Company Information CV. Molarindo Agro Utama

We are a company engaged in the cultivation, trade, and distribution of fresh fruits. For land cultivation Pamelo Citrus fruits, Avocado Butter, Soursop, and Mangosteen are in Kudus. As for the melon and papaya were in the District Weleri and Boyolali. We also have several farmers partners in Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Banyuwangi, and Indramayu. Fruit products have guaranteed quality and fresh conditions. We also can ensure the continuity of supply is the product of our fresh fruits to clients who require long-term contract with the payment system and the price is flexible / negotiable. Trust and satisfaction of the clients or partners is our best achievement.

We Sell : Jeruk,Alpukat,Melon,Pepaya,Sirsak,Manggis


Perumahan Puncak Dieng ii-1 no. 3
Malang Jawa Timur


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List of Product From From CV. Molarindo Agro Utama

Jeruk Pamelo Kudus

16 Aug 2014
Buah Segar
IDR 21.000
Min Order : 100
11 Sep 2014
Buah Segar
IDR 20.000
Min Order : 2000

Buah Naga Merah

11 Sep 2014
Buah Segar
IDR 35.000
Min Order : 1000