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Selling Rockwool Rockwool brand or Mineral Wool at the best prices from suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Buy Mineral wool with the latest prices that work for sound dampening materials and hydroponic growing media at the same time can also be used for sound absorbers or roofing and wall coatings. One type of planting media / sound dampening material is available in various sizes and brands that are widely sold by suppliers, importers and distributors of mineral wool in Indonesia that sell all types of products in Indotrading. If you need mineral wool in large quantities for growing media needs or maybe for sound dampening media and resale, you can immediately submit a request for direct supply of goods from all sellers in Indotrading.

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Size of Rockwool Rockwool brand by Type

In terms of Rockwool Rockwool brand size it is almost the same between those used for media. or used for coatings sound dampening . Because each piece / sheet of mineral wool is standard from the factory with standard printed sizes. Get a variety of mineral wool with a choice of sizes that best suit what you need, then make a purchase request that you can send to all supplier and distributor sellers in Indotrading to get hundreds to thousands of items to suit your needs. But before you determine the size you want to buy you should also also need to listen to the sizes of mineral wool based on the type as in the table below:

Type Width Length

Mineral Wool Slab / Board

600 mm 1200 mm
Mineral Wool Pipe Section 1/2 mm to 10 mm 1000/1200 mm
Rockwool Rockwool brand Blanket 600/900 mm 4000/5000/6000/8000 mm
Rockwool Rockwool brand Wire Blanket 600/900 mm 4000/5000/6000/8000 mm

Buy Rockwool Rockwool brand for Sound Absorbers and Embedded Media

There are many brands of mineral wool available at Indotrading from suppliers for planting media hydroponic seeds and soundproofing. There are several brands of mineral wool including Rock Wool , Roxul , Tombo and various other brands that you can get it in Indotrading and can immediately submit a procurement request for the company that you set yourself. Before looking for various types of mineral wool as in the table above, you can search for goods based on the demand price and specifications as well as the brand you want and you send it to the seller in Indotrading.

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