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Buy shallow water pumps / at best cheap prices various brands directly from suppliers, importers and distributors who provide thousands of types of pumps with the most complete and cheapest options. Get immediate variety of models of shallow pumps and deep pumps of the highest quality that serve to draw water from wells to water reservoirs or to water taps. There are two types of well pumps including the first type of shallow well pump that functions to suck water up to the water surface of 6-15 meters, the second type is the deep well pump which functions to suck water up to about 100 meters deep. Before buying a pump you should know the specifications first, then adjust it to your needs or see how deep the water level is in the well that you will install this water pumping machine.

Water Pump

BEST 2,3,4,5 range SeriesEBARAEbara Best range of submersible sump pumps. Made from stainless steel

  • Price : Rp12.345
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PT Osmo Marina Mandiri
DKI Jakarta , DKI Jakarta

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