Genteng Mutiara

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  • Last Updated15 Jul 2021

Product Specification Genteng Mutiara

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Pearl Concrete Tile has been around since 1992, providing and fulfilling quality housing needs to support government programs in providing decent housing for the people of Indonesia and supported according to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and serving consumers in various circles at affordable prices.


Advantages of Pearl Tile:

  • Product quality in accordance with SNI (Indonesian National Standard).
  • The strength of high quality concrete is because it uses selected raw materials, concrete mixture formulas that have been tested and high pressure strength during the printing process.
  • Leak Resistant and Diverter Function is good because the interlock system is strong so that the water will not be tampered with due to rain and strong winds.
  • High quality paint quality because it uses number one quality raw material.
  • High production capacity so as to be able to meet the demand in large quantities.
  • Guaranteed technical services supported by experienced expert staff.
  • Economical because the area of ​​the lid per tile is spacious so that it saves battens and roof tiles.
  • The choices are broad and varied in the design and color of the product so that it can be adapted to the Indonesian, Minimalist, or Western tropical architectural styles.
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Genteng Bitumen, Atap Zincalum Superdek, Genteng Keramik, Genteng Metal, Genteng Beton
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Genteng Keramik,Atap Alderon,Genteng Bitumen,Atap Spandek,Rangka Atap Baja Ringan,Atap Fumira
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P T. Mitranda Bangun Griya Mandiri Established On The Initiative And Encouragement Of Quality Products And Friendly Service. Providers Of Building Materials Products Such As Marble, Granite, Roofing (Asphalt Roof, Metal Roof, Zincalume, Kanmuri Tile, Monier Concrete Tiles, Asbestos, Etc.), Light Steel Frame Roof, Insulation, Waterproofing, Versa Board Or Plank, And To Procurement And Installation Or Application . Supported By Dozens Of Top Quality Products And Installation Services That Are Reliable And Trustworthy And Handled By Experts, Ready To Serve And Satisfy Our Customers So That Your Development Needs More Assured And Guaranteed, In Accordance With The Objectives And Our Motto 'Your Trusted Partner For Building Materials', Because We Want To Make Our Customers Business Partners Trust Each Other.Main Product Or ServiceSell: Truss Pt. Build Mitranda Griya Channel C Also Produces Mild Steel Fabrication With A Truss System With Quality Tersandart Zafir SniMarble Pt. Mitranda Up Griya Sell A Variety Of Local Marble And Granite Products Tulung Court, Ujungpandang And LampungInsulation Pt. Build Mitranda Griya Serve The Procurement Of Materials And Installation For Roof Insulation And Building Rs Generator Room, Hotel Etc.Roofing Roof Tile Bitumen Or Asphalt: Certainteed, Owens, Gaft. Ceramics: Kanmuri, Kia, M-Class Concrete: Monier, Pearl, Etc. Cisangkan. Metal: Milky Roof Zincalume: Superdeck, Union Deck, Fumira, Etc. Alsun. Light Steel Truss Or FrameIn Addition To The Material, We Also Provide Installation With Full Back-Up Warranties Are Handled By Trained And Experienced Professionals In Bidanganya.

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