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Iron Pipe Fitting

Iron Pipe Fitting in Pekan Baru

Selling Quality Iron Pipe Connections

What is an iron pipe connection? Understanding iron pipe connections or known as pipe fittings are the main components in the pipe system with functions to change the flow of water, reduce or enlarge the flow. Currently there are various forms of pipe fittings on the market and of course with different prices. If you want to find cheap iron pipe connection prices, but not cheap quality, get it directly from reliable suppliers and distributors in Indotrading.

Iron Pipe Fitting

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Various Types of Iron Pipe Fittings

The most common form and often used in pipe systems is Elbow fittings which have 2 different variations. The variations are 45 degrees and 90 degrees with long radius and sort radius. In general, this type of pipe fitting has the same input and output diameters.

The second is the Tee Fitting that serves to divide the flow and shape resembles the letter T. From its own shape, this type of fitting has 3 holes with the same diameter and same degree of angle. Generally Tee Fittings are used for low water pressure.

Next there is a Reducer Fitting that looks like a cone. As the name implies, this fitting serves to reduce the flow of water flow. The diameter sizes of the iron pipe joints of both ends are different, one big and one small. The difference is useful for connecting to pipes with small or large diameters according to size.

Lastly there is a Stub-End whose function is almost the same as Tee Fittings. The difference lies in the branching, where the Stub-End is directly from the main pipe which replaces the Reducing Tee function.

Price List of Iron Pipe Connections in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

SS304 Valves Union

IDR 30,000

SS.304 Fitting Cap

IDR 10,000

SS034 fittings

IDR 10,000

ELBOW 5D Iron pipe

IDR 15,000

PEX UK fittings. B 16

IDR 7,000

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