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PT Pelumas Jaya Abadi

Kab. Cilacap, Jawa Tengah
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Pelumas Bp British Petroleum

Bp British Petroleum Lubricants Bp British Petroleum Lubricants

Rp 3.500.000
16 Mar 2023
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Establishment Year
Jalan Mayjend D.I. Panjaitan No. 33 Cilacap, Kab. Cilacap, Jawa Tengah
Number of employees
12 People
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Pelumas Pertamina
PT. PELUMAS JAYA ABADI-SALE TOTAL BP SHELL OIL PERTAMINA We are from PT. Pelumas Jaya Abadi as a distributor and supplier of oil and grease for the public and industry. The existence of oil and lubricants in the industrial world, plays an important role as one of the elements that must exist in every manufacturing process and machinery in general. Thus, it can not ignore the importance of these roles in order to keep the quality of work of the machinery used in the work process. PT. Pelumas Jaya Abadi is present in Indonesia as one of the suppliers of oil and grease with various trademarks with a new concept, for industrial purposes is reliable, with many years of experience serving the needs of oil and grease for a variety of needs and industry, from the manufacture, transport and more. With good cooperation with the agency Oil Indonesia and also oil distributors Indonesia reliable for the industry, we serve a variety of agents oil and oil distributors in Indonesia and throughout the region Indonesia in order to jointly meet the needs of the industry and ensure the process of various industries related to both in the present and future. The type of lubricant that we can supply are: Industrial & Marine Engine Oil, Gear Box / axle Oil, Hydrolic Oil, Compressor Oil, Gas Engine Oil, Pneumatic Oil, Cutting Oil, Turbine Oil, Specialty Oil, Electric Oil Shell Lubricants As a distributor of Shell in Cilacap, we ensure that the price of Shell oil products that we provide to be able to compete with industrial lubricant products with the same quality. Shell Oil Indonesia has given us the confidence as the spearhead for Jenik product sales of industrial lubricants. Each agent Shell lubricants in our distribution network will ensure the best service is given to each consumer with the needs of the most appropriate industrial lubricants d + engine's specific needs they have. Shell lubricants distributor and distributor of Shell oil will become the frontline service providers to consumers. With all the conveniences that are currently available, consumers may contact the authorized agent or agents Shell Shell oil nearby.
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PT Pelumas Jaya Abadi
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