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Buy RCCB / Residual Current Circuit Breakers for cheap prices of Schneider, Mitsubishi, Siemens brands and others from suppliers and distributors of RCCB and electrical devices that function to protect electrical hazards from electrical short circuit interference. RCCB is indeed a part of electrical accessories that helps avoid various problems in the current and electricity network that are not reasonable so that when there is a disruption in electricity this tool can provide a signal such as disconnecting and connecting electric current automatically. Get the best quality RCCB brands from all sellers of the best quality suppliers and distributors for all your needs. Choose the product according to the specifications and brand you are looking for so that the procurement of goods will be faster and easier to find. Also make sure to buy products in accordance with the terms of the offer offered by the seller so that you will easily get the goods with the best quality and function.

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Price Range RCCB / Residual Current Latest Circuit Breaker in Indotrading

Below is an estimate of the latest RCCB price list from suppliers and distributors in Indotrading from all companies in Indonesia that sell RCCB at the cheapest price. You can get the latest rccb prices directly from the seller at the best and latest prices for all your needs. You can get all the latest prices easily if you submit a request for a price quote through the page for the RCCB request that you made and send it to all sellers who sell according to the tool you are looking for.

Product / Type name Brands Price
2 Poles 300Ma 40A Dom 16795 Schneider Rp. 564,000
2 Poles 300Ma 63A Dom 16798 Schneider Rp. 493,500
2 30Ma Poles 63A Dom 16791 Schneider Rp. 577,346
RCCB RGB 2538 IP33 Schneider Rp. 350,000
Domae 2 Polar 30Ma 25 Amper Dom16790 Schneider Rp. 441,738

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Shop for products with specified specifications and choose RCCB brands that have been tested and trusted such as Siemnens, Mitsubishi , Schneider and brands- brands of electrical devices that are similar to what you need that have been trusted. Shop for products that are complete with specifications that are needed for your company or buy RCCB with a variety of brands and complete specifications for resale. This method is done because you will resell all products so that all your best choice brands must provide them to be the first choice by consumers in your store or company.

Search for RCCB / Electric Appliance Supplier Based on Nearby Locations

You can find the location of the company closest to your location or location of your company so that if there is an agreement for the purchase or procurement of goods in the form of electrical equipment you will not bear too much the distribution costs or the cost of goods. To get the location of the closest company in your city, you can select all suppliers based on the name of the company and also choose suppliers based on the location of Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and other cities in Indonesia.

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