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PT. Poly Stamino Indonesia

PT. Poly Stamino Indonesia

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PT Poly Stamino Indonesia, a company engaged in the manufacture, maintenance and processing of STP (extended and FRP), TANK PANEL, GREASE TRAP, WWTP and WTP.We also provide decomposition enzymes of fat / oil, industrial, hospital, domestic or sewage, and Septic Tank waste with the brand BioWasteTM. Can help reduce COD, BOD, H2S, Ammonia, Sludge, reduction of medical use and ODOR problems or achievement of quality standards on WWTP and STP

We Sell : BioWaste,Biowaste Grease Trap, Biowaste Septic Tank,Bakteri Pengurai Limbah,Biowaste Aerob / Anaerob,Biowaste WWTP, STP,Biowaste Nutrien