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Buy cheap micrometers at wholesale prices of the best brands from distributors, suppliers, importers in Indonesia. Micrometer is a measuring instrument that serves to measure the length of the outer diameter of various types of objects with a unit of measure 0.01 mm. The use of this tool is commonly used in the field of engineering laboratories and various measuring activities, for example in industrial engineering work and workshop. Find various brands of outside diameter measuring instruments of the highest quality from all suppliers both domestically and abroad that are in Indotrading.com now. Get the best price quote for all your business and company needs.

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In accordance with its function, this micrometer is used as aids to measure the outer diameter of various objects such as iron, steel and other metals that can help the measurement process faster and more accurate. Search and find tools in Indotrading.com from various suppliers and distributors who offer the best prices with competitive quality. See also the various price forecast information below that can be a reference for you before buying a measuring tool.

Type / Brand Estimated Price
Syatek Digital Micrometers 0-25mm x 0.001mm Rp. 1,269,000
Tricle 75-100mm x 0.01mm Rp. 275,000
Mitutoyo 25-50mm x 0.01mm Rp. 600,000
ToKi 25-50mm X 0.01mm Rp. 205,000

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