Household Sundries

Household Sundries

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Function and Type of Household

Having a home with Household contents are complete and the latest is a dream of everyone, by having such equipment can help you in doing housework properly. Having Appliances is a must for those of you who own a home. Especially for those of you who are new partner, of course you want a new house filled with all the quality equipment and certainly convenient to use. In addition to quality and comfortable, you also have to select all Appliances in accordance with the design house and also its size. By choosing the appropriate equipment with the design of your home and also size can make you comfortable through the activities at home.

Pest and Insect Management
Pest and Insect Management
Mosquitoes Netting
Mosquitoes Netting
Air Freshener
Air Freshener

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New Product Household Sundries

Ember Besi
Supplier : PT Hawwari Trading Apriansyah
Price : Rp 200.000
Bogor , Bogor
Kamper Bola Warna (5 Pcs)
Supplier : PT Jaya Utama Santikah
Price : Rp 28.000
Banten , Kota Tangerang
Mesin Spray Desinfektan Elektrik/Otomatis Untuk Virus Dan Ha..
Supplier : CV. Kurnia Jaya Perkasa
Price : Rp 900.000
Jawa Tengah , Semarang
Pintu Expanda
Supplier : Dga Interior
Price : Call
Banten , Kota Tangerang
Pengharum Ruangan Qalua Hanging Wood Funny Baby
Supplier : PT. Trikarya Buana Persada
Price : Call
Banten , Tangerang
Lipat Windows
Supplier : Haniya Decor
Price : Rp 710.000
Sumatera Utara , Medan