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Cover BPKB dan STNK
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21 Sep 2021
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Map Raport, Cover Passport, Cover Agenda, Album, Box Dokument
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At the beginning of business, we only have one engine unit with a production capacity of HIGH FREQUENCY At that time we were just working on orders and BAGS BAGS SPREI LASER DISK. concomitant Over time, the era of Laser Disk then displaced by the presence of VCD. So then, we also experienced PD PRIMA PLASTIC company founded since 1995. minimal and very limited number of customers. In addition, we also accept orders of Garment Underwear, Thanks to help the promotion of mouth, business partners, we also experienced BAG VCD booming orders. namely in the form MIKA RIGID BOX. significant growth. For the Schools and Colleges, our trust to work on report cards MAP, MAP Diplomas, awards CHARTER MAP, and COVER BOOK COVER report cards. From Government Agencies, we won contracts for the procurement of vehicle registration BAGS, COVER BPKB, MAP CERTIFICATE OF LAND (BPN), BAGS METERAN PLN SACK METERAN PAM In the field of Banking and Insurance, we also have a lot of work SAVINGS WALLET, PURSE TIME, BOOK COVER GIRO, SDB lock bags, MAP policy, BAG POLICY and others. Tourism industry in Tour & Travel, we accept orders for PASPORT WALLET, PURSE Machine HIGH FREQUENCY which we operate, can also be used to emboss LOGO above material PVC SPONGE SHEET and SHEET (LEATHER IMITATION) which in Apply for car seat, SEAT MOTOR, marquetry SLIPPERS (SHOES), BAN WAIST, WALLET, and still SCHOOL BAGS Our partner specialized in business OFFSET PRINTING, we complement their products such as: COVER AGENDA, WORK BOOK COVER, COVER BOOK HOSPITAL, MAP STARTER KIT MLM, ZIPPER BAGS, FOOT CALENDAR TABLE, MEMO BOX, BAGS MIKA, HANGER PROMOTION, The results of our production is already marketed in the modern book shop in Mall-Mall major cities throughout Indonesia, as BOOK COVER, COVER ROLLS SACK ID CARD, NAME CARD ALBUM, ALBUM etc. TICKETS, Luggage TAG, BAGS ID CARD. many others. HANGER DISPLAY etc. PLASTIC BAGS OPP, HD, PE, PP. Either plain or printing. The hope and goal of our company, of course, be able to serve and to support our business partners in order to CARDS TOY, BAG SHOPPING BAG etc. In addition, we also accept orders for move forward together and grow together.
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PD. Prima Plastik
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