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Power Supply

Power Supply in Indonesia

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Function and Type Power Supply

Power Supply is a hardware electronic component supplier that has a function as an electric current with the first DC voltage to AC so. So the flow of electricity that are Alternating Current (AC) came to power supply, this dikomponen tegannya changed to Direct Current (DC) and then streamed to other components that need. High Voltage Power Supply is a power supply that can generate high voltage up to hundreds or even thousands of volts. High Voltage Power Supply is usually used in X-ray machines or tools that require such high voltage industrial tools.

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Ups apc bx650LI-ms Ups apc bx650LI-ms
Harga Mulai Dari Rp 561750.00
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Switching Power Supply Switching Power Supply
Harga Mulai Dari Rp 545455.00
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