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Bogor, Jawa Barat
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Alat Usg Ternak  Mkv-M30 Layar Lcd
Mkv-M30 Livestock Ultrasound Equipment Lcd ScreenMkv-M30 Livestock Ultrasound Equipment Lcd Screen
Rp 1.600
02 May 2023
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Alat USG Untuk Hewan Sapi BestScan S6
Ultrasound Tool for BestScan Beef S6Ultrasound Tool for BestScan Beef S6
02 May 2023
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Alat USG Hewan VET MKV-L60
Animal Veterinary Vet MKV-L60Animal Veterinary Vet MKV-L60
02 May 2023
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Bogor, Jawa Barat
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We Sell
Alat Peternakan, Incinerator, USG Hewan, Cold Storage, Alat Perebah Sapi, Mesin Pakan Ternak
PT. Mitrakultiva Utama provides various tools such as Animal Husbandry Equipment, Slaughterhouse Tools, Chicken Slaughterhouse Tools, Feed Machines, Animal Health Devices, Pharmaceutical Tools and Herbal Medicines, Tissue Culture Tools and various laboratory instruments.
Farm Equipment: Identifier, Reproduction, Insemination, HeGAN USG, Dairy and others.
Slaughterhouse Tools: Hook Hanger, Hook Meat Hanger, Hand Hook, Sharpening Steel, Boning Knife, Scalpel Skinning Knife, Meat Moisture Meter Test for Water Content, Hanna pH Meter for Meat, Meat pH Meter SM Milwaukee 102 + MA920, Bull Nose Holder, High Pressure Cleaner, Sisal Rope, Hoe + Stalk, Shovel, Restraining Box - KMU IV, Halal Restrain Box Mark IV, Apron, Carcass Scales, Rumen Cleaner, Electric Generator / TX3600L, Manual Pulley, Cart Push, Water Pump, Stainless Steel Cradle Offal Carts, Dirt Carts, and others Chicken Slaughterhouse: Rail System, Scalder, Standing Plucker, Support, Leg Cutter, Screw Chiller, Rotary Dryer and others Feed Machine: Elephant Grass Counter Machine, Straw Counter Machine, Corn Breaker Machine, Crusher / Hammermill Machine, Penepung / Diskmill Machine, Mixer / Mixer Machine, Pellet Printing Machine, Drying Machine - Box Dryer, Straw Wafer Press Machine, Compost Sieve Machine and others.
Pharmaceutical Tools: Tablet Disintegration Tester / Tablet Crushing Time Test, Tablet Friability Tester / Tablet Fragility Test, Tablet Dissolution Tester / Tablet Solubility Test, Analog Tablet Hardness Tester / Tablet Hardness Test Equipment, Analog Capsule Thickness Tester / Capsule Thickness Test Equipment , Moisture Analyzer, Single Plate Capsule and Tablet Counting and Filling Machine / Tablet Counting Machine, Digital Tablet Hardness Tester / Tablet Hardness Test Equipment, Thaw Tester for Suppository / Stability Test Equipment, Single Punch Tablet Press / Tabet Printing Machine, Rotary Tablet Press Machine / Tablet Printing Machines, Bulk Density Tester / Density / Mass Type Measurement, V Mixers / Mixing Machines / Mixers, Granulators / Granule Printing Machines, Mini Coating Lab Machines, Capsule Polisher, Manual Oinment and Liquid Double-Duty Filing Machines / Filling Machines Liquid and Semi-Solid Materials, Weighing Filling Machine / Weighing Machines and Fillers, Essential Oil Distillation Machines Herbal and Traditional Medicines: Washing Machines, Chopper Machine, Drying Machine, Penepung Machine, Herbal Extraction Machine, Liquid Mixer / Liquid Mixing Machine, Mixer, Flour / Powder / Flour Mixing Machine, Mixer / Mixer Machine, Granulator Machine, Herbal Pill Processing Machine, Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine and others.
Herbal and Traditional Medicine Machines: Washing Machines, Chopper Machines, Drying Machines, Penepung Machines, Herbal Extraction Machines, Liquid Mixers / Liquid Mixing Machines, Flour Mixers / Powder Mixers / Flour Mixers, Mixing Machines / Mixers, Granulator Machines, Herbal Pill Processing Machines , Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machines and others.
Lihat Semua
Menjadi perusahaan yang handal dalam bidang Alat Peternakan, Alat Rumah Potong Hewan Mesin Pakan dan Alat Kesehatan Hewan
Menyediakan produk-produk berkualitas yang bisa diterima oleh pelanggan

PT. Mitrakultiva Utama bergerak dalam bidang Alat Peternakan, Alat Rumah Potong Hewan Mesin Pakan dan Alat Kesehatan Hewan. Produk-produk kami diantaranya: Cool Storage, Peralatan Rumah Potong Hewan, Alat Peternakan, USG Hewan, Alat Perbah Sapi, Mesin Pakan Ternak, Incinerator Hewan, Incinerator Limbah, dll.

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PT. Mitrakultiva Utama
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