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Hand Dryer

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Function and type Hand Dryer

In everyday life, to dry our hands typically use traditional cloth or tissue. It is less practical, effective and hygienic. When using fabric hygiene is not maintained because the fabric is often contaminated with a lot of hands. Hand Dryer comes to addressing the issue, the tool can automatically dry hands, effective and hygienic. This hand dryer is one use of technology that is widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. The virtue of this hand dryer is a high level of hygiene. Basically, the working principle of this tool is drying by using dry air that is exhaled by a dryer.

Hand Dryer

Search the hand dryer or hand dryer. American standard products with the latest designs, with the model of a modern and refined sound and efficient use of electricity. Suitable in restaurants, hospitals, homes, hotels and various other places. Get the products in our shop right now.

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Utama Mega Electric

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PT. Maju Bersama Multitekindo

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3D/3 Meja kerja Axis
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PT. Inter Agro Indonesia

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Mesin dan Alat Pertanian Bajak Piring atau Disc Plough
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