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LED TV is one type of television that uses led diode technology so that it becomes popular with other titles such as tv / flat led television. Led television has a more complete and sharper color and brighter so that it is better than other types of tv that have not used led technology on the screen. This type of LED TV Samsung brand is more energy efficient because it doesn't require much electricity energy compared to the previous generation type of TV. For the procurement of television with led technology like this, you can directly submit a request for procurement of goods in large quantities at cheap wholesale tv prices with a choice of complete tv screen sizes and the best choice brands in Indonesia.

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The best and best-selling LED TV Samsung brand brands in Indonesia

Lots of television brands are the best choice for consumers in Indonesia. Various brands are competing to present various types, specifications with excellence and sophistication of the most sophisticated and best television technology. In addition, television producers also offer various choices of prices from lowest to highest prices with competitive quality for the television industry market in Indonesia. The best and best-selling led screen tv brands in the Indonesian market include information below:

  1. LG, is a tv manufacturer from South Korea. Which not only produces cheap tv but with the most advanced technology.
  2. Samsung, an electronics manufacturer that is both from South Korea who also presents sophisticated technology tv   3. Sharp, a Japanese TV company that has long been a brand as well as a pioneer of electronics, especially TV in Indonesia.
  3. Akari, a domestic electronic equipment factory that also produces various types of television types.
  4. Sony, a Japanese electronics manufacturer that manufactures TVs with advanced technology and quality that no doubt.
  5. Changhong, the national TV manufacturer of bamboo blinds, manufactures various types of complete and best choices of electronics.
  6. Polytron, Indonesia's largest electronics manufacturer that makes various types of electronic tv, radio, air conditioning and mobile phones as well as various types of household electronic furniture.
  7. Aqua, a Japanese brand that always produces household electronics with the most advanced and modern technology.
  8. Toshiba, a manufacturer of household electronics such as TVs, air conditioners and office electronic equipment of various types with modern technology.

Latest Cheap LED TV Samsung brand Wholesale Price List

Need information on the prices and procurement of the cheapest wholesale LED screen electronic goods in Indonesia? Search and find immediately the various brands, specifications and types of television that you need directly from all electronics sales companies through the demand for goods from all tv suppliers in Indotrading.

Merk / Type Perkiraan Harga
Sharp LC-50UA440X 50 Inch UHD 4K Easy Smart TV Rp. 7.850.000
Samsung 48JU7500 UHD 3D Smart Curved TV Rp. 9.650.000
Sharp AQUOS LC-50UA6800X 50 Inch UHD 4K Android TV Rp. 8.650.000
SHARP 40 INCH LC-40SA5500I SMART TV Rp. 3.700.000
Sharp LC-50UE1M 50 Insh UHD 4K 3D Smart TV 50UE1M Rp. 10.500.000
Aqua 24AQT8300 LED TV Samsung brand 24 Inch Rp. 1.359.000
Aqua 24AQT6550 LED TV Samsung brand 24 Inch Rp. 1.589.000
TOSHIBA 24" 24L2800 Rp. 1.550.000
TOSHIBA 43" Digital TV - 43L3750 Rp. 3.800.000
Polytron 24D8511 LED TV Samsung brand 24 Inch Rp. 1.449.000
Polytron 22D110 LED TV Samsung brand 22 Inch Rp. 1.359.000
CHANGHONG 40" L40G3A Rp. 2.499.000
CHANGHONG DIGITAL TV 55E6000T Full HD Free Soundbar Rp. 6.199.000
AKARI 32" Digital TV LE-3289T20 Rp. 2.150.000
SONY 49 INCH KD-49X8500G 4K HDR Rp. 11.250.000

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