Coffee Bean Dryer Machine Capacity 750 Kg

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Product Specification Coffee Bean Dryer Machine Capacity 750 Kg

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Coffee Bean Dryer Machine Capacity 750 Kg

The function of this machine is to dry the coffee beans without using sunlight, good dryness and not burnt


Overall Unit : 3740 x 1980 x 3050 mm

Drum Size : Dia. 1145 x 1960 mm

Material Inlet Hole: 126 x 126 mm

Elevator Exit Section : 126 x 126 mm

Coffee Expenditure Section : 100 x 100 mm

Drum Capacity: 750 Kg

Elevator Drive Motor : E.Motor 2 HP

Blower : Conch Dia.4", Power 350 Watt

Heating Fuel: Firewood, Husk, etc

Drying Rate : 1 - 2 % / Hour

Seed Drying Machine

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PT. Bogor Agricultural Machinery is a manufacturing and manufacturing company for agricultural equipment and machinery, coffee processing machines, cocoa / chocolate processing machines, rice processing machines, coconut processing machines, corn processing machines, palm / palm / sugar processing machines, sugar cane processing machines, soybean processing machines, cassava processing machines, meatball processing machines, rubber processing machines, traffic signs / road markings, hydraulic portable basketball hoops, livestock tools and machinery, fishing tools and machinery, Agricultural Laboratory Equipment, Animal Husbandry Laboratory Equipment, Fisheries Laboratory Equipment Road Marking Machines And Other Industrial Machines.PT. Bogor Agricultural Machinery has extensive workshops and reliable employees who are professional and supported by good management PT. Bogor Agricultural Machinery is very experienced and always puts customer satisfaction first. We have sold many products to all corners of the archipelago, from Aceh to Papua.For more information, please contact us at the available address.PT. BOGOR AGRICULTURE MACHINE = WE ARE THERE FOR YOU
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