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KWH Meter

KWH Meter Socomec brand in Indonesia

Kwh Meter is a tool used to measure how much electricity is used in a house, shop and various other places. Previously, many communities used analogue Kwh meters. But along with the times, there is now a KWH Meter Socomec brand system with a digital system. For those of you who are in need of this tool, you can search it online in

KWH Meter socomec

1 Output / pulse kWH and kVArh / monitoring module

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Differences in Components of Analog and Digital Kwh Meters

Analog Kwh Meter

This meter consists of several components, namely a set of tools, a coil of voltage, a permanent magnet, a dish, a terminal, and several supporting components in the form of small electronics. The drive element consists of special rollers regulating current and voltage. Then at the top of this driving element, you will find a rotary element consisting of a disk-shaped conductor, accompanied by several holes. Then, this element will rotate according to the shaft's path assisted by two adjustable bearings and gears. Then there is also a braking element that has a permanent magnet in the flank position on the disk. Finally, the counting element is converted into meter numbers in your Kwh.

Kwh Meter Digital

This Kwh is one of the newest types of meter, which is currently more widely used by the community. The mechanism works using digital working principles, which are clearly different from analog meters. This digital meter works according to a programming system that has been installed into the microprocessor. Like an analog meter, Kwh digital will get an input in the form of a voltage analog signal, which is then converted into a digital number. At this meter, you can find information labels related to the total electrical power possessed (tokens), LED indicators, contractor indicators, metrology seals, LCD displays for charging tokens, and rubber keypads used for pulse token charging.

Then, which one is superior?

Both have different work systems, but still supported by the same principle. It's just that using an analog meter, it's the same as you use electricity performance postpaid while the digital meter uses electricity performance on a prepaid basis. So that in the use of digital meters you can better control the use of electric power because you can easily detect the remaining amount of tokens owned.

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The many choices of KWH meters available in Indotrading, you can be more free in finding products that suit your needs and the right price on the budget. Because in Indotrading, you can make the process of bargaining prices with suppliers, distributors or trusted importers who sell digital and analog meters. You can also take advantage of the purchase request feature to apply for goods if you need a large number of products. Come on, soon find a lineof electrical accessories with high quality products in Indotrading.

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