Elbow Ducting

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Product Specification Elbow Ducting

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making and selling bjls ducting, pu and various ducting accessories
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Air Diffuser, Flexible Ducting
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Ducting,aksesoris Ducting
Company profile
CV.Vertikal Abadi is a company that focus its efforts in the design field and manufacturing of ventilating heating components and air conditioning system (HVAC) such as Diffuser, SAG, EAG, Volume Damper / Fire Damper, Louver, AHU / profile filter, Linear Slot, Hood, Ducting, round diffuser, Linear Diffuser, Jet Diffuser, Jet Nouzel, Planum Box, Sok / Grandma, OBD, Filter media profiles, Non Return Damper, Spigot, Bargrille and others as Duct Accessories. As we often meet with Mall buildings, Factories, Hotels and Apartments.Our company was founded in 1980, we can say that our company experienced in this field, until from year to year we try to offer and create the latest products for customer needs and keep abreast of current technological developments. After all this time our company was established until now in the Duct / Air Accessories section Distrubution, we keep you up to date with technology and product design or model Duct Acces Ac Central. with the accompaniment of the age and its development by sourced from personnel humans who are experts in this field.we cooperate with material suppliers quality and reliable standards as well in collaboration with customers. We feel proud of the trust that we have given by the customer and the company to make us a good partner.

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