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Buy a Spring Bed Simmons brand / spring mattress at the lowest price, the best complete size brands from the nearest, cheapest mattress distributor in Indonesia. As the name implies, this spring mattress is made of foam, fabric, plastic, cotton, rubber and other equipment such as springs or springs and frames made of special materials. The advantages of this type of mattress include being more comfortable to sleep because it is more elastic so that the mattress when used can adjust to our body shape when lying on it. Besides this mattress does not need special care as in the type of mattress with other materials such as sponges or cotton that must be aired or heated under the hot sun if it is flat. Another advantage is that it is more durable to use for years to decades in accordance with the use of standards. If you want to find various sizes of spring mattresses with the best brands in Indonesia only in Indotrading.com.

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Spring Bed Simmons brand Standard Size

Before you buy a mattress, you should know what the standard spring mattress sizes are. There are various sizes that you can choose and buy based on the benefits and how much capacity people can use to sleep. The following is an explanation of various types of standard mattress sizes from factories or mattress sellers from all over Indonesia.

Mattress Size Mattress Type
90 cm x 200 cm Single Bed, fit for one person
120 cm x 200 cm Single Bed, fit for one person
160 cm x 200 cm Queen bed, fit three people
180 cm x 200 cm King bed, fit for four people
200 cm x 200 cm Super King Bed, can fit more than four people

Cheapest SpringBed Mattress Prices in Indonesia

Not sure which price to choose the cheapest mattress and the best mattress brand that has the best quality in Indonesia? Before you buy a mattress, of course you need to be observant to search, choose carefully which type, size and brand that you choose for various business needs that are resold. Well, before you propose procurement of goods from various mattress suppliers in Indotrading, you can also see the price reference below.

Brands Estimated Price
Elite Type Prestig Mattress 90 cm x 200 cm Rp. 4,820,000
Comforta Type Perfect Pedic mattress 90 cm x 200 cm Rp. 3,850,000
Airland Type Capriccio mattress 100 cm x 200 cm Rp. 4,945,000
Florence Type Genoa mattress 180 cm x 200 cm Rp. 3,696,000
Florence Type Chiro Care Mattress 160 cm x 200 cm Rp. 5,180,000
Deepsleep Type Charming mattress 160 cm x 200 cm Rp. 7,250,000

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Immediately submit a request for procurement of goods and buy directly from various mattress distributors in Indonesia with a variety of choices of brands and sizes of mattresses in accordance with what you want to buy. In Indotrading you can easily find lots of companies from all over Indonesia that specialize in selling mattresses and equipment at the lowest wholesale prices for your various business needs. All prices are usually adjusted to the brand and quality of the goods, because prices are cheap or higher generally also have different specifications as well. So make sure all the items that you buy or will require the procurement of goods must be detailed so that all offers of goods from the seller will be easier to compare which items are suitable and which are the cheapest prices.

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