Cargo and Logistic

Cargo and Logistic Palangkaraya

Cargo and Logistics

All items of cargo is shipped by air (airplanes), marine (boat) or land (container trucks) to be traded, either between regions or cities within the country or between countries (international) known as export-import. Logistics is the management process of the removal and storage of goods and related information dai in providing resources to the end users effectively and efficiently. Cargo and Logistics are the two things are interrelated, cargo is the goods and the logistics are part of the supply chain or (supply chain management) planning, implementing, and controlling effectively and efficiently, the flow and storage of goods and services and related information from point (a) origin to the point (a) consumption that aims to meet customer needs.

Bintang Tiga By CV. Bintang Tiga

Cv. Star is a limited partnership company in the area of kal-teng, which is engaged in ekspidisi, procurement of goods and services, such as agricultural equipment, herbicides, fertilizers, seeds and procurement of spare parts of heavy equipment and construction equipment needs. all products will be provided by the system of cooperation with the unit or other companies to be able to meet the needs of the company, the government or any other industrial home and ready melaukan delivery throughout Indonesia.

CV. Bintang Tiga