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Buy a dry battery / dry battery brand Yuasa , Vision, Panasonic, Luminous, Rocket, Zanetta and others from the cheapest wholesale cheapest suppliers and distributors of dry battery batteries. Batteries or Dry Batteries Rocket brand are a type of battery that was developed from wet battery technology before, then because of the many advantages of this type of dry battery is often used for cars, motorbikes and various other electronic equipment that uses batteries / batteries. Get quality and quality from Dry Batteries Rocket brand from the best brands here. A friendly price jam or the cheapest wholesaler you can immediately submit a purchase request from all battery supplier companies for cars, motorcycles and other electronic equipment only in Indotrading.com.

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Dry Battery Prices from Suppliers in Indotrading

All price ranges that you can get from sellers are generally retailers or wholesalers, to get a variety of references and an estimate of how much you can directly see the latest price lists for types batteries Dry Batteries Rocket brand for cars and motors below. For prices usually always updated, so if you want to always get the latest information or price updates at any time you can directly communicate directly with the battery battery supplier in Indotrading.

Dry Battery Brand Estimated Price
Yuasa YTZ7-V MF Aki Rp. 369,000
Yuasa YTZ5S MF battery Rp. 185,000
GS GTZ5S battery Rp. 135,000
Aki Yuasa YT7C Rp. 147,500
Yuasa YTZ4V Aki Rp. 185,000
Yamaha NTZ5S Aki Rp. 155,000
Honda YTZ5S battery Rp. 332,300
Panasonic 12V battery Rp. 200,000
Bosch battery Rp. 198,990
Aki Thunder Rp. 105,000

What is the Difference between Dry and Wet Battery?

The advantage of this battery is that it does not require special care because there is no need to add liquid and also the battery is always clean. The difference between dry and wet batteries when viewed from the physical, the difference between the two lies in the dark battery cover / casing for dry or transparent batteries for wet battery types. In addition, Dry Batteries Rocket brand do not have holes. In the dry type it has a special liquid in the form of a gel used as a substitute for non-volatile electrolyte liquids. In Dry Batteries Rocket brand it consists of positive and also negative plates that have been filled fully with an electric charge. But the storage is not filled with electrolytes. Basically this battery is the same as a wet type battery. The element in the battery will be specially charged by giving a DC current to the plate soaked in a weak electrolyte solution. After being electrically charged, then lifted and dried. After the battery is washed and dried, then the plates are arranged in a case battery , so that the battery will be used only if you fill the electrolyte and can be used immediately without being charged back.

Proper Dry Battery Care Method

If you look at it in terms of maintenance, the dry type will be easier in terms of maintenance, how to maintain and use this battery is so easy that many use this type of battery for daily use. Besides that it is more practical than wet battery . If you want to find out some distributors or suppliers who sell dry batteries, you can open the Indotrading.com website that provides low prices but quality goods. The weakness of this type of battery is in terms of price. With the practicality and ease of use of this dry battery, it has a price that is relatively more expensive compared to wet batteries and a shorter lifespan even though it all depends on you as a user. Smaller sizes make many manufacturers use this battery.

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