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About Genset Open

Open generators that have special specifications are often used for backup power plants for apartment buildings, malls, factories when the PLN electricity goes out or need additional electrical power for the needs of certain events. As a power plant, a generator is electrical equipment that is an important tool for the operation of an industry or company when electricity is the main energy to run the company's economy, so every company must choose and buy the best generator with the specifications that are really needed. Currently in Indotrading there are suppliers and distributors who sell generator.

Buy Open Generators from Various Brands

Open Generator Perkins / Open Generator Cummins / Open Generator Mitsubishi / Open Generator Volvo / Open Generator John Deere / Open Generator Mtu / Open Generator Deutz / Open Generator Doosan

6 Recommendations for Open 10, 20 and 30 kVA Generator Set

1. Yanmar Generator 3TNV82A-GGE (10 kVA) 

- Engine: Yanmar 3TNV82A-GGE 
- Generator: Stamford PI044E

2. Perkins 403D-11G generator (10 kVA) 

- Engine: Perkins 403D-11G - Generator: Stamford PI044E

3. Perkins 404D-22G generator (20 kVA) 

- Engine: Perkins 404D-22G - Generator: Stamford PI144D

4. Yanmar 4TNV84T-GGE Genset (20 kVA) 

- Engine: Yanmar 4TNV84T-GGE 
- Generator: Stamford PI144D

5. Perkins 404D-22G generator (20 kVA) 

- Engine: Perkins 404D-22G - Generator: Stamford PI144D

6. Perkins 1103A-33G (30 kVA) generator 

- Engine: Perkins 1103A-33G 
- Generator: Stamford PI144G / S0L2P1

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