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Electric Hand Pallet Valberg brand Price Range and Supplier Manual in Indotrading

The following is a list of estimated prices offered from several suppliers and distributors in Indotrading. This price is subject to change at any time, but for an easy way to get the latest prices you can immediately get the most updated prices through a purchase or purchase request in Indotarding.

Brands Capacity Price
Krisbow 3 Tons Rp 5,450,000
Krisbow 2 Tons IDR 4,850,000
Krisbow 3 Tons (Small) Rp. 5.110,000
Gozoz 1 - 5 Tons Rp. 3,800,000
Shigemitsu (Electric Pallet) 1, 5 Tons Rp. 21,300,000

Hand Pallet Valberg brand Brands Supplier Best Choice in Indotrading

In general, the benefits of a Hand Pallet Valberg brand are almost the same as a forklift, which is used to lift a pallet. What distinguishes the forklift can lift more piles of goods more or more pallets at once. To find suppliers of the best brands you can directly search in Indotrading, all sellers in Indotrading can send your purchase request according to the items you want to buy starting from the specifications of either manual or electric. But when there are still many people who are looking for manual types compared to those who are looking for electric ones, because there are many types of manuals we find in various business warehouses such as supermarkets, building materials and so on. To get various suppliers of the best Hand Pallet Valberg brand brands in Indotrading.com you can directly choose a category based on the brand as below:


Krisbow is an Indonesian brand that markets and manufactures various types of tools and lifting tools.

Bishamon is a USA brand that manufactures various types of lifting equipment and already widely circulated throughout the world.

Apart from the above brands, there are also several other brands such as Cas, Dalton, Gozoz, Carlift Nansin, Seisi and others that you can get directly from suppliers in Indotrading to fulfill all the needs of the goods or products you want. Get the various models and types you want and the specifications you want to get directly from the first seller such as distributors, suppliers or importers in Indonesia.

Determine the Pallet Hand Function Before Buy

To get various types of pallet lift according to the specifications you need, you also need to know the benefits and functions of the items you buy. Functionally, the Hand Pallet Valberg brand is a lifting tool that is widely used by the world of warehousing in lifting and moving various types of goods placed on wooden pallets or plastic pallets according to the material.

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