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Selling the best price LED lights from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy LED lights at the latest prices with Light Emitting Diode technology that can produce brighter light, minimal heat and save electricity energy when compared with other types of technology lamps such as incandescent or tube lamps. This type of lamp is the latest technology that is sophisticated and can be used for a longer period of time compared to other types of lamp technology. With many of these advantages, then this type of lamp has been widely used for lighting both inside and outside the room for various purposes. Previously, this type of lamp was still very expensive in the market, because the number of manufacturers was also still small, but as time went on eventually many companies from home and abroad were able to produce in large quantities. Of the many products and brands, there are some of the best lighting brands selected by Indonesian people, including Philips, Panasonic, Shinyoku, Osram and Hannochs.

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Tips for Choosing the Best LED Light Brand

What do we do, how do we determine and choose the best lamp brand? As a central directory of companies in Indonesia, Indotrading is a solution to make it easier for you to find and find the best lighting brands directly from its suppliers. So before you buy the lamp, you should consider the following things so you can get the best brand and certainly according to your needs:

1. The first thing that is most important for you to make is the main factor in choosing a brand, especially this electronics, make sure it adjusts to your budgeted needs and budget.

2. Second, before choosing one brand, you must first compare several other brands with the same specifications. In this way, of course you can already compare the advantages and disadvantages of each of the brands that you compare.

2. Then finally, after you have obtained the recommended brand, you can immediately submit a purchase request to the seller directly.

Advantages of LED Lights

Because of the many advantages and advantages of this type of lamp, so many people switch to using this type of lamp. In addition, LEDs have also been developed into emergency lights with LED technology. Well, if you are still curious to know what are the benefits of these lights, see explanation of the following advantages:

1. Not Blinding the Eyes

You could say that lights with LED technology have a far more friendly impact on your eye health. LEDs do not contain mercury and IR and UV radiation, so they are not too dangerous for vision. Color or light produced by this lamp has clear nature and CRI (Color Rendering Index) which can create natural colors according to the original.

2. Save Energy

With modern and sophisticated technology, LEDs are designed to be more energy efficient so electricity does not consume too much electricity. In addition, the LED does not produce too much heat because it is much lower than other lights. If measured on a comparative scale, light bulbs usually change 8% of electricity to be able to emit light, the rest is transformed into heat. While the LED is able to release light up to 25%, so the temperature of the heat released becomes less.

3. Long Lasting

The use of these lamps is 80% more efficient compared to the use of lamps with other technologies. In fact, many researchers say that LEDs can last 50 thousand hours, in other words 30 times longer than incandescent lamps and 10 times longer than energy saving lamps.

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