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Type of spare parts



The main component of a forklift that acts as a support when transporting goods / material. This spare part is designed in the shape of a fork, which is in the form of two straight iron with a length of 2.5 m.


Including forklift components that function as a liaison between the mast and fork (where the fork is attached). In addition, this component also has a role as a backrest, a safety device during the process of transporting goods.


Main spare parts with their functions related to forks and forklifts. Mast becomes one part in the form of two thick iron, directly related to the hydraulic system and works for lifting and tilting.

Overheard Guard

Acting as a protector in a forklift driver. Obviously this protection system aims to protect the user if there is a possibility such as items falling or protecting from all weather conditions.


Become part of the load balancer in a position opposite the fork.


Forklifts have 2 different types of tires, pneumatic tires and solid tires. Solid tires are often relied upon when crossing the extreme. Then the forklift tires are also supported with a total of 4 tires, namely 2 front tires and 2 rear tires where the front tires have a larger size than the rear tires.


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