Sound Meter

Sound Meter

Function and Type Estimator Voice

Sounds gauges used to measure noise between 30-130 dBA dB in units of frequencies between 20 to 20.000Hz. Use of this tool usually used the environment of the plant, such as to analyze the noise of the equipment in the factory. For example, used in fertilizer plants, because the factory fertilizer is a tool that has the potential to cause noise such as compressors, turbines, pumps drum, condenser and others - others. The working principle is based on the estimator Sound vibrations that occur. If there is an object or objects that vibrate, then it may lead to a change in air pressure which will then be captured by the system equipment, then further analog needle will show the number the number of the noise level expressed in dB values. In general, the SLM will be directed to the source of the sound, ear height, so as to catch the noise that has been created. For the purposes of measuring the value of noise in a workspace, the recording carried out a full work shift with several times the recording of the SLM.

Sound Level Meter
Sound Level Meter
Sound Volume Meter
Sound Volume Meter


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