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PT. Presstiasa Cargotrans Interbenua

Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta
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Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta
Number of employees
50 People
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Door To Door, Undername, Air Freight, Sea Freight, Inland Transport
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jasa kargo
PRESSA CARGO / PT. PRESSTIASA CARGOTRANS INTERBENUA is Forwarder Import Door to Door in Jakarta airport transportation services to the rest of Indonesia, in addition, PT. Presstiasa Cargotrans Interbenua, as one of the freight forwarding company specialized in providing logistics and marine services to companies of Oil & Gas, Mining and dredging industry. We are also involved in heavy lift and project forwarding, local and international. We are a law-abiding company with a proven track record, and we continue to demonstrate our total commitment to achieve a high level of service, even in difficult conditions. We specialize in the delivery of goods exports and imports with the service 'Door to Door Service' Through this service we will transport goods from door to door sender to the recipient of goods. You can avail our services at an affordable price because we offer competitive prices combined with fast transport services to and from various countries around the world. In order to shipment by sea / air we provide comprehensive services in almost all locations port / airport and we have a network and a good relationship with several operators hauling around the world so that staff and our agents are experienced can provide customized solutions as per client requirements for avoid delays in delivery of your goods.
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PT. Presstiasa Cargotrans Interbenua
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