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Cylinder (1931)
Pneumatic Cylinders
Lihat Semua
Rp 8.500.000

Price of Cheap and Latest Pneumatic Cylinders Yuken brand in Indonesia

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Pneumatic Cylinder Size Estimated Price
32 x 100 mm Rp. 300,000
32 x 50 mm Rp. 260,000
50 x 100 mm Rp. 375,000
50 x 50 mm Rp. 325,000
50 x 200 mm Rp. 490,000
63 x 75 mm Rp. 400,000
63 x 100 mm Rp. 530,000
80 x 100 mm Rp. 650,000
80 x 200 mm Rp. 680,000
100 x 200 mm Rp. 870,000

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Pneumatic Cylinder Function for Industry

This cylinder is one of the spare parts of all types of machines that use pneumatic methods or utilize air for engine drive. The main function of Pneumatic Cylinders Yuken brand is used to make the conversion of air into high-pressure air so that when at high compression can be a strong energy of motion. This movement was later converted to move various mechanical devices or other machines. There are two types of Pneumatic Cylinders Yuken brand including:

  • Double Acting Cylinder which is one type of dual pneumatic cylinder that has two input valves and an output valve that has greater pressure strength.
  • Single Acting Cylinder which is a type of single pneumatic cylinder that uses one input valve and has no exit valve.

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