X-ray luggage Scanner VO-100100

Product Specification X-ray luggage Scanner VO-100100

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X-ray luggage Scanner VO-100100

Product Description :

VO-100100 X-ray luggage scanner machine

Scan oversize objects
Typical Steel penetration 32mm
Designed to thwart the cleverest attempts at hiding weapons, drugs, stolen goods and other contraband, VO-100100 X-ray Security System is ideal for screening everything from over size packages to oddly shaped items and palletized loads.

Tunnel Size                : 1000(Width) *1000(Height)mm
Machine Dimension   : 3220mm L *1330mm W *1680mm H (Main machine, exclude monitor) 1010mm L * 630mm W *1270mm H (Operation counter)
Gross Weight              : 1100KG
Packing Size               : 3420 *1530 *1880mm (1 package)1010 * 630 *1270mm (1 package)

Advantages :
With equipment to save electricity
Protective cover on lead curtain to avoid lead pollution;
Sound and light alarm;

Applications :
Commercial buildings; Factories(to find needle in clothing, shoes, bags) Courthouses; Embassies; Government buildings; Military installations; Prisons; Mail Rooms Hotels; Schools;
Convention centers; Security checkpoints.
Excellent system for airport, train station, bus station as well as security-sensitive corporate environments

VO-100100 X-ray Inspection System

General Specification :
Tunnel Size                : 1000(W)*1000(H)mm
Conveyor Speed         : 0.22m/s
Conveyor Max Load  : 200kg
Dose per Inspection   : < 1.7μ Gy/h
Resolution                  : < 0.101mm Copper Wire
Spatial resolution       : Level: Dia1.3mm, Vertical: Dia1.0mm
Penetrate resolution   : Dia 0.511mm
Penetration                 : 32mm Steel
Film Safety                 : Guarantee ISO1600 Film
X-ray Leakage            : < 0.1 μ Gy/h (at a distance of 5cm From external housing)

X-ray Generator
Generate direct           : Bottom to up
Generate anger           : 80 degree
Anode Voltage            : 100~160Kv
Anode power              : 0.4 to 1.2mA
Cooling / Duty Cycle  : Oil Cooling /100%

Image System
X-ray Sensor               : L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-energetic), 12bit Deep
Monitor                       : High Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 17 inch
Image Processing        : Edge enhancement, image strengthening, image lightening, , reducing darkening, image returning, image retrieval.
Image Grey Level       : 4096
Image Max Resolution : 1024 * 1280 pixel
Image Processing         : 24bit for processing real time
Image storage               : Storage 60000 pictures in real time
Zones & Zoom             : 1-9 Image regions, 2, 4, 8, 16 Times Enlarge, Whole screen continuous observation
Multi-energetic distinguish objects...Organic objects in orange, inorganic objects in blue, mixture in green
High-energy/low energey. Switch from high energy to low energy
Assist to detect drug and explosive powder

Installation Data :
Operation temperature/Humidity : 0 -45 degress 20%-95%(non-condensing)
Storage Temperature/Humidity    : -20 -60degress /20%-95%(non-condensing)
Operation Power                           : 220VAC(± 10%)50± 3Hz
Power Consumption                     : 1.0 KW (max)
Noise                                             : < 58dB

Product Image
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