UD. Pelangi Sumpit was established since 2011. A company that sell products like and chopstick in Banten

Company Information UD. Pelangi Sumpit

manufacturers of various products such as: Tepokushi bamboo / skewer yakitori Stick ice cream and a scoop of ice cream Nugget sticks of wood / bamboo Stick foot bamboo dragon Bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks Wooden chopsticks Genroku Tensoge bamboo chopsticks wooden stirrer Holsters paper chopsticks / chopsticks cover plain & color wooden spatula Stick Rotam aroma terapy / essential oil rattan We have been supplying the needs-many restaurants, hotels caffe, etc. contained throughout Indonesia. We use quality raw materials, without chemicals and meets the standard of food grade, which was done by personnel who are experts in it. Providing the best service for all cu...

We Sell : Sumpit kayu,Spatula,Stik es cream,Tepo kushi,Sendok es cream

List of Product From From UD. Pelangi Sumpit

sumpit kayu

07 Aug 2016
IDR 2.200.000
Min Order : 100

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