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Sitting grinding machine is one of the machine tools used to sharpen / cut workpieces for specific purposes. The working principle of this machine is a rotating grinding stone in contact with the workpiece resulting in erosion, sharpening, sharpening, or cutting. This machine is designed to be able to produce speeds of around 11000-15000 rpm. With this speed the grinding stone, which is an aluminum oxide composition with suitable roughness and hardness, can erode the surface of the metal so as to produce the desired shape. With this speed too, Grinding Machines can also be used to cut metal objects by using grindstone that is specialized for cutting. In general, hand grinding machines are used to grind or cut metal, but by using stones or eyes accordingly we can also use grinding machines on other workpieces such as wood, concrete, ceramics, tile, brick, natural stone, glass, etc. .

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Sitting Grinding Function


As we already know, grinding is a tool used to help work especially in technical matters related to iron and metal work. The functions of this tool are more commonly used to help with the following types:


1. Smooth the surface or the end of the iron plate from various types of metal to reduce the sharp and rough surface.
    2. Sharpen various tools such as knives and axes. Because by using a grinder, the surface of the iron will be faster when compared to using the manual method.
  3. Flattening metal objects such as the manufacture of iron and metal products.


Size and Price of the Latest Sitting Grinding Machine

Size Price *
3 inch Nankai Rp. 465,000
Yasuka 6 inch Rp. 517,000
Tekiro RYU 5 inch Rp. 450,000

* Info updated on May 5, 2020, prices can change at any time.

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