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PVC Pipe in Indonesia

Functions and PVC Pipe Type

A construction of both buildings, houses, roads or urban definitely use pipe installation to support the construction of the building. Good for electrical installations or exhaust pipe is needed. PVC pipe with an interesting nature makes it suitable for various applications, PVC biological and chemical resistant, making it a plastic chosen as the material for disposal in household pipes and other pipes where the corrosion of metal pipes to be limiting. Roughly, half the world's production of PVC resin used as a pipe for a variety of urban and industrial purposes. Its light weight, high strength, and low reactivity, making it suitable for a variety of purposes. PVC pipe can also be mixed with a variety of cement solution or combined with HDPE pipe by heat, creating a permanent connection that resists leakage.


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Besi Hollow
Pipa HDPE Vinilon

PT. Piramid Cahaya Abadi

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Pipa Hitam / Carbon Steel ( SALE )
Pipa Seamless Grade B
Blind Flange Galvanis

PT. Abadi Metal Utama

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Geotextile Woven (Hitam)
Wiremesh Roll SNI
Wiremesh Lembar SNI

Toko Baja Ringan Construction

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Panel Plafon PVC
Pintu UPVC dan Jendela UPVC
Atap Baja (Genteng Metal)