Product Specification Ribbon Color Datacard CR805

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We have been established since 2007 and have become a leading company in Auto ID and Data Capture (AIDC) and Card Printing Systems. As a leader in AIDC, our company endeavors to guarantee high quality, cost effective and innovative technology in AIDC solutions for our clients. We also provide PVC Card Printing Services with offset systems, screen printing and digital printing.

Why are we the best for your company? To ensure total AIDC services for our clients, our company distributes various and diversified products, such as IDCard Printers, Barcode Printers, Barcode Scanners, Queue Machines & Consumables (sticker labels, ribbons, blank cards and others).

We also build strategic alliances with world leading brands such as FARGO, ZEBRA, DATACARD, EVOLIS, NISCA, HITI, INNOQUE, DATALOGIC, METROLOGIC, UNITECH, MOTOROLA, POSTEK, DATAMAX, and others.

Datacard CR805 Color Ribbon Printer Ribbon Specifications:
Part Number: 513382-201
Full color ribbon on one side of the card, Black Panel for text and barcodes.
Print 1,000 images per roll
Cleaning kit included: one (1) isopropanol cleaning card and one (1) adhesive cleaning sleeve
Full color ribbon with black panel
Must be used with additional re-transfer films
For one-sided printing
Can be used in double-sided printers, but the number of cards per ribbon will be half of the result
Entrust Datacard 513382-201 CMYKP pigment color tape. 1000 prints.
Designed for use with a CR805 Retransfer printer.
Full color on one side of the card, black panel for text and barcodes. C = Cyan, M = Magento, Y = Yellow, K = Black panel, P = Primary panel
Compatible with: Datacard CR805

We are ready to serve a variety of industries, all the way from warehousing / distribution, healthcare manufacturing, electronic e-commerce, ERP, retail as well as in government agencies. This system can also be used for a variety of purposes, such as shipping / receiving, labeling compliance, asset tracking, tickets, work-in-process, warehouse inventory, also on-demand shipping labels and tracking parts.

And it does not stop there. We are ready to provide value added services to ensure effective application of the system that we are provided. Our experienced salespeople will provide professional consulting, who will assess and determine complete costs and effective solutions, which serve your specific needs and needs.

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Tokoprinteridcard.Com Established In 2007 And Has Become A Leading Company In The Auto Id And Data Capture (Aidc) And Card Printing System. As A Leader In Aidc, Our Company's Efforts To Ensure High Quality, Cost Effective And Innovative Solutions In The Aidc Technologies For Our Clients. We Also Pvc Card Printing Services With The System Offset, Screen Printing And Digital Printing.Why We Are Best For Your Company? To Ensure Total Aidc Services For Our Clients, Our Company Distributes A Wide And Diversified Range Of Products, Such As Idcard Printer, Barcode Printers, Barcode Scanners, Machine Queue And Its Consumables (Label Sticker, Ribbon, Blank Cards, Etc.). We Are Also Building Strategic Alliances With World Leading Brands Like Fargo, Zebra, Datacard, Evolis, Nisca, Hiti, Innoque, Datalogic, Metrologic, Unitech, Motorola, Postek, Datamax, Scanlogic And Etc.We Are Ready To Serve A Variety Of Industries , All The Way From The Warehousing / Distribution, Healthcare Manufacturing, Electronic E-Commerce, Erp, Retail And In Government Agencies. The System Can Also Be Used For Various Purposes, Such As Sending / Receiving, Compliance Labeling, Asset Tracking, Ticketing, Work - In - Process, Warehouse Inventory, Also On - Demand Shipping Label And Tracking Parts.And It Does Not Stop There.We Are Ready To Provide Value Added Services To Ensure The Effective Application Of The System We Are Given. Sales Our Experienced Sales Professionals Will Provide Consultation, Which Will Assess And Determine A Complete And Cost Effective Solutions, Which Serve Your Specific Needs And Requirements .To Implement This Technology, You Do Not Need To Change Your Company's System, Because We Have Customized Integration Solutions And Services For The Implemented System. We Provide A Comprehensive Hands-On Training For Both Hardware And Software Solutions.We Also Provide A Flexible And Cost-Effective Maintenance Contracts As Sale After Sale. And We Also Provide A One Stop Solution For Your Company, We Provide A Wide Range Of Consumables, Such As Ribbon, Labels (Various Facestock), Cards, Thermal Paper, Spare Parts And Others.If Necessary, Based On Years Of Experience, We Can Meet And Make Provision For All The Needs Of Customers For Each Outsourcing.Technical Support We Will Support Your Company To Use Aidc Choice From The Beginning. Our Technical Team Will Provide Pre - Sales Consultation And Product Demonstration To Provide An Overview Of How The Technology Will Be Implemented. They Will Also Conduct Research And Development As Well As Programs To Ensure The System Will Provide The Best Benefit For Your Company's Operations.Maintenance To Ensure The System Runs Smoothly In Your Company, You Can Take Advantage Of After-Sales Service Provided By Our Maintenance Team. We Will Be Doing Training For The Best Use Of Technology. We Also Provide Troubleshooting Services, And Overall Maintenance.Sales Team Various Types Of Companies Can Benefit From Aidc. Therefore, For Better Support For Your Needs, Our Sales Team Consists Of Personals Differrent With A Focus On Industrial, Retail, Services, Government And All Sectors Of Business . We Also Have A Product Expert Who Can Identify Suitable Aidc Systems And Peripherals For Your Company.Contact Tokoprinteridcard.Com : Head Office : Jl. Taman Pinang Indah Blok D2 No. 30 Sidoarjo Workshop : Jl. Taman Pinang Indah Blok D2 No. 30 Sidoarjo Office : 031-8052 559 Fax : (+6231) 8067287 Telkomsel : 0822 5760 7888 Indosat : 0858 5006 4474 WA : 0822 5760 7888

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