KIT List of Food Detection Kit: 1. Food Security Kit Safe-01 2. FOOD Security Kit Safe-02 3. Food Security Kit Safe-03 4. Food Contamination Test Kit Focon-01 5. Food Contamination Test Kit Focon-02 6. Food Contamiantion Test Kit Focon-03 7. Food Contamination Test Kit Focon-04 8. Pork Test Kit 9. Food Thermometer 10. Portable Pesticide Meters 11. Refill/Reagent Food Security Kit a. Arsenic Test Kit (test/test tool arsenic in food) b. Borak Test Kit (test/test toolsBorak on food) c. Cyanida Test Kit (test/test cyanide in foods) d. the Formalin Test Kit (formalin test/test tool on food) e. Merkury Test Kit (test/test tool mercury on food) f. Methyl Yellow Test Kit (test/test tool Methyl Yellow on food) g. Lead/plumbum/Lead test kit (test/test lead ppada food h. Rhodamin B Test Kit (test/test tool Rhodamin B on food) i. Cyclamate Test Kit (test/test toolst cyclamate on food) j. Sakkarin Test Kit (test/test tool sakkarin on food) k. Benzoic Test Kit (test/test tool Benzoic on food) b. Rancid Acid Test Kit (test/test tool of rancid Acid in foods) m. Tartazin Test Kit (test/test tool Tartazin on food) 0. Pork Test Kit (tool test content of pork on food)   Partech Instruments (UK) Sell: gauge 1.746 Portable Total Suspended Solid monitors, TSS Meters 740 partech   Wohler MGKG GmbH List of Wohler MGKG GMBH: 1. Flue Gas Analyzer A-400 2. the Flue Gas Analyzer A-550 3. Flue Gas Analyzer A-600 4. Suspended Particulate Analyzer SM-500 5. TI 410 Dew Point Indication 6. Moisture Meter HBF UNDERGROUND STATION 420 7. Wood Moisture Meters HF 300 8. Digital Manometer DM 2000 9. Pressure Meter DC 17 10. LeakageTeste DC-430 11. Gas Sniffer GS 220 12. the CO Meter 220 CM 13. Ultrasonic Leak Detector UL 23 14. Diffrential Temperature Meter DT 310 15. Infrared Thermometer IR Temp 210 the IR Hygrotemp 24 16. 17. RF 220 Hygrotemp 18. Sound Level Meter SP 22 19. the CO2 Datalogger CDL 210 8. Indoor Air Quality Meter KM 410 21.420 TA Thermoanemometer 22. Fan Anemometer FA 410 22. Fan Anemometer FA 430     "text-align: center;" > Kimo Instruments List Of Kimo Instruments: 1. Sound level Meters DB-200 2. Sound Level DB-100 3. Lux Meters Lx-100 4. Lux Meters LX-200 5. Indoor Air Quality AQ-220 6. Indoor Air Quality AQ-100 7. Van Probe Thermo Anemometer LV-110E 8. Van Probe Thermo Anemometer LV-101E 9. Hotwire Thermo Anemometer 10. Noise Dosimeter 11. Solarimeter SL-200 12. Solarimeter SL-100 /> 13. the Infrared Thermometer Kiray-300 14. Infrared Thermometer Kiray-200 15. Infrared Thermometer Kiray-100 4. Combustion Gas Analyzer Kigaz-50 17. the Combustion Gas Analyzer Kigaz-100 18. Combustion Gas Analyzer Kigaz-150 19. the Combustion Gas Analyzer Kigaz-200 STD 20. Combustion Gas Analyzer Kigaz-200 PRO 21. Combustion Gas Analyzer Kigaz-300 22. Combustion Gas Analyzer Kigaz-200 STD 22. Combustion Gas Analyzer Kigaz-300 PRO-SO2 23. Combustion Gas Analyzer Kigaz-300 PRO-NO2   Environmental Devices Corp. List of Environmental Devices Corp/HAZ DUST: EQUIPMENT LIST-HAZ DUST PRODUCTS: 1. WIRELESS VIDEO DUST MONITORING 2.5000 EPAM (Environmental Particulate Air Monitor) 3. PORTABLE PARTICULATE MONITOR PM10 4. RESPIRATORTY PARTICULATE AIR MONITOR 5. PERSONAL DUST MONITOR (real-time) 6. Real-time withIRBORNE PARTICULATE MONITOR 7. AIR QUALITY PARTICULATE SENSING SYSTEM 8. AIR QUALITY PARTICULATE SENSOR 9. DUST SOL FOR SAMPLING of PM2, 5 AND PM10 10. WATER SCAN MULTI MODULAR WEATHER STATION   E Instruments International, LLC Portable Industrial Gas Analyzer E-1100, Portable Industrial Gas Analyzer E4400-3D, Portable Industrial Gas Analyzer E4400-S, Industrial Gas Analyzer E4400-C, PortablePortable Industrial Gas Analyzer E-8500   MADUR ELECTRONICS Portable flue gas analyzer Sensonic 1200, Portable flue gas analyzer sensonic 1400, Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Sensonic 4400, Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Sensonic 4500, Portable Flue Gas Analyzer Sensonic 6000 Gas Sampler Ambient Gas Sampler Ambient SLS-RAC5 Water Sampler Impinger SLS-IMP5   Water Sampler Horizontal, Vertical Horizontal Water Sampler Vertical Water Sampler   LEAD IN BLOOD TEST Test/test lead in blood MICROBIOLOGICAL PORTABLE ANALYZER Portable Test Quick Analysis Microbiologi (Food and Water) PESTICIDE RESIDUE DETECTION MEASURING INSTRUMENT OF PESTICIDES IN VEGETABLES AND FRUITS   = "text-align: center;" > SENSIT TECHNOLOGIES (USA) P-100 PORTABLE SINGLE GAS DETECTOR: Oygen Metres (O2) Carbon Monoxide Meter (CO) Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Meters Chlorine Meter (Cl) Nitric Oxide (NO) Meters Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)   P-400 PORTABLE MULTIGAS MONITORS 4-Gas: LEL, O2, CO, H2S internal pump 5-Gas: LEL, O2, CO, H2S/SO2 internal pump 5-Gas: LEL, CO/O2, H2S, NO2 internal pump   LEL, O2, CO, H2S Gas Detection Multiple Gold-G2 LEL, O2, CO, H2S Gas Detection Multiple Gold-100 CO and LEL Gas Detection Gold-B O2 and LEL Gas Detection Gold-C H2S and LEL Gas Detection Gold D Carbon Monoxide Analyzer S-CO Hydrogen Cyanide HCN-S Analyzer HCN and CO Analyzer HCN-CO ODOR METER HANDHELD ODOR METER SHINYEI TECHNOLOGI   WBGT-METER Gauge the climate of work or heat load measurement tool accepted body due to heat ENVIRONMENTAL LABORATORY CAR The car is equipped with a laboratory test tools 1. Health Services Laboratory Car ML-01 2. Environmental Agency Laboratory Car ML-02 SANITARIAN FIELD KIT > Sanitation test Air, water and food: 1. Sanitarian Field Kit 23-Sanpus/D 2. Sanitarian Field Kit 21-Sanpus/D 3. the Sanitarian Field Kit 17-Sanpus/D 4. Sanitarian Field Kit 19-Sanpus/D 5. Public Health Sanitarian Field Kit For Sanpus-07 6. Sanitarian Inspection Test Kit INSPEC-G 7. Sanitarian Inspection INSPEC-PRO Test Kit 8. 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Water Contamination Monitoring Test Kit 2. Water Quality GPS Multiparameter 3. Simple Water Test Kit 4. Waste Water Test Kit 5. Water Test Kit for Microbiology 6. Public Places Inspection Test Kit 7. the Environment Water Quality Monitoring 8. Indoor Air Inspection Test Kit 9. Complete Multi Gas Monitor for Ambient 10. the Hospital Water Contamination Test 11. Stack Gas and Dust Sampler 12. Portable Gas Sampler 13. Radiation Inspection Kit 14. Soil Test Kit 15. Monitoring Soil Test Kit Digital 16. Kitchen Hygiene Inspection Kit 17. Food Microbiology Detection Kit 18. Portable Food Contamination Test Kit 19. Food Detection Kit 20. Sanitarian Field Kit 21. Surveillace Vector Kit 22. Cholinesterase Test Kit 23. Portable Digital System Cholinesterase Test 24. Visual Inspection Kit The Main Product/Service Sell:   Anemometer > Measuring the air flow/air speed   Air Quality Monitor air quality measuring instrument Laboratory Tools laboratory tools Barometer Air pressure gauge Bacteriological Test Tool test bacteria (Food-Water) Balance Analytical Scales Scales Laboratorium   Dust Monitors measuring instrument of dust Exhaust Gas Analyzer Vehicle emissions testing tool Food Test Kits Tool test contamination chemical substances – Bacteria on food Flue Gas Analysis The gas gauge on a industrial chimney emissions Flow meter watch Air flow measuring instrument   Gas Detector The gas gauge on a work area   Handheld Odor Meter Kadara odor measurement tool Horizontal Water Sampler Water sampling tool horizontally Incubator Incubation of bacterial breeding/tools Lux Meter-Ligh Meters Measuring light intensity MeTal Detector-Gold Detector Tool identification of levels of metals in soil   Moisture Meters Measuring moisture content Portable Pesticide Meters measuring the levels of pesticides in fruit vegetables Sanitarian Field Kit Measurement tool sanitizing food, drink and the environment Sound Level Meters Sound noise measurement tool   "text-align: center;" > Spectrophotometer Analysis tools for water, air, gas with reagent   Stack Dust Sampler Dust sampling tool on the chimney Stack Gas Sampler Gas sampling tool on the chimney Thermohygrometer Temperature and humidity measuring instrument TSS Meters Measuring solids suspended in water > Vertical Water Sampler Water sampling tool vertically Vibration Meters Measuring the vibration of the machine and the exposure to the vibrations against human body Water Test Kit Measuring water quality, physical, chemical and bacterial . . = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = STAR INSTRUMENTS HP: EMAIL: b @ yahoo.com = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =   Sell: Laboratory Tools Agriculture: Kett, Seedburo, Takemura, G-Won Autoclave: All American, Hirayama Balance: Mettler Toledo, Ohaus, AND KERN, Centrifuge: Hettich, Hanil, Boeco, Gemmy Chemicals: Merck Chemicals, JT. 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Price Microbilologi water samppler MAS 100 Eco Airsampler for food industry Merck AWEL BC 100 MAS BC 100 AWEL Brand Microbial Air Sampler Particle measuring system indonesia Indonesia Distributor

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