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Copper Pipes

Copper Pipes in Indonesia

Function and Type Copper Pipe

In essence pipes used to distribute, but in practice a pipe used to deliver water there are many kinds. Copper Pipes generally used as a mainstay in a water installation project. Due to the texture is strong and not easily broken, anti koroso copper material, the durability of which can reach 50 years, easily bent so that more economical in penggunannnya. Copper pipe is the most common type of metal pipes commonly used in homes, although more expensive than plastic pipes. Advantages of this pipeline, among others, resistant to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures.

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CV. Sinar Jaya Prima

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Indotrading gold member
2 Year
Response Rate 96%
Jual Isolasi Pipa AC / Duck Tape Lem
Duct Tape Non Lem
Pipa AC Gever 2 PK 30 meter

PT. Piramid Cahaya Abadi

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Indotrading gold member
2 Year
Response Rate 93%
Pipa Hitam / Carbon Steel ( SALE )
Pipa Seamless Grade B
Blind Flange Galvanis

PT. Permata Suksesindo Mandiri

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Indotrading gold member
1 Year
Response Rate 68%
Seal Tape Kranz
Kran Air KT 01 Kranz
Kran air KT 03 Kranz

PT Surya Logam Universal

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Indotrading gold member
1 Year
Response Rate 60%
Pipa Stainless Steel
Square Bar Stainless
Plat Mild Steel