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Product Specification Propolis Powder - Cv. Nutrima Sehatalami

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Propolis is a resin collected by bees from various plants, which is mixed with saliva and various enzymes to produce a new resin that is different. Propolis has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and other biological activities such as anti-inflammatory, local anesthetics, hepatoprotector, antitumor, and immunostimulant (Bankova, 2007; Fearnley, 2005; Lotfy, 2006).

The antimicrobial power of propolis has been used by the Greeks and Romans for centuries. The unique nature of propolis has attracted the attention of researchers since the late 1960s. Over the past 40 years, it has been published regarding the chemical composition, biological activity, pharmacological propolis and therapeutic use (Khismatullina, 2005). The active ingredients in propolis, such as flavonoid compounds and capeic acid phenethyl ester, have been widely used for health.

Indonesia as a country rich in biological resources has the potential for propolis with exceptional quality. The source of resin from the archipelago forests on the Equator that is pollution-free becomes an extraordinary gift as a unique phytochemical source and has wide potential for medical treatment. Indonesia Propolis Liquid is a research result that involves many academics both from inside and outside the country.

Propolis Powder is an innovative form of propolis that is easy for consumption.


Propolis products are very suitable to be developed in several industries, including:

- Medicines & Health Supplements

- Food & Beverage

- Cosmetics & Personal Care

- etc.

CV. Nutrima Sehatalami as INDONESIA PROPOLIS MANUFACTURER, is ready to collaborate with various institutions, both Companies / Individuals, Exporters/Importers, Entrepreneurs, and others.

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CV. Nutrima Sehatalami was officially established in 2007. President Commissioner CV. Nutrima Sehatalami is Dr. Mahani, S.P., M.Sc., an academic specializing in the field of Health Food / Nutraceutical in one of the leading state universities in Indonesia. At present our office is located in Bogor City, West Java.CV. Nutrima Sehatalami is a manufacturer of Health Food / Nutraceutical / Traditional Medicines based on beekeeping products. Until now the business to business (B2B) system that has been implemented has resulted in partnerships with various companies both at home and abroad.CV. Nutrima Sehatalami is committed to be the leader as a Green Industry. In the production process, only a small amount of waste is produced, but this waste is successfully transformed into products of economic value. In addition, the existence of CV. Nutrima Sehatalami encourages farmer groups from all over the archipelago to actively greening the environment and forests in an effort to maintain the productivity of bee products (honey, beepolen, and propolis).
Menjadi Perusahan Produsen Nutraceutikal Terkemuka di Indonesia
Menjadi Perusahan Produsen Nutraceutikal Terkemuka di Indonesia

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