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Types of Polarimeters

There are several types of polarimeters that you can find on the market. Each carries different specifications and functions. Following is an explanation of the types of polarimeters that you need to know:

1. Manual Polarimeter
This type is the oldest polarimeter found since the 1830s. Because it is still conventional, this type of polarimeter is operated manually by users ranging from turning the analyzer to the detector.

2. Semi Automatic Polarimeter
In addition to manuals, there are also semi-automatic polarimeter types that require visual detection but push uses a button to rotate the analyzer. This type already offers a digital display.

3. Automatic Polarimeter
Unlike the two types above, this one polarimeter is the most modern type which is fully automated and only allows the user to press the button.

Polarimeter Components

  1. Light sources: There are two types of light sources namely filament light and sodium light.
  2. Nicole's prism: or so-called polarisator functions to change monochromatic light to be more polarized.
  3. Sample Tubes: made of glass which has two safety namely in the form of rubber and couplers.
  4. Analyst prism: to align the angles produced from optically active compounds.
  5. Circumference scale
  6. Detector: in a manual polarimeter, the detector used is the eye, whereas in semi-automatic and automatic polarimeters, the detector used is photoelectric.

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