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Cement Tiga Roda brand in Indonesia

Functionality of Cement Tiga Roda brand

Cement Tiga Roda brand is a basic building material to construct a building. Cement Tiga Roda brand is used to glue the stone, brick, brick, and other building materials. Nowadays the Cement Tiga Roda brand has had various types and their uses.

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Semen gresik bali and surrounding areas we are ready to send by quality cement does not reply in cement yet, gresik v much in use in the project of the construction of large scale development projectsRemember we remember cementcheap itunkamiSteel just click besi123.com

Response Rate :
reply_all 37%
  • Price : Rp40.000
  • Min Order : 1000
  • Brand : tiga roda
Seller :
CV. Dua Putra Petir
Jawa Timur , Surabaya

MinimixQuality Or Klas225 (For House Building 1-2 Floor)Konsruksi Two-Storey Building, Ruko/Residential.Slump +-12 (Moisture Content Of Cement)Price Conditions:1. The Above Price Yet Included Vat 10%. (Price Can Be Nego).2. Confirm Booking 3 Or 2 Days Before The Time Of Execution Of The Casting.3. For Each Penambhan Slump 2 Cm, Are Subject To An Ad

Response Rate :
reply_all 20%
  • Price : Rp1.160.000
  • Min Order : 6
  • Brand : tiga roda
Seller :
PT Niaga Sinar Sentosa
Bogor , Bogor

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We are from PT. ATS would like to offer our products, namely:1. Three Wheel CementPCC 40kgPCC 50kgOPC 50kg (bulk)Price / Price:Rp 38.000 / zak 40kg (franco jabodetabek)Rp 47.500 / zak 50kg (franco jabodetabek)Min Order:Truck CDD = 200 zakFuso = 400 zakAnd we also serve delivery outside jabodetabek areas such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi a

Response Rate :
reply_all 29%
  • Price : Rp38.000
  • Min Order : 200
  • Brand : tiga roda
Seller :
PT Andri Tangguh Sentosa
Banten , Kota Tangerang

We Sell Cement Three wheel for Project and Private housing for middle and south kalimantan area, The price we offer is the best price for Central Kalimantan area and with material readiness system according to your project requirement. The cement material we offer is the best cement for the quality of three wheels weighing 40 Kg

Response Rate :
reply_all 23%
  • Price : CALL
  • Min Order : 1
  • Brand : tiga roda
Seller :
Toko Tria Pratama
Kalimantan Tengah , Palangkaraya

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